Without a doubt, the people of the United States are living through a challenging time. The outbreak of COVID-19 and the damage left in its wake have gripped our country. […]

No, blacks hate you. Your success proves that their failure is their own fault. They hate you in America, they hate you in Israel and they will always hate you.

You can't capitulate to them. You can't help them. You can't do anything to make them not hate you.

They'll let you attack a common enemy, but then they will turn on you. You might think it is funny when they copy you, until they declare that you're just an evil Khazar and stole their legacy.

Then they will attack you even more violently, like they did at the Bodega.

They are burning your books now, learn from history.


Some analysts stress that the root of Chicago's gun violence is the city's failure to clamp down on its vast and ever-expanding web of gangs.

The answer starts with pavement and ends with apes.


St. Louis resident Patricia McCloskey broke her silence on "Hannity" Monday after she and her husband Mark received national approbation for brandishing guns in the front yard of their home when protesters broke into their gated community last month.

Good on whichever Host intervened on their behalf. Mayors and DAs shouldn't expect the law to protect them when Justice comes for their heads, after pulling this shit.


Days after reopening pubs and restaurants in parts of England, some establishments were forced to close again after customers reported to them that they had tested positive for coronavirus. 

President Madagascar! A Man is Coughing in Brazil!


The Phoenix Police Department has released body cam video from an officer-involved shooting that has sparked protests.

Suicido by El Copo.


Military Police responded to shots fired at 6:30 a.m. PT at the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base.

There need to be a hell of a lot more armed personnel on US Military Bases. If you are to be trusted with that kind of hardware, why can't you be trusted with a sidearm?

A weapon should be part of the standard accoutrement and any attack like this, should end in seconds.


New York Post Columnist Miranda Devine said on Tuesday that the backlash against the Hamilton musical proves that “you can never be woke enough.”

it was garbage from the start.

I hope every actor who ever took a role in the god damned thing gets "A. Burred" in the streets by their fellow primates.

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it was garbage from the start.

I hope every actor who ever took a role in the god damned thing gets "A. Burded" in the streets by their fellow primates.


Bitch sacrificed her Police to the Apes, now she deserve to have them feast on her flesh as well, literally and figuratively. At this point, any Politician that sides with the simians should not be protected by the law. Police should Let these corrupt officials be burned alive in the streets. Call 9-11 and be told to Sit and Spin.


Disturbing videos have emerged purportedly showing a car driving into two protesters following a demonstration last night in Indiana, leaving them clinging onto its hood as it raced down a street. 

Stop attacking cars. It is Right, Just and Good to Flatten people who attack you in your car. You have a Moral Duty to use Lethal Force to Defend yourself against these threats.

That includes James Fields Jr, if these last few months have proven anything, it is that he was in the Right and that Lying Butter Golem earned her heart attack.


Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency Monday following an uptick in shootings over the July Fourth weekend that injured 31 people and killed five after weeks of violent crime and property destruction in Atlanta.  

Georgia, Georgia, this is the state where the pavement apes went on an armed march screaming about their race war over the weekend, didn't they. Well some of them had weapons, a lot of them had paintball guns, .22 plinkers and things that were obviously broken, that they were carrying wrong.

If those shitskins want a race war they'll have another thing coming.