Riots are a wonderful way to show that you respect the outcome of vote that didn't go your way.

Helicopter rides for the lot of em


Rep. Rashida Tlaib blasted white supremacy after the recent New Jersey shooting targeting Jews, which was perpetrated by Black Hebrew Israelites.

Of course when this CamelCunt thinks wypipo did it she is wildly excited to politicize the issue to exacerbate anti-wy rhetoric.

And even when she is blatantly wrong, there's no apology. Because she doesn't believe wypipo deserve anything, much less an apology. She is a racist.

A racist shitskin who thinks she's better than other races. She also thinks all black people look like, per her own words.


A feminist group echoing the #MeToo movement and defending women in Peru has voiced their support, in a tweet, for

Biological Male puts on dresses, pummels women.

Biological Male hailed hero, victim Biological Female shamed.

Honk honk.


Fed up with the anti free speech actions of the New York Times that recently called for his deplatforming, Owen Shroyer stormed the CIA mocking bird headquarters in the Infowars battle tank.

hahahaha based

also around 13:00 the classic quintessential new yorker screams "shut the fuck up, bro." Top kek from a triggered ny'er


Far-left British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn announced that he plans to resign as leader of the party after it was blown out by the Conservative Party in the U.K. General Election. Corbyn’s decision to step down comes after Conservatives dominated the election winning 368 seats, giving them an 86 seat majority, while the Labour […]

If there is ever a time in your life when AOC is retweeting or endorsing you...

you need to reevaluate your commie ideology, because if she supports what you're saying, you're a dirty commie. Just like her.


Actor Patton Oswalt didn't mince words on Thursday when he declared that every person who voted for and still supports President Donald Trump is a "stupid asshole."

Why is this pedophile leftist screeching?



Virginia Democrats were forced to abandon part of their extremist gun control agenda, the confiscations of semi-automatic firearms from law abiding citizens, on Monday as opposition to their anti-Second Amendment agenda has exploded across the state. “Governor Ralph Northam (D.) and incoming Senate majority leader Dick Saslaw (D.) said they will no longer pursue their marquee […]

So these faggots show their confiscation cards, and then try to walk it back to registration?

Sure, I'm sure everyone will register their guns with you, Governor BlackFace.

What a fucking joke, honk honk


There are many reasons for conservatives to avoid everything associated with Disney. Even if we set aside the lack of quality they’ve been putting forth in recent years as well as their penchant for recycling old stories, we can look to their political biases as everything necessary to scream “boycott!” They are a full-blown social […]

Everyone has an issue with feminazied fantasy renditions of Star Wars - every sane person anyway.


Fox News host Sean Hannity talks about his Christian faith in news episode of the Fox Nation show “Ainsley’s Bible Study.”

Great, you can start by not wearing CIA pins on your lapel while lecturing America about CIA abuse.

That's just leftist nonsense tactics.


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Here's a quick preview of what Minnesotastan will look like soon.

And if we complain we'll be called intolerant