During a televised video conference, a lawmaker told Putin that the US embassy had hung a rainbow flag on its facade for the first time to celebrate Pride month in June.

Hooray for Putin!!!!

A pox upon the USA for promoting faggotry. It is one thing to inform all citizens that attacking somebody over their gayness or lack thereof is wrong and will be punished. It is an entirely different thing to promote a sexual proclivity.


The Washington Redskins said they will undergo a "thorough review" of the team's name, which has long been condemned as an anti-Indigenous slur.

I demand that the new name be the Washington Whiteys.


Over the decades I learned to mistrust the Negroes in general. As data accumulated and the news outlets increasingly reported about feral, barbaric Negroes rampaging throughout society I learned to hate that sub-human cohort.

I realize now that the Negro is America's Bane and an anchor holding the USA back from becoming the awesome incredible place it is capable of becoming . . . and can if the Negro menace can be removed.

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Patriots, anti-USA anti-White legal system is attacking a pregnant White woman who was badgered and verbally abused with the threat of physical attack all the while by loud threatening obnoxious Negro females accusing the woman of vileness of the implanted knee-jerk rhetoric variety. We, the People must fight back against these scourges of USA society.

I am far from wealthy but I reached in to donate $50 for a righteous cause. Tyranny is descending upon We, the People and that Negro cohort and traitors within the various systems, including the legal system, are trying to destroy the USA.


Dear Negroes, your constant incessant actions are going to bring about the much-needed Civil War Two. I rejoice at the thought of meeting you feral barbarians upon the battlefield. The thought of death does not deter me knowing I am fighting a righteous cause to advance society and the USA as a whole. I only hope to take as many of you mouthy ignorant filth into eternity with me as possible if I should not survive what would be a Holy War against evil.


The white woman pulled a gun on a black woman and her daughters after a heated exchange in a Chipotle parking lot has now been taken into custody, along with the male counterpart.

Juror nullification!!!! Will a patriot seek the Negress that attacked that pregnant White female who was accosted by barbarian filth?

If we can not have segregation to keep the sub-human filth away from civilized folks then start Civil War Two and drive out those feral barbaric thug scum out of the USA!!!!! Yes, patriots . . . there WILL be Negroes in our ranks who support Western civilization and who are also fed up with that huge cohort of untame-able and untrainable barbarian Negro filth that rightfully belong in sub-Saharan Africa. This crap will never end until at least the thug element of the Negro infestation is removed.


The Washington Redskins are looking into a name change.

Washington Wusses? Wannabes? Wimps? NO!!!!!

Washington Whiteys!!!!!!!


A new survey commissioned by the Young America's Foundation called the Youth Patriotism Index revealed that American colleges and universities are contributing to making students less patriotic. According to the survey, high school students are much more likely than college students to be proud to live in the United States.

Wondering if the all-encompassing greed and growing power of the corporate entity could be curtailed along with inhibiting the warm embrace between big government and big business that trample upon individual citizens could be a start towards empowering the individual and make them feel more a part of society and knowing their vote actually can make a difference at times.

The full story of the unholy alliances between governance and moneyed entities both personal and organized in corporations, associations, etc. has yet to be writ and when done will encompass multiple lengthy books.

College is more than mere indoctrination. Some of the students are merely learning how utterly corrupt the USA is throughout its systems and that the corruption is increasing.

Lazy reporters, article writes and others conveying information to the public are very lax at digging into complexities. Just the outermost edges of the miles-deep topic are revealed to the masses.

And scam continues while a tyrannical elite continuously strive to inject their New World Order lusts upon society and civilization.


Harvard graduate Claira Janover has revealed she has been fired from her analyst job at Deloitte following her satirical TikTok slamming 'All Lives Matter' supporters.

Just another dame who operates at an emotional level with little to no rational and logical thinking abilities. The USA made a terrible error giving the little girls the vote back in 1920.


Black Lives Matter activists in Los Angeles believe that they live in a city that is filled with "liberal white supremacists."

Them Negroes will never be happy until they can grab any material goods they desire and can commit felonies with no worries of police interference.

Those evil sub-humans are scum and filth and that sub-species belongs in Africa. My hatred towards Negroes in general makes me wish they would all simply DIE!!!! DIE YOU FILTHY WORTHLESS SCUM!!!!!!!

A Civil War Two would be great!!! Force the filth out of the USA!!!!!!!!