The heart wants what it wants, as Emily Dickinson once wrote. But the American poet could hardly have envisioned the case of a German woman who has revealed plans to wed “the love of her life” – a 40-ton jumbo jet.

I’m not sure the plane consented

The plane is gonna #MeeToo her

You mark my words, it’s gonna happen


Critics fume over the omission of Oxford comma from phrase ‘Peace, prosperity and friendship’ as new coin enters circulation

Childish fools


The BBC broadcaster says the annual charge is the corporation's "fundamental problem".

Just goes to show how fucking brainless he is, he actually believes that people will voluntarily pay to watch that shit. Honestly he’s a deluded wanker.


Dr Yvonne Griffiths, 71, from Thornhill in Cardiff, says she has received no information about getting out of Wuhan and believes the UK government 'has a lack of either concern or lack of planning in place.'

If the government didn’t send her there in the first place then why is it responsible for getting her out?

Why precisely does she feel entitled to airline staff risking their own lives to bail her out when any one of them could pay the price with their lives just by landing in the country and making contact with an infected person - including her?


"Once upon a time, a dolt from Tinseltown imagined she was a match for the queen of England... The End..."

Interesting that there seems to have been an almost total news lockdown on this.

For Meghan the only thing worse than attention will be no attention.

Starving the attention seeking cluster B harpie for attention (oxygen) is a sure fire way of Forcing her to up the histrionic nonsense and blowing herself up.


Programmes subject to same efficiencies that led to plans to axe Victoria Derbyshire show

BBC cuts?

What peculiar timing. Unless of course there has been a cut in funding from the EU because the relentless remoaning agenda is a waste of time now.

It’s going to be interesting to see what drop like flies now the gravy train is over.


The BBC says it "is no longer cost-effective" to keep The Victoria Derbyshire Show on air.

Learn to code


Laurence Fox is becoming a poster boy for the anti-woke movement. Far from being something to laugh at, it's a dangerous case study in how far-right ideas are legitimised online.

She’s just pissed that a high value good looking successful man won’t touch her because he doesn’t want to put up with her shit.


The actor has joined the ranks of posh white guys who feel they have to champion the so-called common man. Why are these people so easily offended, asks Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore

Listen to what he says properly you stupid fool.

He’s talking total sense and you brainwashed idiots can’t see it.


Welcome to the Sussex Royal community, your source for information on The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Still using the HRH titles then..