Party says BT would be part nationalised under £20bn scheme which would also be funded by higher taxes on Google, Facebook and Amazon

There's a lot of madness in here, but the most concerning part is buried at the bottom:

"Labour has said it would issue government bonds to shareholders for all nationalisations."

This is actually terrifying. Bonds are not cash. Bonds are a credit note. In effect, Labour says they would forcibly borrow the money to nationalise OpenReach from the shareholders who own it right now. And that's just... What the fuck?

Bonds work by offering a fixed percentage yield, plus the return of the principle, after a fixed period. This means that those "compensated" like this would get back the present value of their shares in either 5 or 10 years and lost their dividend income. Bonds can be sold before maturity, but this is a market that would suddenly be flooded with bonds. And in any case, owners would be paid by the market not the government. Whoever buys is simply taking over a loan to the government, who is seemingly desperate to go broke.

This is close to simply appropriating the shares. And people should be scared of that.


Party leader has stressed benefits of immigration, but some fear policy could hurt Labour in Tory seats

"Radical pro-mirgation policy" Jesus fucking Christ.

I'm starting to think this election will be investigated by the stewards, as Labour are clearly throwing the match.


The increasingly extreme Tories are losing their traditional support in the home counties, writes the Guardian columnist John Harris

I love to see Guardian comments because they are fucking insane:

"My Swedish family - who, basically, live in a pretty egalitarian country with lots of nice things to crow about - are completely bamboozled by these kind of comments about Corbyn and the Labour left. "That's where politics starts," they say of Sweden. In other words, they consider Corbyn pretty much middle of the road."

My partner also happens to be Swedish. She kinda feels guilty for not be a leftish tosser but she's kinda not. She is definitely not for open borders. She strongly supports the language testing for immigrants who want Swedish citizenship. Since moving to England she has come to appreciate how cheap everything is, due to our lower taxes. Oh and the Swedish healthcare system still has long waits, and the Swedish unemployment system is actually pretty stingey, and the vast majority of Sweden is privately owned and operated. Also, my girlfriend is very uncomfortably about visiting her brother, who lives in Malmo, because of the Muslims and the riots and the violence.

It's funny how people who are so gushingly positive about Sweden don't know all that much about Sweden, or how Swede's feel. The "nordic model" basically doesn't exist in Sweden. It's much more lefty than we would like in England, but it's not magically better. Norway is the only place with "the nordic model" and that's because they've sunk oil revenue into public services. In Sweden it is strictly "you get what you pay for", high taxes and reasonable services. Oh and no, the trains don't run in the snow.


The increasingly extreme Tories are losing their traditional support in the home counties, writes the Guardian columnist John Harris

Interesting that he opted to talk about the Surrey commuter belt, not anywhere else. And why is that? Oh because here in the Kentish commuter belt, where we are less affluent but also less insufferable, we voted at about 65% for Brexit and think Boris is awesome.

Even to look at Guildford, they got 54% of the vote in 2017. An absolute majority. This was just after the referendum, remember. Brexit was a massive issue. And the Guildford electorate voted for the Tories who were pro-Brexit.

John Harris - What the fuck are you talking about?


Goldman Sachs faces official inquiry as IT figures including Steve Wozniak say they got 10 times or more the credit limit received by their wives

Men, who make more money, are more creditworthy than women, who make less.

This nonsense about "we have shared income and shared assets" doesn't fucking matter. Like, seriously, it doesn't. You applied for a single person account. They won't make the decision based on what your husband earns because your husband isn't required to pay your bills.


The centenary commemorations were intensely moving. But how long do we keep remembrance going, asks Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee

Polly is either hilariously unself-aware, or a malign serpent of cynicism. Look at this:

"As each year passes the memory distorts, rewrites and reshapes wars to suit our current moods and needs: history is usefully pliable."

...And she now wants the memory of war re-write to suit her agenda. Either she doesn't see the irony there, or she does and cynically wants to re-write it all and then stop anyone else ever using it for their ends.

So, is she a Stalinist or is she just a useful idiot. You decide!


Marr alluded to his political differences with Morrissey, after a fan asked about rumours of a 2020 tour spread by ‘a trusted source’

Oooh a spicy one for the Guardian! "Oh yeah, a reunion with Nigel Farage of Guitars? Lol!" Except of course that this doesn't even really answer the question. It's essentially just Morrisey Man Bad.

Let's have a look at what they report about Morrissey's present political statements - "He has expressed his approval of the Brexit referendum result, and blamed immigration for the loss of British identity. He recently performed in Los Angeles wearing a T-shirt that read: “Fuck the Guardian.”".

Sounds pretty reasonable to me to be honest. And of course Morrisey was unquestionably the talented one in The Smiths. I don't necessarily like Morrisey all that much, but given his solo work is broadly just "The Continuation Smith's" and that he has a big fan base for that, while Marr has been in Wikipedia's words, a prolific session musician, it's not hard to see who is really in the driving seat.

The questions isn't "would Marr come to a Smiths reunion", it's "would Morrisey care to invite him?"


Their continuing belief in the innate superiority of the upper class is obvious, says the Guardian columnist Owen Jones

Which slur are we talking about exactly Owen?

JRM said (almost exactly) " the report shows, if more people had followed their own common sense and fled the building instead of obeying the fire brigade then more would have survived, and that is a tragedy"

Even when he said that he would have fled the building himself, he qualified that with "...but that has the benefit of hindsight of course...".

I'm just saying... The whole Grenfell report is a damning indictment of the "stay put" order. And then Moggy says "it's a tragedy that people did stay put" and now this is a slur on the working class.

But of course this is how the left works. Everything that the non-left does is evil. Everything that they say is lies. Even attempts to agree with the left are just false consciousness and undermining the working class cause.

To the left; there is nothing other than the left. They are the one true church, the one source of truth and only they ever do anything good in the world.

And this is why they are failing. Because we've had the left in power within our lifetimes. We know they are just as bad. We know they are lying. We know that they don't have the monopoly on good idea. And we see these campaigns to drum up outrage and it's just not working anymore.

JRM has previously said quite directly "we need to spend more on the NHS". And Owen Jones and his ilk jumped up to say "you can't trust that! he's a toff and a tory and a cunt! He's just lying to you!" which very much goes to show that their interest is never in the causes that they choose to support.

The Left only ever plays power games. They would rather see the NHS burn under their watch than to see it flourish under Tory rule. That's legitimately their position. They want themselves to be in charge, first and foremost.

For all of their protestations of earnest intent, they will not work towards positive change with the Tories. They will not accept a reasonable improvement. They will not accept a compromise. They will only accept communism, essentially. Is this bill communism? No? Then fuck it, I don't care how many people it will help. Communism matters more than your home comrade!


Jo Swinson says she can be the next PM, presumably to outbursts of hysterical laughter.


Study claims police tactics have left women feeling ‘violated and frightened’

"women protesters reporting being physically moved, carried and manhandled"

Three women were severely manhandled and are now very pouty about it.