In some ways, America is showing renewed signs of being the land of the free and the home of the brave. After nearly two years of enduring authoritarian COVID…

This article lost me quickly. It rapidly turned into a discussion of the shifting fortunes of the Republican and Democratic parties, as if we could eliminate the mandates through a simple choice between the two approved parties.

The reality is that they were both more than faintly authoritarian. As long as those two parties have such a firm lock on our elections that a third party candidate has no real chance, we're going to go on being stuck with the uniparty. The system needs real change, not boosterism for either of the mainstream parties.

We need a system that gives us, as voters, the ability to be rid of both parties, not just on a theoretical level, but on a practical one as well.


After serving 27 years in prison for crimes she did not commit, 74-year-old Joyce Watkins of Nashville, Tenn., was exonerated this month, her convictions in the murder and sexual assault of her 4-year-old grandniece overturned.

This poor woman has lost 27 years of her life to bad science, and her boyfriend never saw freedom again, for the same reason. That's the only thing that matters in this case - that innocent people went to prison for something they didn't do. That should drive people to demand that the system do better, but instead one can see somebody in the comments on Dissenter, obsessing on the color of the victim's skin, as if that were the real issue.



New York Supreme Court ruled Gov. Kathy Hochul overreached her authority by imposing mask mandate due to Covid-19

"Governor Hochul said she would fight to overturn the court's decision instead of taking the mandate to the State Legislature as advised.

'My responsibility as Governor is to protect New Yorkers throughout this public health crisis, and these measures help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and save lives. We strongly disagree with this ruling, and we are pursuing every option to reverse this immediately,' she said in a statement."

Wondering how long a governor exceeding her authority can defy a court order and get away with doing so by saying that she intends to appeal it.


Christina Darling, 21, is in custody and charged with a hate crime after allegedly hurling anti-Semitic slurs and spitting at three Jewish children in Brooklyn last week.

That petition is getting a lot of signatures.

I don't know. Her treatment of those children was inexcusable, but was she evil or just mentally ill? Her behavior sounded bizarre. Maybe she should take some time off from school and get therapy.


Nestlé withdraws KitKat chocolate bars with wrappers featuring Hindu gods, which had sparked controversy and pushback on Indian social media

I guess I'd better scrap that plan to start my "Vishnu-burger" chain.


Austria’s government has passed a vaccine mandate bill requiring every citizen to get their Covid shots, or face harsh fines

Pity they're landlocked, but like Southern Arizona, they're closer to the sea than one might have guessed. If one is in Austria, I'd suggest leaving immediately. Perhaps a southern route would work, going through the Tyrol, and then taking a boat out of Europe?

I've never been there, so I'm only guessing that this would be a good route. Get out of there and get her. Not that the impending civil war is going to be pleasant, but at least here half of the population is on the side of freedom or something like it, and we have ground that we can hold. Europe looks like a lost cause.


One of the perks of secession, if the world (and Russia) recognizes it, is that we wouldn't get dragged into Washington's wars, any more. Wars that are getting increasingly pointless, insane and dangerous.

Are you afraid of the US army? Who isn't. But are you so afraid of the trouble that army could bring that you'd be prepared to stand underneath an exploding nuclear weapon in order to avoid it? If not rebelling means being reduced to your constituent atoms, then how much more trouble can you possibly be in? Along with your friends, family and everybody you ever knew?

Somebody, about a month ago, tried to argue against civil war, saying that we must think ourselves invulnerable. On the contrary, many of us who push for the end of the Union do so precisely because we know that we're not. When the path one is currently on takes one to a place of death and destruction, the only sane and sober choice is to get off of it, even if one can't do so in perfect safety.

"Pennywise and pound foolish" could be said to apply as well to matters of safety as it does to those of monetary gain.


One of the world’s leading scientific organizations issued a report Wednesday arguing that social media sites should avoid censoring scientific “misinformation.”

The wonders of watching people say that "they follow the Science" as they engage in magical thinking.


Our next guest wants to remain anonymous, for understandable reasons. She’s a nurse in California, which might as well be Stalinist Russia for how it

While I would like to have heard the nurse talk more and the host less, one should not lose sight of the plausibility of what we're hearing. Those who doubt this should do a search under "George Pickering III"

What happened in his case is no conspiracy theory. It is just one of those inconvenient stories that made the news, and then was quickly forgotten. Mr. Pickering was found to be brain dead and was due to be harvested, when his dad, not believing this, got a gun and held off the medical crew that was there to kill his kid for his organs.

In what should have been an embarrassing moment for the hospital, Mr. Pickering woke up. He's alive and well today, BECAUSE his dad pulled out that gun. If Dad hadn't done that, his son would have been disassembled like a hog before a barbecue, but that didn't matter to the court. The dad did prison time, and the hospital staff walked off from their murder attempt, scott free.

That's the American justice system as it now exists, ladies and gentlemen. If you have an organ donor card, I'd suggest destroying it immediately. DO NOT be a donor. The medical community does not deserve the level of trust that goes into being one.


A couple has won a legal battle that reached Italy’s Supreme Court, which ruled a neighbor’s loud toilet flush violates their human rights

Twenty years on a fight over a toilet.