Fox News' Tucker Carlson made a point of warning viewers Tuesday night that while they may be angry at Republicans, they can't afford to sit out the Georgia

Who cares? There are 30,000 Dominion voting machines there. I can give you the result right now if anyone wants to know.


It was just a couple months ago that Alyssa Milano was calling for Republicans to be "tried for treason.” And now, just weeks removed from the election, and after years of smears and attacks, the left-wing activist and actor is ready to "extend an olive branch to Trump supporters." 

Well, that will be nice once Trump is sworn in on 1-20-21. Although many Hollywood scum promised to move to other countries "If {insert Republican name here} gets elected."


Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD) said Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union" that President Donald Trump's post-election actions were making America look like a "banana republic." | Clips

The Democrats own this. They are the ones who filed over 100 lawsuits right before election day which bypassed the various legislatures in the states. They don't make us look like a banana republic, THEY are making us into one.

Your day is coming, Hogan. The Dems won't stop until the GOP is dead and buried.


"You're going to have big bubbles that are going to be hitting next year..."     

LOL. Creepy and Commie will have an excuse when they destroy the economy (if they successfully steal this thing)

A. Trump's fault B. Covid's Fault C. All of the Above


With a major hit in the service sector, the child care gap, and the systemic wealth gap, the economy brought on by the pandemic is hurting a lot of families, especially for families of color.

Rush Limbaugh had a funny story about the end of the world a long while back. He told the story as if GOD spoke to the media to let them know that the world was ending. I can't remember all of them but I do remember:

Headline USA Today-The world is ending tomorrow, Women and Minorities hardest hit.

NYT was something like "We're gone"


Amid the fire and fury of Rudy Giuliani’s raucous, 90-minute press conference Thursday laying out President Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud, the former New York City mayor and federal prosecutor famous for busting the mob in the 1980s, declined to offer an opinion on one very substantive question: Does he think the American election system is so rigged and Trump supporters are so mistrustful of the election process that federal authorities should monitor the two Georgia Senate runoffs set for Jan. 5?

People see the cheating. NOTHING undermines trust than that! PERIOD!

When we look back at Creepy Joe and Commie (The creep and the cheat) taking office if they do they will rewrite history to blame Trump for the lack of trust. Copy every video, picture and article you can for posterity.


His attacks on Republican governors since his loss offer a sample of what's in store.

It will be a very moot point; if they can steal an election from Trump like this then the Republicans are on their way out. Even the RINO types like Romney, Murcowski and others are endangered species; they are just too stupid to realize it.


Candace Owens blasted Google-owned YouTube yesterday for removing an episode of her show focused on the left's attempt to distort the meaning of gender.

Youtube is racist!


Cameron Diaz, 48, tells Rachael Ray that her 11-month-old daughter Raddix has 'never had puree,' as she cooks her garlic and bone marrow instead of traditional baby food

I wish there was a "Gab worthy" filter somewhere. Why would we care about this bimbo high school dropout?


The elections board of Floyd County, Georgia, on Thursday voted to terminate its executive director after an audit found ballots left uncounted prior to the county's initial certification.

"It really is a matter of human error not of some big fraud or conspiracy and people make mistakes,"

Really? Is it? No way it could be part of a bigger thing, eh?