A third of men carrying out rough sex acts such as biting and choking do not ask for consent, a survey finds.

The thing is nothing dries a woman up faster.

Start screwing male feminists if you want to be asked for constant consent. Oh wait you won't.


Women are more vulnerable than men to the impacts of coronavirus. And it has nothing to do with biology.

So women are victims of their own choices?

Im ready to remove that burdensome choice from you.


Kenny wanted me all to himself. If he could not have me, then he wanted to kill me. But I am still here.

Dear if a man has fuctioning hands he has the option to kill you. Be nice.


How fashion boss Katrina Lake was able to succeed despite having to battle sexism.

I would buy it at retail [prices] and sell it at [the same] retail [prices], so I wasn't making any money," says Katrina. "But at least I could experiment to see if the concept worked."

Gee i wonder why investors may have been a bit wary. And no details on how the model has changed since then. I do wonder if the venture is acctually profitable or it's just being propped up currently.


Only goods and workers can pass, with France also warning its situation is "deteriorating fast".

Anyone got any figures for how many have died to corona vs how many have died due to "diversity" ?


Many financial companies that have reported so far are still posting gender pay gaps of 30% or more.

Gender pay gap?

Please bbc can you define what a woman is on your website for clarifcation?


For a snapshot of the dark forces still assailing women’s sport, it was worth studying a short bulletin on Thursday from Melbourne.

Yep affirmative action Gender quotas Lower physical standards The mens leagues having to subsidise the female ones.

Oh that's not what you were talking about?


How deep listening without interruption or judgement can help us find common ground and feel valued.

If i made a case to emiliy that men are better at specific things provided evidence and reasons for this and why this would lead to different outcomes for men and women in society, do we think she would listen or would hurt feelings get in the way?


President Nicolás Maduro tells women to have more children, amid severe food shortages in the country.

Credit where it's due. He's not just gone and invited the 3rd world in like the west has. Though that could be due it not being a tempting offer.


“If the issue was mental illness then 50 percent of mass shootings would be done by women.”

Or the fact there is little reason for them to do so. Just cry about your problems and the men end up fixing them.