Student loan borrowers from mostly black neighborhoods are almost twice as likely to default on their debt as borrowers from neighborhoods that are mostly white, according to research released Wednesday by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Equality is expensive. Just wait till the women with student loan debt reach critical mass.


Election promises of a rising minimum wage leave some bosses wondering how to fund staff pay rises.

At best all raising the minimum wage does is shift the goalposts a few feet down the field.


Labour vows to close the gap between the average hourly pay for men and women but Tories are critical.

Women complaining about the pay gay is like men complaining about the birthing gap


The average American woman actually weighs 170.5 pounds — a far cry from what car companies believe women weigh.

Put the damn cakes down


Maya Forstater, 46, wrote that 'men cannot change into women'. An employment tribunal in London is due to begin hearing evidence tomorrow.

The price of forcing equality. Ready to drop the issue yet ladies? No? Ok deeper into the clown world rabbit hole we go.


The party says it will not set "arbitrary" targets but will aim to reduce immigration if it wins the election.

Wont happen. The welfare state needs proping up. Good luck trying to abolish it via democratic means when the main receipiants are the majority.


Transparency law would help address unequal pay between men and women, says the Fawcett Society charity.

Watch the following happen en mass

Wahman: i just found john is getting paid more than me, its not fair.

Manager: john works a different job, is in a different department, has more qualifications etc etc.

Wahman: but my feelings! legal action time

Time to get the masculine presenting trans lesbians in


Borrowing techniques from couples therapy to bring liberals and conservatives back together

You mean keep putting the blame on the men?


Swedish police are dealing with unprecedented levels of attacks, in city centres and suburbs.

In a conquest a few explosions are to be expected


Threats and violent attacks towards shop workers are rising in the UK, according to a new survey.

she often encounters difficulties when dealing with young people who are underage but seeking to purchase alcohol or cigarettes.

Lets get the father to adminster some punishment.

Oh wait where is he?

Lets just keep ignoring the causes and put a plaster on the festering wound.