Nope, I am with Sargon on this one. Sorry, Vee.

What is the point in having principles, if you are just going to let them go, whenever it is convenient for your chosen side's behaviour?

How can you then claim to be any better than what they are and what they do, if you're just going to do the same stupid BS but from a different POV?

You give them reasons to oppose you and the "War," You speak of, will NEVER end. Not to mention, you lose people that were already on your "side," (i.e. Me with this very issue).

I think your stance is short-sighted.


Adum censors comments regarding his lack of content or his Patreon.


"Authoritative Media Sources." - Trusted and promoted by YouTube.


This should be reported for fake news and removed from the algorithm for fueling "Hate," And being nothing but a conspiracy theory.

This is what happens is it not or does it only matter when smaller content creators do it?


Jeremy really NEEDS us to share this one, guys, it is for the common good, you see?

This one is different from the last one where we needed to share his video for the common good.

Do people actually fall for this?


Hey, look on the bright side. At least we know which channels to avoid now.

Nasim Aghdam was ahead of her time.


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2019-26-Th 10:26:54 pm

Hey, look on the bright side. At least we know which channels to avoid now.


It has been a fun ride but frankly, the internet is done.

Big Corp has taken over the market and all these silicon valley giants do this because they want to control everything you do.

Unless people start getting out of these Orwellian Silicon Valley think tanks, then you will slowly become nothing being an independent creator on these platforms.

It is time to start pulling our heads together, stop playing into this Left/Right divide, which allows them to do as they please while everyone else is distracted with meaningless bickering over Brexit or the Orange Man before we know it, we are just paying to be advertised to.

So sad to see this coming from American corporations as well.

Our liberties are being stripped away one boiled frog at a time while misguided, indoctrinated people applauds them for it.


YouTube have just neutered this place.


Defend Democracy they say? Fucking Clown world.


Gokanaru needs to make a Part 2.

Here's part One:


Speaking to The Post Millennial anonymously due to fears of backlash, a fellow developer of Holowka’s has provided dozens of messages exchanged in 2014

It's odd seeing confirmation of what I/we always suspected of her. Even if not definitive proof, it certainly paints the picture I had created in my head of Zoe's behaviour, quite accurately.

Sadly, society protects people like this, where as good, honest and decent people get shafted for not playing the game correctly because the rules are unknown.

I have been in a relationship with the likes of this cunt before... Always the victim, never the perpetrator. It is extremely frustrating and that frustration can lead to making bogus claims seem true.

I'd love to see her get a taste of karma for this but I am not optimistic, those who defended her once will rush to her defence again and the sheep, well, they'll be 'sheeping' up the place like good sheep do.

Oh and that "Bathroom break," Yeah, she was probably doing coke. The tales of people fancying her exist to make the BF jealous and to potentially lay some ground work in his head for an avenue for her to pursue and exploit for her own enjoyment or betterment, either way all that was complete bollocks, I guarantee it.