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this idiot has it precisley wrong. the climate is changing because the pole is shifting. NOT the other way around.


AOC is unpopular nationally. Conservative media attacks appear to be a key reason why.

"conservatives" are NOT her problem.

it's the left that hates her. shes a giant cringe lord!


are these people delusional! Butcher is one of the best parts of the show.

if this shit gets woke I will NOT be watching a second season.


joe biden is a rapist and they lack much of the fervor they normally have when covering other men that have been accused of such things.



HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/GUATEMALA-DEPORTEES (UPDATE 1):UPDATE 1-Guatemala says 32 on deportation flight from U.S. infected with coronavirus

had these illegals NOT been in the country illegally maybe they wouldn't be infected.


Many demonstrators, some waving Trump campaign flags, ignored organizers‘ pleas to stay in their cars and flooded the streets of Lansing, the state capital.

recall this fool.


Homosexuality was quite common among Japanese samurai and Buddhist monks. Explore the history of homosexuality in Japan.

homosexual sadist people go through so much to prove people others revere are gay. they ar ein effect trying to tell you it's okay to live their unhealthy repulsive lifestyle.

the fact is that none of these people were remotely that way. there is a reason the sadistic practice of white male homosexuality was punished so harshly. they ABUSE chldren. the faggot that wrote this disgusting article goes to great lengths to prove that men abused boys, probably because he himself wants to abuse boys.

we need to begin punishing these sadists and their disgusting acts against children with death.


reminds me how random people with black skin come to the U.S. and start singing that racism shit.


The president is attempting to use the global coronavirus pandemic as a pretext to fulfill his most anti-immigrant promises. 

these people are delusional. why import more of the virus from around the world.

democrats WANT more U.S. citizens to die and they want our economy destroyed.



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this idiot looks like a trannie.