Former Secretary of State John Kerry has been tapped to be the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate -- giving him a seat on the National Security Council.

I can't help but notice he has no training as a scientist.

Can you imagine what the media would do to Trump if he appointed an old buddy of his who is not a scientist to this job?


Pope Francis has invited 5 NBA players to his home court -- The Vatican -- for a 1-hour meeting Monday about social justice issues.

Because if there is one group of people that is oppressed it is the people being paid millions to play a children's game.


Even though results of the presidential election have not been certified by a single state, best-selling horror author Stephen King erupted on President Trump Sunday with an obscenity filled message.

Here is a copy of the Email I just send the White House along with a link to how you can contact the White House.

Please don't give up.

The Democrats have been very clear that death awaits you and your supporters if you lose so please don't give up just because the press turned on you.

The press has turned on all great men just before their victory. Grant suffered more loses then he ever had before just before he beat Lee and the press was calling for him to be removed because no one could beat Lee just before he won. The British press was heavily against Churchill in much of WW2.

We are battling absolute evil here and they have pulled this trick before in the year 2000.

They want you to give up because they know what they have done will not stand up when challenged, if they do this the constitution is done in this country and we will no longer be allowed to pick our leaders.

I know everyone, including your family is telling you to back down but please don't. When you are fighting evil things are always worse before they get better.

Remember the Enterprise was down to its batteries and on the books didn't stand a chance against Khan before Kirk used a code that lower Reliant's shields.

We are with you Mr. President and if you will lead us we will hang in there.

Remember that God is for us so who can be against us?!

I am praying for you, please do the right thing.

Thank you for fighting the good fight.


This Is What You're Going To Get America...Retribution And Tyranny. AOC Begins Project To Get Revenge On Trump Supporters.

I have not been able to sleep in days.

I wish the democrats would just hurry up and send the death squads, the wait is killing me.

Can we please just get the mass executions over with already?


Since the voters don't get a voice in the election of the president and the governors just rig it however they want we should stop going through the sham of voting and just have the governors directly pick the President from now on.


Sen. Kamala Harris made a final pitch for socialist ideology, concluding that "equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place."

So why do I work harder than her and end up with a bad back from all the heavy lifting I do yet make so much less money than her?

If she is president will she lift boxes all day for $10 an hour and pay 35% of her income in taxes so she ends up in the same place I am in?


President Donald Trump lashed out at the FBI after it said it was investigating reports that the president's supporters harassed a bus belonging to Joe Biden's campaign.

Order Barr to fire the agents, that is within his power.

Stop throwing a fit and do something for once!


Kentucky State Police used to train their cadets with inspiration from 2 infamous leaders ... Robert E. Lee and Adolph Hitler.

Lee was one of the greatest generals of the 1800s and inspired all the men who fought under him and after the war he refused to go to any church that would not allow blacks to attend or receive communion, why are you lumping him in with Hitler?


A white Trump supporter told a Black woman who supports Joe Biden that she's "white and proud of it!" in a jaw-dropping focus group segment on MSNBC.

Same here. Some of my people were brought here as slaves and after that we were treated like trash and told we didn't need to apply for a lot of jobs but we rose above that through hard work and helped to build the greatest nation on earth.



Pedro Pascal, star of the Star Wars series "The Mandalorian," urged his 486 thousand Twitter followers to "vote against family separations" in the 2020 elections.

So he is in favor of sending children to prison with their parents and letting kidnappers keep kids if they say the kids are theirs, no questions asked? I am glad I am not watching this show.