House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) told NPR that the impeachment inquiry would be wort

Even if he isn't removed?! With all the critical issues facing this country, most which were born from the ineptitude of Democrats, you have the gall to suggest another obstructionist move by your party and leadership is a worthwhile focus?

I pray to the Most High God that blessed our great nation that you experience justice worthy of your betraying, manipulative, reprobate soul.

Tarring and feathering would suffice if the most high God considers my prayer for an indefinite period of time.


And pigs fly. The only thing that will silence this woman and her criminal syndicate family is persecution and exile to Haiti.

America is fed up with the Democrats. The idiot 19 running in the general election for office of #Potus have nothing to offer. Why does Hillary want to retire one who is doing a job which compared to his predecessors is beyond compare?

Her interest isn't for the country. It is for her foundation.

All of the inquiries to those in her party regarding her possible campaign aren't warm and fuzzy about it. They aren't warm and fuzzy about anything coming from their own party.

They are only interested in stopping the guy that may ultimately turn their lives upside down.

Even the media that carries the water for the left has no answers. Their influence is consistently mocked by the current resident of the White House.

They couldn't deliver her to the office of #Potus before and know there is nothing left beyond a Hail Mary intention.

People are wise to the deceit, corruption and arrogance of a people selling out our country for their own selfish greedy interests.

Hillary has to continue the fantasy of still being wanted for office rather than being wanted for obvious crimes she has committed.


Branding Trump as a racist is yet another evil Democrat lie to steer blacks away from a Republican who has their best interests at heart, implementing policies beneficial to them.

Bravo Marcus! Jesus is mighty to empower all people. Those truly following him such as your father did as a firefighter will be shining lights set upon a hill.

All of what you have written is better preaching than I have heatd from many widely known Black Pastors. Generational curses are the fruit of blindly following the Democrats.

I've given great consideration to the void of male mentors among the black demographic. You are correct about the motal obligation of encouraging the black constituency. And as you say, the Right are helpless tp do anything. There is a great and mighty spiritual bankruptcy within Black America. So what do we do? How do white folks assist in redeeming the lost of a minority demographic?


Neon Nettle - Rand Paul Blows Democrats’ Impeachment Inquiry Out of the Water - Republican senator reveals law that undermines Dems' argument for Trump impeachment

So Meet the Press actually aired this interview with Paul? How risky! Letting a fully knowledgeable Senator esspouse the doings of the lower house's inept leadership.

I'm pretty sure the Democrats thought they finally had the upper hand in undoing Trump with this posturing. There is no doubt they thought it would last longer than it has gone on. Pelosi is in a real pickle now.


Adam Schiff’s star witness Alexander Vindman testified to the House Intel Committee that he “thought” the President was wrong in his policy with Ukraine. So he later told Ukrainians to ignore the President. Alexander Vindman’s testimony was recently released and it shows an ignorant underling in the NSC who believed the President’s policy in the…

This is just one more demonstration of ineptitude conducted by a party of opposition that just can't stop tripping over their own obstacles set for Trump.

Does the party not recall how Fusion 1 was revealed through the Mueller investigation? This was just one of many dunder-headed revelations revealed by their own hatred for Trump. But yet, They can not, nor will not help themselves out. Spoiled, entitled babies.


The American people realize Democrats "used" former Special Counsel Robert Mueller and have become convinced President Trump is subject to a “witch hunt,” according to Donald Trump Jr.

Don Jr. You're half right. Your Father has seeded Cinservatives with a manner to fight democrats. But more importantly, he is pummeling the media. They are the real enemy as your Father points out. They have betrayed the people as watchdogs and protectors of individual freedoms against the corrupt government and business realms. They are mostly whores self interested in ratings and popular following, along with maintaining a never satiated degree of public influence. Most of MSM is rotten to the core or paid to give opinion on corporate agendas all invested in Deep State. I coined it Hypocronance.


She is smart eonough to know Trump will have a 2nd term. 👍


Steven Bannon spoke at the Eagle Council in September.  In his brief message he warned that the next twelve months are going to be the worst political years in US history. Steve Bannon spoke at the Eagle Council in St. Louis in September.  He began his talk mentioning how Phyllis Schlafly backed candidate Trump in…

Don't wonder why he is former Chief of Staff. But if we win... says it all. How is it that so many people hearken to those with no faith in their motivation?


"This was submitted to us in light of the actions taken against those wrongfully identified as involved in the leaking of the tape and the reactions of ABC news to their spiking of the story on Jeffrey Epstein."

James. I had to go through twitter to receive the article link. That is the last time I will do so. Get on Gab! Moreover, Ignotus is a coward. There is no righteousness in speaking from the shadows. Anonymity enables corruption. That is all.


The public evidence indicates that the effort to impeach the president was hatched even before he took office.

Sharyl, ineptitude takes a long time to prove out. That is why absurdity is associated to the word. Incomotence is revealed rather quickly. Ineptitude was the result of 2 terms of Obama. It is the result of whiny democrats endlessly failing at their plan to unseat Trump. Ineptitude is claiming to have an insurance plan only to realize Whole insurance should have been considered over the Term policy.

Trump may be impeached before the 2020 elections. But even if he is impeached he'll not be removed by a Senate finding.

What is truly amazing is how long it took for democrats to construct a plot of treasonous intent and realize they showed up to a gun fight with a knife.

These people are dangerously stupid. For that reason alone they deserve immediate removal and exile to one of their favorite recent travel destinations like Syria.

This election will come from Americans which will no longer tolerate obstruction over the business of running a country and they could care less what media hopes to manipulate.

Timeline is spot on.