Heart attack and stroke patients are among those facing long delays for crews to arrive, BBC finds.

I am disabled and had heart problems one night and it took 45 mins to arrive when we live 10 minutes from the hospital. I was told I was a emergency and a priority but still 45 mins.

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They send refugees to areas like were I live as we are still a white area. These kids incite sympathy and so pave the way for the next wave. Who could hate a child? A true refugee?

These refugees will also be accepted by children who learn about their poor classmates lives and how the west owes them.


A beer with a label stating "German Reich Brewery" sells out in a store in eastern Germany.

Mark Rutte is the first prime minister to acknowledge the Netherlands' role in persecuting Jews.

I'm sorry we were invaded 80 years ago!!


Nuclear and climate threats create ‘profoundly unstable’ world as Mary Robinson warns climate inaction is ‘death sentence for humanity’

'The risk of civil collapse from nuclear weapons and the climate crisis is at a record high, according to US scientists and former officials, calling the current environment “profoundly unstable”.

The real truth is a global recession is very close because all economies are in decline. The only growth is through FIAT money printing and fiscal manipulations. Productivity, profits and freight logistics are all showing a slow down as the stocks rocket. There will be a huge financial crash as part of the reset and many people will loose their life savings.

This talk of climate change is nothing but a big distraction. Learning economics would be more important to the individual than the fucking weather!!

PS. The rich and the central banks are hoarding gold. for climate change?? i don't think so.


He may not have learned much history at his minor public school, but the left-behind luvvie knows it’s wrong to cast a Sikh in a first world war film

I have not seen 1917 but have been told that the Sikh soldier is part of a white unit or a least around white soldiers. If this happened it was rare and so rare that you could accuse the film of forced diversity for finding a way to show it. Laurence is correct.

Like the journalist sarcastically said I have used google. I came straight to wiki the worlds encyclopedia and what a surprise there is little to no information about this but it does mention what I already know, Sikhs were in their own battalions, they were not mixed in with white soldiers and 'one of the lads'. I would imagine language barriers would have been a problem not worth creating by mixing the Sikhs with British soldiers.

So it's debatable whether a Sikh would be anywhere other than in a Sikh battalion and it does look like Laurence is right that it's forced diversity but what if he is wrong?

I believe we should be free to have conversations and think out loud, be wrong and make mistakes. I know it's hard for the guardian types to understand that.


The white supremacist group the Base uses terror to spread its ideology and recruit young men. The FBI is closely watching them – and the Guardian is now able to reveal the identity of its secretive leader

A long article on a so called neo nazi network but with only tiny references to anything criminal or illegal. They say some members vandalised a mosque but no evidence is provided in this article. They say it's members are planning a race war but with no quote. I could find more evidence of the Guardian being anti white and thus encouraging hatred, could this possibly start a race war in the UK? But seriously it's outlets like this that have given cover to those that hate the native British. Our media helped hide thousands upon thousands of rapes by Muslims and they are not interested in the racial aspect to knife crime either. If they do cover knife crimes the victims are the focus because the criminals are black. I want a mug shot of everyone of them.

It's funny how the Guardian have produced this while ignoring Bernie Sanders' campaign members who are on camera calling for re-education camps and praising gulags. Those leaks and investigations actually have evidence and details.


The 17-year-old activist tells world leaders that 'fiddling around with numbers' will not be enough.

Trumps full speech included a line about not letting socialists ruin america. For some reason the BBC cut it out. Maybe they are biased rats?

They gave Greta more air time!!

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I hate how the state in general is actually control by the money men. They pit left and right against each other but in reality they run the show. The world.

The brexit battle happened because it was an elite battle. London banking system vs European. Hidden tax havens vs open to Europe tax havens. Do you remember the panorama papers? Brexit was about banking.

Have the conservatives actually conserved anything? or stopped immigration or even slowed it down?

Left or right we are heading in the same direction. State control.

The Alt Hype Has a video showing research on how little public opinion steers politics compared to elite or media interests.


Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Any of Iran's enemies on that plane?