An alleged member of the Oath Keepers militia group who was "among the first five or six" rioters to enter the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6 is the first person to agree to take a plea deal, Fox News has learned.

"Deadly Insurrection", nice spin, since the guards let these protesters in.

They can steal them election, they can burn down your cities, they can kill you like they killed Ashlii Babbitt and you better sit down and take like their bitch, because you don't have a country anymore, you don't have rights anymore, you're a slave and you better get used to it.

OR maybe since the law doesn't matter anymore, it would be wiser, to deliver justice to those responsible. They know they deserve to die and that is why they are surrounding themselves with guards.


A San Antonio, Texas police officer was shot in the hand Friday and killed two suspects and injured a third during a gunfire exchange, authorities said. 

The Officer was asked for a statement, he replied "I'll be back."


Officials with the coroner’s office began the process of identifying victims Friday afternoon, a process they said would take several hours.

"Who is Brandon Scott Hole", Good Question, maybe you should have ANSWERED IT!


Benjamin Colton Barnes and the Ranger he killed have been completely expunged from this article, the incident doesn't even have a separate article anymore. It's Shameful.


South Carolina authorities have charged a White Army drill sergeant with misdemeanor assault after he appeared on video shoving and shouting at a Black man on a suburban sidewalk earlier this week.

Staff Sergeant, this is the system you are now sworn to defend. A pavement ape can do whatever they want to you on the street and you better sit down and take it bitch because your race has to pay with your lives, dignity and freedom for the imagined slights against those primates.

If they want to rape your women, you better sit down and take it. If they want to kill your kids you better sit down and take it.

If you don't like it, well maybe you're wearing the wrong uniform because the only you'll ever be a man again, is if you take up arms and kill the people you are currently calling "Sir".


Several House Democrats are set to unveil legislation Thursday to expand the number of justices on the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court invalidated itself when it Failed to take up the Election Fraud.

Now America is Dead. The Law is Dead and everybody involved Deserves to be Dead.


Local prosecutors in Minnesota on Wednesday are expected to charge former Brooklyn Center Police Officer Kim Potter with second-degree manslaughter in the death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright, as civil unrest has persisted for three consecutive nights, with demonstrations spilling into Minneapolis.

She should have shot him deliberately.

Unfortunately, women like this are not actually useful as police. They are useless restraining the suspect and then useless when they lose their head and fire a gun they think is a taser.

Useless black cop can't cuff the perp, useless woman cop can't help.

At this point, the entire police force in Minnesota should turn on the government officials and lock them up.

Seriously, these apes want to undermine Justice by using violence and threats? Make the officials more afraid of Justice than the Mob.

Start putting bullets in them, they all deserve to die, the mayors, the city council members, the judges and the rioters, KILL THEM ALL.


Previously hugely popular, some are now questioning Jacob Frey's future prospects, as his city is riven by violent protests while authorities struggle to respond

Jewish Liberals make you all look bad.


Twelve people were arrested at a White Lives Matter rally in California — where anti-racism counterprotesters vastly outnumbered white supremacists.

BLM can burn people to death in the streets and it is still a "Peaceful protest", but if White People think their life matters, then they are "White Supremes" and it is OK to attack and kill them, according to Fox News right?

Oops, can't say OK, that's also banned by the MONKEY COURTS.


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is so far mum after some of his city's police officers were seen on an alarming video being harassed by a group of men.

Know this Police Men, America is Dead. Your Bosses are Criminals. Stop protecting this Corrupt System from the Monsters They Made. Let these Animals Die.