(BREITBART) – A poll conducted by the Caixin news service on Monday found China’s economy foundering as the second half of 2022 began, with slower manufacturing activity, higher unemployment, and a depressed real estate market. China’s weakening economy reduced its demand for oil, combining with downbeat manufacturing data from other countries to bring oil prices…

War is coming my friends. This sounds like it's coming. When economies struggle, war on something is the gameplan.

If you are wondering why the BLMs were allowed to riot. If you are wondering why women were allowed to vote. If you were wondering why they steal an election. If you are wondering why they are going after Alex Jones, Milo, David Icke...

I would send those who vote for the Communists to go fight our wars. The feminists and LGBTQABCs at the front line.


"...they want you to eat these bugs inside a massive prison system that sees humanity as a cancer upon the earth."

Rumors in AMerica was the government propped up Social Media to control people/

Instead people united against the elites.

So what I think is happening, the government is sending their versions of the SS, to end unity against the agenda. So if a lot of us are saying environmentalism is bullS!t, they will send either authorities real life, or social media authorities to censor you or worse.


The phone number associated with Hunter Biden's "Pedo Peter" contact, found on the first son’s iCloud account, is Natalie Biden’s.

It's a poorly written hard to understand article.

Either it's the phone number contact is Hallie's


It's from Haillie's IPAD and SHE listed Joe Biden as Pedo Peter.


A Democrat witness and 'storyteller' with the pro-abortion group We Testify told the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday that her abortion was an 'act of self-love.'

First her looks. Look at the picture on the LEft and on the Right. She should never do side profiles.

No, history tells us women cannot and are not able to be responsible or understand responsibility.

Women do not WANT to understand that they are killing someone and will always pander to governemnt because emotions over truth.


Extreme poverty has recently forced girls in rural Zimbabwe to use dried cow dung as an alternative to sanitary pads.

Terrible. I get it Africans are gonna African, but still sad that this has happened because of choices.

You can feel bad for people who make bad choices.


Ivana Trump, the ex-wife of former President Donald Trump, has died at age 73, the family told ABC News.


Hope she lived a good life and died happy.


Abstinence was trending on Twitter on Saturday in the wake the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

I think protesting is natural to women. Either they disagree with their husbands about everything, or have their defacto government daddy and husbands and disagree with them.

This gives them a reason to do what they want to do GET NAKED for a man and gyrate around for attention.


Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong declared "f**k America" before adding he was "renouncing his citizenship" in the aftermath of the SCOTUS abortion ruling.

Shat for brains, but I like his music.

People need to separate and never be fans of another man. It's kind of gay.


I wonder what was the racial makeup of the diversity promoted?


In a long Twitter thread on Thursday, a Marquette University assistant professor of journalism suggested young reporters may fabricate stories because newspaper journalism standards are too high and because minority reporters might feel racism on the job.

In America it's the gay black feminizt tranz agenda. It's seemingly also expanding to pedos next.

All this seems to be a way to divide the pillars of society and promote distrust through the agenda.