Your diagnosis is wrong. You're right about the effect of those arguments, and I absolutely agree they make both Christians and conservatives look bad, but as someone who shares likely those beliefs, let me explain the problem. The issue is that they're ARGUING FOR TWO POSITIONS at once .. in fact likely more than two.

They're "arguing" for (actually just "presenting" rather than arguing) their entire worldview, each part, simultaneously.

In epistemological terms they're essentially "coherentists" .. I doubt they recognize this but they're "presenting" their position from a definition of "knowledge" based on how well the different empirical details work together rather than the more traditional foundationalism where I start with Axiom A and work my way deductively to Z. They end up making a mess because they're arguing inductively based on the number of "similar examples" which they assume is greater than possible by random coincidence. Enough of these pieces are similar and make sense together, therefore the whole is True.

I myself am also a kind of coherentist in the philosophic sense .. but I see it as the intuitive process that has to be cooperatively fact-checked by the logical process, rather than having them at odds. STILL, this is not an infallibilist position .. meaning it CAN be wrong. So IT CAN ONLY BE PRESENTED WELL .. if it comes with the recognition of potential error. Which is why religion IS a faith-based position. Some important information will always be among those things that unknown and unknowable, although we must still make decisions. Here is where we MUST operate based on a coherent faith. Even atheists who believe in naive materialism.

THEIR REAL ERROR, is confusing faith and knowledge, both their purpose and value. The result is over-valuing knowledge and trying to reduce their faith to mere knowledge - a much more fragile and ultimately illusory substance.


I kinda feel like this is another attempt to shamelessly search his audience for a date.

Sorry, we're all dudes here. :P


Melania Geymonat and Christine Hannigan were surrounded, hit with coins, punched in the face and subjected to sexual gestures while travelling on the top deck of the N31 bus in North West London.

Was the blonde charged with assault? I don't feel like reading the whole article since I'm pretty sure I know the answer.


Well there's a heart warming story. I hope the guy can move out of his van into some real housing soon.

Why Sociology is Evil: In a sentence - without sociology there would be no socialism. But that's merely the empirical evidence of evil, not the reason. (I'm not using a consequentialist ethic as judgement.) So if you get into sociology you really have 3 significant names from the beginning, Marx: evil and badly wrong; Durkheim: neutral mostly wrong; and Weber: good and mostly right - but better described in psychological terms. Jung can actually incorporate Weber and then throw together Maslow, Kohlberg and virtue ethics and you can subsume Durkheim. And then Marx is still evil and wrong. So of these theories modern sociology basically mentions Weber in passing and then focuses mostly on Marx and Durkheim with a little Foucalt and postmodernism thrown in. But then all modern university's departments of "insanity studies" rely on the ill-defined construct of "social reality" described by Durkheim and then taken by Foucalt to the logical extreme of corrupting all power relationships .. still, it was initially present in Marx. This dehumanizing insanity, this offense and insult to the very nature of cooperative civilization which was the ideal and practical reality that continually drew man upward in his long trek from the swamp to the stars, this disease started by Marx .. this "sociology" IS RESPONSIBLE for all the deaths of communism, fascism, South American socialism, and the postmodern erosion of Civilization (Western and otherwise). Literally all the 20th century ills are a direct consequence of sociological thinking. The belief that we can make man in whatever image we like by shaping society. The fatal conceit of Plato. (making an allusion here to Hayek) The idea that utopia would remove sin .. which is a direct rejection of the Eden mythology and not evidenced by observation. There can be no utopia if there are "unpure" people .. but all people are unpure. Thus, there MUST be death .. sociology must necessarily lead to death on an scale so grand as to blind the universe of the light of human intelligence. #sociology #socialism #marx #genocide

A better version of my response to @kolajer on why sociology is evil. (A very BRIEF version of the argument).

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

I watched 12 out of the 1hr 9min got bored and basically responded "yeah, but his was fun." Irritated people which resulted in the following response - which includes my thoughts on the Gilgamesh epic:

You're getting militant about one's accuracy related to trivia?

This whole video and the responses are the very definition of that "Ackchyually" meme. AAAND likely by atheists who would mock Christian theological debates.

Kinda feel like the whole thing is dripping with irony.


Anyway. To the extent that I'd consider the Gilgamesh story to have value as some version of encrypted wisdom (a la Jordan Peterson) I'd suggest it's a lower quality mythology to begin with and lacks sophistication. -- Although Peterson did address it in Maps of Meaning, but I thought his version was a reach too .. obviously with G. representing order and E. representing chaos .. and referencing it to other brother stories such as Cain and Able.

Jung's mythological stance would be that both represent aspects of the same individual psyche .. so I can relate more to that interpretation than I can to something like Campbell's monomyth or this video's sociological construct. Those last to just seem to be dead ends in terms of practical value.

At best I'd suggest it's a representation of the awakening of self-awareness and differentiated purposes of the left and right brain processes -- one hierarchical and tyrannical and the other intuitive, pattern-recognition and chthonic. (which is why that metaphorical right-brian side represented by E. dies before the conscious side. It comes from the unknown to the unknowable.) It illustrates their need to work together cooperatively in the functioning individual. -- THAT at least provides a template for personal value.

So there ya go, crappy story. Wasn't worth the time without the entertainment factor.


I'm skeptical, but then again, I do think Kanye and Candace have been somewhat effective in at least breaking the narrative.

@kolajer @wcloetens Does anyone know about Kanye out where you guys are?


"Like the Amazing Atheist at a farmer's market .." OHHH gosh.


Amelia County, Virginia, Sheriff Ricky L. Walker is making clear he will not enforce unconstitutional gun laws even if ordered to by a judge.

This isn't just one sheriff. Most counties in VA are passing "2A sanctuary" legislation VERY quickly. It's been a movement from thousands of grass roots folks. Here's a map:

And it's not just VA. TN as well:

Honestly I'm wondering if this is the first step in actual civil war. These groups organized very quickly .. and that's what you need in a good militia.

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2019-03-Mo 07:03:46 am

This isn't just one sheriff. Most counties in VA have passed "2A sanctuary" legislation VERY quickly. It's been a movement from thousands of grass roots folks. Here's a map:

And it's not just VA. TN as well:

Honestly I'm wondering if this is the first step in actual civil war. These groups organized very quickly .. and that's what you need in a good militia.


Computing Forever's Dave Cullen roasts the new Star Trek: Short Trek starring Rosa Salazar. The popular YouTuber reflected on the parallels between two socially inept characters from the Short Trek and The Next Generation.

Dave nails it, as usual. The point of Trek wasn't "this is how people are," it was how do we all be our best selves?

BUT .. it also misses the point that "idiots" don't get into Starfleet in the first place. The testing is rigorous .. so this also breaks cannon.