Gabriel Bascou, 28, was slashed in a random attack in the street as he left a pancake restaurant with his 23-year-old girlfriend Manon Duma on Friday.

"Random crime"

i.e. Black person keeps attacking white people and only white people in the streets but we can't see a pattern, it is all just "random".


Sciorra's, left and inset in The Sopranos, rape allegation is too old to be charged as a separate crime, but prosecutors hope it will show that Weinstein, right, was a repeat sexual predator.

Never forget, the media and Hollywood elite protected him and buried the story.


Mother-of-three, Kristin Miller, 34, from Maui, Hawaii, said her daughter Loretta, 3, hated having her hair brushed, and so she decided to stop forcing her and let dreadlocks form.

Not cleaning your hair is cultural appropriation.


Nancy Pelosi taunted Donald Trump as the crisis over his Senate trial headed into its third day, saying he will be 'impeached forever.' 

"He will be impeached forever"

Translation: we successfully besmirched your legacy just to harm you!

Even worse they won't even let it go to trial. It is like if a bunch of crooked cops used the power of their badges to beat and arrest someone they hate, without evidence, but won't even let him have his day in court. They tell him "now you have an arrest on your record, we got you".

Then the mob of idiots outside the police station, who also hate the victim, claim because he was arrested, it is proof he is guilty.


Mitch McConnell threatened to cancel Donald Trump's impeachment trial if 'scared' Nancy Pelosi doesn't send over the formal articles of impeachment.

If this was a football game, it would be like if the Dems ran the ball up the field in the most crooked play ever, with penalty flags going off all over the place, then refused to hand the ball over to the ref when the play was over.


This entire article is so full of shit. Still, it is hopeless to try and edit it because leftists always get their way on Wikipedia. That is why I will never donate again.


The incident occurred on November 21 in Hamilton County, Florida, and the video first emerged on Thursday after the boy's family retained attorney Foye B. Walker for possible legal action.

Just so non-Americans know. This is what it is like growing up white in a non-white area, MAGA hat or not. It is the big elephant in the room in America and the liberal media never mentions a thing.


One police officer, three innocent civilians, and two suspects were killed on Tuesday after the shooting at the Bay View Cemetery and subsequent two-hour shootout at the JC Kosher Supermarket.

Still no pictures of the shooters? That means they are black. The media wants people to think they are white until the story dies down.

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Still no names and pictures of the shooters? That means they are black. The media wants people to think they are white until the story dies down.


You guys are misunderstanding. This is an advertisement FOR black men. This is what black men want. LOL

KFC is primarily for blacks.