BAME children are overrepresented in the care system, and seemingly have their futures written off based on their skin colour

Reality is painful.


The UK will not meet its climate change targets without a revolution in home heating, a think tank says.

Just as the UK had it's first mass power cut in years the government is giving up on gas and moving to expensive to run electric heating.

This is a profit generating scheme. We have too many cheap sources of power and the power companies are happy to chase government money and even destroy their own infrastructure.

The middle class got subsidized solar panels (a scam in itself) and high paying buyback tariffs and took up a lot of the early schemes. These schemes are paid for by raising the bills of everyone. The problem is the poor who could not afford the contribution to the initial scheme have no panels to help with their bills. They will have no gas and expensive electric that will cost more when the sun goes in. That's why they are talking about storage heaters. They also want to have remote control of the heater within peoples houses and have the ability to cut them off to help prevent power cuts. Smart heaters wil be cheaper, This is already happening in Australia with air con.

In the UK the panels are becoming cheap enough the government put the vat (tax) back on the panels and stopped most schemes plus lowered the buyback tariff value or scrapped it altogether.


James fields had an accident too. I think he got 400 years for his mistake. Antifa hit his car he crashed then antifa jumped on his car and smashed 2 windows in. He fled and claimed it was an accident from the start. He found out he killed someone and cried.

They found a meme on his phone and assumed the rest. The footage actually shows the antifa attack clearly and his car only sped up erratically after he was struck.


In an interview, Williams says he has now realised the song, made with Robin Thicke, contributed to sexism

'I realised we live in a chauvinist culture': Pharrell denounces Blurred Lines

I agree. Female supremacy movements are everywhere. Same with ethnic and religious chauvinists.


Awarding joint prize to Margaret Atwood and Bernardine Evaristo feels like a fudge

I am asked why I always find a way of bringing politics into every conversation. I don't but I do have to constantly push back because the media will not leave identity politics alone.

We all know Margaret Atwood work but Bernardine Evaristo won too so her book would be promoted. Her work is described as 'Beautifully interwoven stories of identity, race, womanhood, and the realities of modern Britain'

Sounds fun


Study shows minority ethnic staff paid on average £7,000 less than white colleagues

'Last week Goldsmiths, University of London published a damning report showing that BME students feel victimised and unsafe on campus.'

What a joke. If the worst damming part of the report was about blacks subjective feels did they ask the white students how they feel. Maybe they see racism against them?

I see anti white rhetoric most days in the news. I do not have to feel it.


Having squandered the last financial crisis, we cannot make the same mistakes again. A Green New Deal is the only reasonable response

This article is about how governments, their central banks and the International financing system has worked for the super rich and those who play the markets but has not worked for the poor. This is correct but the article ignores the middle class and genuine business and portrays this as a battle between the Financiers and the poor, with the only solution a green new deal.

If the people who run the scams at the top are unfairly balancing the wealth we need to stop the scams and end the debt based mega companies. Their solution of a green new deal is more bureaucracy of another kind that will be closely negotiated with the financial industry anyway. New green scams will happen.

The middle class will disappear faster and productivity in valuable and useful industries will be stifled further leading to ever increasing stagnation in the west.


Confidence in the MMR jab appeared to have been dropping at least partly in response to social media misinformation and scare stories. The discredited claims of Andrew Wakefield, who theorised in 1998 that the immunisation was linked to autism, continue to be widely circulated.

More likely immigration is the reason for the drop in uptake. Some people are skeptical of government and put their trust in god.

Show us the data by ethnicity and religion.


More free shit for moaning communists.

Simple fact is those who bough houses in the private part of this complex paid for their houses knowing they had a private car park and play ground. They also have been paying maintenance fees they they will continue to pay.

I am sorry but I live in an area that was once mainly owned houses, 15 years later it's mostly rental council tenants. The more council tenants the more crime, the more kids who destroy everything, the more police, more parties all night, more violence, the more damage to my car, the more drug dealing and way more than some people understand of all sorts of behavior. Drags us all down.

The good kids on my street now can't play out. It's too rough. Parents who are forced to live here rush kids into scratched cars. Next door is moving out because of their child.

People who pay care, people who don't care less. The difference adds up. If you have council housing that has short leases then the council shuffle the bad people around. No joke. Once the neighbors complain enough and the police charge them for something they more a family on.

This is a great way for kids to meet new friends and have a stab at the youth culture. Lean about drugs other kids mum's are on.


The creation of 3D printed guns by the neo-Nazi who launched a shooting attack in Germany must act as a warning to security services, experts have said. Stephan Balliet only took one plastic weapon on the rampage that left two people dead in Halle but had manufactured several more, documents seen by The Independent reveal.

"It contained numerous files that could be run through a 3D printer to make the same firearms, as well as ammunition."

Does lizzie think the whole thing was this easy?

It is obvious from the video that he was using home made powder. Was is printer powder Lizzie? I will not detail but it isn't a secret how to make weapons, ammunition or powder. There are many bad things that can be done by a lot of smart people but they don't. A lot of dumb people stab people though. Is London at about 110 now for the year so far?

I think your plastic gun fears are overblown.

What next? 3D printed plastic explosives just add explosives.