Wear a mask like our society depends on it. Because it just might.



Far-left icon Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) declared herself a black 'Afro-Latina' in an excerpt of an interview posted on Twitter

Huh? I thought she was Jewish-Latina?



This is the beginning of having two different standards for testing in order to further keep white people down.

One super easy version suitable for 70-80 IQs that is impossible to fail, even if you don't even complete it. This version will be distributed to all non-whites.

The other version will be the "standard" version (AKA version for people with IQ over 80) that will certainly be structured in such a way that it is nearly impossible to pass. This will be distributed to whites only.

This will result in many graduating non-whites receiving awards and degrees, giving them even bigger advantages than they already have in the job market. Whites will struggle to graduate high school and earn college degrees and will fail to become employed later in life due to this and the already existing anti-white hiring policies in place.

We need to stand together with our white brothers and sisters and ensure we secure a future for our kind that excludes those who seek to destroy the existence of our children and families.


With Father's Day coming up on Sunday, June 21, your family may be planning a traditional outdoor barbecue. But in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, is it safe to grill on Father's Day? Here's what you need to know before you plan a family…

No. Whatever you do, do not go outside. Stay inside and never come back out.


Racist brand logos depicting Black servitude to whites reinforced stereotypes and cruel power dynamics before being shattered in a cultural reckoning.

Just imagine thinking that merely having a picture of a black person on something is racist.

These products literally just depict smiling happy black people. What is wrong with the brains of these people that they find this so offensive?

These people are sick.


In Kentucky, Georgia, and South Carolina, three men push to become the first Southern black Dem U.S. senators. Will America's racial awakening put one over the top?

This journalist will be hanged on DOTR


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Wow, this seems awfully anti-semitic.


President Trump shortened "Secret Service" to "S.S." — also used for the Schutzstaffel, the paramilitary that enforced Nazi racial policy.



Black film academics across the country share their favorite films of struggle, strength, and joy, from “School Daze” to “Daughters of the Dust.”

Yes, black communities are beautiful. I especially love the way they survive in their communities by raping babies to cure AIDS and by cannibalizing their albino brethren to gain their magical powers.


Know what else stops HIV transmission? Not injecting drugs into yourself with needles and not putting your penis into someone's anus.

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Know what else stops HIV transmission? Not injecting drugs into yourself with needs and not putting your penis into someone's anus.