Uh-Oh – The Democrats are in real big trouble.  Pelosi and gang went all-in on the Schifty Schiff and his rouge impeachment inquiry and it is quickly turning into a Schiff show. There are no crimes that President Trump has committed that would lead to  an impeachment inquiry and so lying Schiff keeps moving the…

I wont be satisfied until every last one of the treasonous motherfuckers are swinging by the neck outside the capital building.

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2019-27-Th 08:27:13 am

I wont be satisfied until every last one of the treasonous motherfuckers are swing by the neck outside the capital building.


What the fuck is "whiteness", blantant racism.


Illegal migrants protested at the U.S. Supreme Court as it decides the fate of DACA, vowing to stay here no matter what justices decide.

I had some sympathy for the daca people, not anymore. Arrest on site and deport.

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2019-38-Tu 11:38:56 pm

They should all be arrested on the spot.

2019-39-Tu 11:39:27 pm

I had some sympathy for the daca people, noot anymore arrest on site and deport.


ZeroHedge - On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

Nobody wants them, they are a plague that destroys everything they touch.


Swedish police are dealing with unprecedented levels of attacks, in city centres and suburbs.

What could possibly be causing the explosions, surely it isnt related to the mass importation of people known for blowing shit up.


According to preliminary results, the pollution and smog has already decreased in the area with an improvement in the air quality. In an attempt to combat air pollution, China has constructed an experimental air purifying tower, touted to be the world’s biggest at a height of over 100 meters (328 feet).

Eco propaganda, even if it functions how they claim it means nothing compared to their complete disregard for for the environment.


Boyfriend Cody Simpson posted a photo with his latest love that appeared to make reference to the surgery, captioning the pic “success.”

I dont care, i pity her. Knowing what hollywood is she has probably been abused since she was a child.


The best uncensored news, information, and analysis.

NYC ironically probably consumes more drugs than the next 5 states combined.

I don't understand the obsession with clinging to a hive.

Facebook Has SUSPENDED Me For Reporting on CIA Whistleblower Calling It "Crime Activity." Recently it was announced that Facebook and Youtube will be banning...

Tim: these people on the left calling for censorship are wrong.
Also Tim: these people on the left are insane.
Also also Tim: the left is terrible but im still gonna support the left.
Also also also Tim: those leftists censored me!

But its complicated


A "tidal wave" of mass immigration has "tilt(ed) the field toward the Democrats" in the state of Virginia, the New York Times admits. 

If theyre immigrants, how can they effect elections?