CNN's Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon totally crack up at Donald Trump's suggestion he might do a live TV 'fireside chat' readout of his infamous Ukraine call.

so a couple of faggots are mocking someone else!?

that's laugahble.


President Trump and Republicans have demanded that the individual who triggered the impeachment probe be unmasked.


of course it is unnecessary now. yet the fruit of the poisnous tree still kills. this was a total political hit job the entire time.


Katie Hill is resigning from Congress amid allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a staffer and websites circulating illicit photos of her.

who gives shit about this disgusting wench.

fuck this cunt.


Here is a potential scenario in which a long primary produces a Pete Buttigieg Democratic nomination.

I wouldn't discount this faggot's chances at wining the nomination. I do discount this flamer's chances getting the black vote.

how are they gonna get this faggot through the south!?


After the alleged story from Jeremy Renner's ex-wife, there are rumors that Marvel is looking for other options for the 'Hawkeye' series.

not sure how I've been banned by this ridiculoous website.

but this article is total bullshit. why try to destroy the man over some crap allegations. the comeuppance for this is going to be ugly

fuck the dumb cunt who wrote this article.


lie. youre a lying motherfucker!


good riddance.


National pundits say South Bend, Indiana, mayor Pete Buttigieg was a big winner Tuesday night, and should look forward to post-debate polling bumps.

I won't underestimate this faggot or the democrat party and how they can win in 2020 but there is no way I'd vote for this flamer.

I would not vote for someone I wouldn't want around children.


Former U.S. president Barack Obama has waded into the Canadian election, offering an unusual cross-border endorsement of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau with five days left in the campaign.

why the FUCK is this moron still commenting on international politics. he seriously has a problem with the order of things.

this asshole should be investigated immediatley for violating the logan act. he is now a private citizen and should stay out of international affairs.


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