Turning Point USA's Rob Smith approached 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls in a video posted Wednesday, asking whether he could get his reparations now.

The same motherfuckers who promise you free money, college and whatever else...

...those same motherfuckers will never give up THEIR guns, THEIR money, or THEIR power.

Black people who vote democrat are joking themselves if they think anyone in that party gives a flying fuck about any American, least of all the Black Americans that Democrats enslaved not 100 years ago and terrorized via the KKK.

Thank God I'm not Black.


Maybe Anti-semitism isn't the real problem in Europe these days.

Maybe it's actually the Jews.

Semitic Supremacists just can't understand this.


Survivors of the Parkland, Florida, high school massacre on Wednesday released a sweeping gun-control plan that would ban assault-style rifles and take other steps in hopes of halving U.S. firearms deaths and injuries within a decade.

Too bad these commies didn't die in the massacre


Alyssa Milano, 46, revealed in the latest episode of her podcast this week that she made the “devastating” decision to have two abortions while in a serious relationship in 1993.

I'd be super stoked if my mom was a murderer and killed my brother and sister because she was a whore who preferred money over taking care of life.


The social media site, a haven for neo-Nazis and other extremists, has lost support from service providers like GoDaddy and PayPal since Saturday’s massacre.

Lol everyone knows that if you want to commit a terrorist act and spread it widely, you post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

They literally livestream murders, suicides on those platforms.



The creation of a new social networking platform called “The Base” appears to be an effort to shift Naziism from a divided digital space to physical, violent insurgency.

Hola Jews at Vice - please prepare to be burned alive to death by the whites you want to genocide.

Please also understand that I will not lift a finger to save any of you dirty fucking commies.

Burn bitches.



Irish police are investigating an attack in Dublin in which a Muslim teenager allegedly had her hijab ripped off and had eggs thrown at her.

Looks like those fucks are getting what they're giving to others: ass kickings and violence.

Watch me weep for the mudslimes


When President Trump floated the idea that the United States might be interested in buying Greenland from Denmark, top Danish officials blasted him. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen ridiculed the notion, saying it was “absurd.” “It’s an absurd discussion, and [Greenland Premier] Kim Kielsen has of course made it clear that Greenland is not for sale. …

Maybe if she knew how to keep her mouth shut, she wouldn't get her country snubbed by the GEOTUS. She could have waited to say no in person, but she wanted the brownie points.

Hope she enjoys those points.


Two children are living in fear after being chased by a knife-wielding man dressed as a 'killer clown'.

Honk honk


Yvette Felarca, an internationally recognized leader in the movement to defend immigrant rights and defeat Donald Trump and the growth of fascism within his ranks, needs your contribution to her legal defense now.

This dumb bitch believes in fairy tale Nazis.

Fuck her and her fundraiser.

Get a real job you fucking moron