Few scientists get to just go on a mission for the sake of exploring. Even fewer get to encounter rarely seen images of animals in their natural habitat. But a group of scientists on a research mission in the Gulf of Mexico got to do both.

And promptly used to push the climate change agenda. /yawn


The Oregon state Senate closed Saturday after a “possible militia threat” from a right-wing group -- amid a broader drama over a walkout by Republican lawmakers over looming climate change legislation.

When leftists walk out, it's free speech. When rightists walk out, they get dragged by the police.

It's coming, all right.


Well, they claim they want to be treated like actual vehicles.


Advertisers have griped about the power Google and Facebook wield over the digital ad market. But they are generally wary of breaking up the tech giants.

Oh no, we don't need to break things up - that would break up the party. We just need to consolidate under one user ID that makes things cross platform and easier to herd our assets - I mean, people


For comedians like Zach  Galifianakis and Sarah  Silverman,  Stevens wasn’t just a friend, he was a comic savant, leaving them to wonder why he tragically took his own life.

"He was crumpled on the floor. He had hanged himself."

If he had hanged himself, how the hell did he get down to the floor?

Unless he was swinging from a door knob in a Carradine-style autoerotic asphyxiation accident, I'm not buying this.


Police officials in Philadelphia are describing the action as the largest removal of officers from the street in recent memory.

What constitutes a "scandalous post"? Saying something like "we need to see more personal responsibility from the black community in Philadelphia"? "MAGA"? This smells suspiciously like an ideological witch hunt.

#1A #freespeech #witchhunt #Philadelphia


A man who worked as a Facebook content moderator died last year after suffering a heart attack while on the job, according to a blistering new report by The Verge on Wednesday which details the working conditions at the social media giant's Tampa, Florida, moderation site.

Good. Get the rest.


A congressional hearing erupted when Quillette writer Coleman Hughes trashed a bill to study slavery reparations as a "moral and political mistake," forcing the

Reparations are unconstitutional, straight up - Congress may not pass bills of attainder.



A confluence of forces — including the streaming service’s push into the arena and the studio preference for genres that reap billions worldwide — puts the future of funny films in question.

"But the critically acclaimed coming-of-age comedy Booksmart (from United Artists and Annapurna) also disappointed, opening May 24 to a tepid $6.9 million despite a 97 percent positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes."

Buuut Rotten Tomatoes posts effectively random numbers now because it's manipulating the market - ESAD, Hollywood


A Tamarac man thought he was getting a great deal on a Tamarac villa whose owner hadn't paid taxes. But all he ended up with was a one-foot-wide strip of property running under the villa. It cost him $9,100 and there's little he can do with it.

IT seems odd to me that there were no land descriptions attached to either property - I mean, the strip of land wouldn't be designated as being 400 sq feet or so in total, or something like that. The tax bill I get from my own county lists a property size.