Inovio has been well ahead of other pharmaceutical companies with regards to getting a working coronavirus vaccine into worldwide circulation.

They are engineering a genocide


Despite the EU’s (albeit lukewarm) challenges to the Hungarian government for years, it has continued to erode liberal democracy in the country. On Monday, and under the pretext of the coronavirus pandemic, Viktor Orban executed an unprecedented power grab, allowing him to rule by decree.

Says the asshole about to lose Italy because you don't fucking care about people, you only care about your supranational government.

Piss off you old drunken faggot

Teen Reacts to TRANSGENDER POPULARITY/ LGBT indoctrination and ROGD ("YouTube safe" version)

These kids are giving me hope that the programming just doesn't work.

The older gens made a monster with this generation and I'm here for it all. Great work, Admiral.


It was news and no news; the most significant milestone in one of the most profound changes to affect the US in the past century, and yet a non-event. Last week the US Census Bureau issued figures showing that non-hispanic whites made up 49.8 per cent of the population of California.

This tripe could only come from the bowels of government-sanctioned cultural marxists who long for the day they can murder and steal from white people.


The House will likely vote on the coronavirus relief bill Friday to provide economic support to many American workers and businesses, however, it won't be unanimous like it was in the Senate. It looks like Rep. Thomas Massie, R-KY, could delay the vote, which the President indicated on Twitter Friday.

If I were Massie, I would absolutely respond as politely and respectfully as possible to the POTUS and outline why I'm against it. On Twitter.

Say that you are holding the bill up because you don't want to fund immigrants entering the country illegally during a pandemic.

Say that you are holding it up because you don't understand how the projects that are being funded are even remotely related to the workers or the pandemic.

Say something though. Otherwise, they're going to make this Massie fellow look like the grandstander that potus called him.

Perfect opportunity for drawing the line in the sand, but they're all in on the graft so it won't happen.


A professor at Concordia University Texas has told her students to stop doing their coursework because she will be giving every student an A this semester due to the Chinese virus.

If I were a student here I would look into suing the university for charging me money and not providing what was guaranteed... an education.

Useless "A"s from useless assholes.


Hotel Transylvania actor Fran Drescher recently called for a labor strike across all industries and businesses and condemned capitalism.

Hmmm I wonder what the jew would prefer as the system we would use to replace economic capitalism...



OK, Christine Pelosi... and your mom is a drunkard communist cunt who never saw a disaster she couldn't use.

This criminal family needs to be strung up next to the Clintons


A police department in California has been considering new ways of using its drones during the coronavirus outbreak, including a potential plan to communicate with “vulnerable” populations such as the homeless.

"The drones were made by the Chinese company DJI -- the largest civilian drone company -- that accounts for roughly 70 percent of the market."

These fucking morons bought drones from the same people who gave us the Chinaman Virus


President Macron is relishing the lockdown and its suspension of democratic and social life.

This is what the fags all over the world are trying to accomplish.

Utter, totalitarian control