African-Americans and Latinos are vastly overrepresented when it comes to coronavirus infections, according to an analysis released by the Centers for Disease Control on Monday morning. 



"We, as White people, all know people who are racist. Maybe not overtly racist, but subtly racist," the billionaire entrepreneur told CNBC on Wednesday. "When we see people act that way, we have to step in and say something."

Yes we do, lets start talking about the #AntiWhite narrative.

Oh, that's not what you meant?


Quaker Oats acknowledged that the face of the brand was “based on a racial stereotype.”

Yeah, we all know Black women can't cook!!!


Where are my #WhiteKnights? Not all of us are feminist freaks, we NEED you!!!

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Where are my White Knights? Not all of us are feminist freaks, we NEED you!!!


A group of celebrities, including Chelsea Handler and Jessica Chastain, were criticized for sharing a clip from National of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on

Ready to cede that there's a problem White man? Maybe one that you need to address as ONE?


By refusing to take a new case so soon, the justices denied gun rights groups a chance to put state and local limits before the conservative court.

Because the SCOTUS is nothing but a tool of the Communist International Party. Ask the FBI - they got lots of documentation, oh wait, they have to keep that hidden.


THIS is the International Communist ☭ (Jewish) Organization. They WANT a World Wide Communist Government in which THEY are in full control.

They almost have it. This looks/sounds real pretty on paper, but look at the misery already created. Our WAR is against these tyrants, who are THEY to say White people have NO RIGHT to self-determination? Because that's EXACTLY what they're saying. If you disagree with ANY of the current PC narrative which is 100% developed and pushed by THIS organization - YOU are a "White Supremacist" who deserves to die. You know why? Because if White people control their own native nations, THIS organization has NO HOPE of world domination. It can ONLY happen if there are NO White people. White people typically oppose Communist rule - #TheMoreYouKNow


A Black Lives Matter activist who told black protesters to remember that "white racists" are their enemy and said that

This is exactly what White people need to start understanding. ONLY White people teach their children that "skin color doesn't matter." You're doing your children a great disservice, you're handicapping them from the word go. This "lesson" on skin color may make you "feel" so awesomely morally superior but it does NOTHING else. While you're teaching your NOW minority White children that "Skin color doesn't matter" the majority POC are teaching THEIR children that to "die by their skin color" is honorable.


Two young people who were racist when they were younger explain why they have changed.

WTH? Being "racist" is 100% natural, its human nature and there's NOTHING wrong with preferring your own people!! It does NOT mean that you automatically MUST hate all others!!

You're not going to make me apologize for thinking MY people are better than all other people!! Of course, I think that. If I didn't it would be the same as saying that another family is just as good as my own, it's NOT - not according to ME. Biologically speaking we are all different and if we're to survive and further our own kind - which is what we're meant to do at the most basic level - then it means working towards and furthering our OWN peoples goals/needs/territory etc. I'm not apologizing for shit.

This Communist mentality that the most important part of a society is "edjewcation" and "equality" is just what's destroying Western society. We are NOT equal, not in ANY way. And THAT'S ok.


One man carrying another man on his shoulders to safety is the image everyone needs to see right now.

Nah, still not buying it. Think you still have it all wrong. Think this white man is Antifa or at least with the BLM rioters. Stop trying to portray them hero's, and White men as villians. Y'all are gonna get what you want, but White people aren't stupid. We'll not go after the symptoms of the problem, we're going after the head of the SNAKE. That is if you keep enflaming this shit.