How do you tell a pet that it will no longer see one of its loved ones, through no fault of its own.

just go home and stroke your pussy.


US officials hand over new evidence claiming that Huawei's 5G technology is a security risk.

a bit rich coming from a country that spies on everyone


Teacher Matthew Williams, 50, pictured, of Kingswinford, West Midlands was jailed for eight months after he admitted manufacturing pornographic images of his pupils.

eight months for photoshopping?


The 19 year old was photographed before she was due to board a British Airways flight with her mother from Larnaca airport in Cyprus and was mobbed by supporters.

i'd recommend people watch the video before judging her as a victim.


#BAFTAsSoWhite began trending on Tuesday as a race row erupted over the all-white acting nominations, as even the academy boss admitted she was 'very disappointed'.

remind me again how many whites win at the MOBOs?


Georgia Toffolo feared spending Christmas alone after being refused entry to the Maldives because of missing passport pages.

it's not a damaged passport when there's pages missing. it's a mutilated document. big difference.


Freya Ayub, 22, suffered a stroke in June, after she was left housebound with a series of headaches and severe head pain. Now on the path to recovery, she has entered the Miss England pageant for 2020.

lucky for her she's muslim. she'd have been groomed by the time she was 13 if she was white.


What are refugee camps like? Why did you leave your country? We put some of the most searched questions online to two refugees from Syria.

An refugee's economic migrant's guide lies to being a refugee

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An economic migrant's lies to being a refugee

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A migrant's economic migrant's guide lies to being a refugee

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An migrant's economic migrant's guide lies to being a refugee


Four men from Telford have been convicted at Birmingham Crown Court of sexually abusing a vulnerable young girl who was 'passed around like a piece of meat', sold for sex and raped.

muslim not asian. muslim.


Leah Amy, who works for Virgin Atlantic, took to Facebook last Tuesday to recount the story and to upload a series of happy snaps of the 88-year-old's unforgettable journey from New York to London.

i thought it was bill cosby!