Usman Ali, Banaras Hussain, Abdul Majid, Gul Riaz and two other men abused two teenagers for years.

Hidden in local news by the BBC at the expense of stories promoting veganism and "trailblazing" asian women councillors. We are now facing a cartoon level of evil.


Saima Afzal and Maryam Batan were the first female Asians to be elected to Blackburn council.

Hmmm, more coded langauge from the BBC

What is meant by "Asian" - are they from China or India? What is meant by "old-fashioned attitudes" - are they against village fete's? In an article that's linked one of them says "I was told to look like a Muslim. I was a woman with a stigma, I'd left a forced marriage."

It goes on to say: "Supporters of the two councillors believe they have been victims of misogyny by a group of older Asian men within the Blackburn Labour party because the two women were independent-minded and willing to speak out against old-fashioned attitudes. The regional Labour party would not comment on allegations of sexism and council leader Mohammed Khan declined to comment"

This is the Labour Party, standing up for womens rights.


A plane carrying 17 convicted offenders takes off but a court order stops 25 others being deported.

I can handle all the good news I can get


Ant and Dec, David Walliams, Piers Morgan and James Corden applaud the ITV presenter's announcement.

Well, knock me down with a feather boa


The withdrawal agreement bill has been given Royal Assent, meaning it has become law and the UK is leaving the EU on January 31st, 2020.

Muhammad Rodwan repeatedly struck PC Stuart Outten with the machete during a routine traffic stop.

"Rodwan, who has previous convictions for rape and two other machete attacks, was also cleared by the jury of possessing an offensive weapon"

"In the struggle, the officer pulled some of Rodwan's dreadlocks out, which was "extremely painful", and grabbed his throat, he said"


The nominated artists urged judges not to pick a winner, as there is "so much that divides people".

How much worse can "art" possibly get?


Jack Merritt, 25, and Saskia Jones, 23, are honoured at services in London and Cambridge.

Not a single mention of Islam in that long BBC article

They have made it all about party politics and how this shit was handled by the state.

Every single article is ignoring the obvious problem.

This country is brainwashed beyond belief.


Families, friends and survivors of the tragedy reflect on their search for answers.

Zeebrugge, Piper Alpha, Lockerbie, Marchioness, the Bradford Fire.

There were a ton of other tragic disasters around the same time but why is it only this and the Stephen Lawrence murder refuse to go away?

They hark back to a time when the police were a decent bunch and the lefty media would do anything to denegrate them.


One video filmed on London Bridge today shows what appears to be police pulling equipment out of a vehicle nearby. Those in the video can be heard saying: 'They've actually got guns out.'