Priti Patel will unveil plans for a national police lead officer to combat violence against women and girls ensuring offences such as indecent exposure and street harassment are taken more seriously.

Give it a few months.

I don't think the majority of women can go that long without an attention fix.


On Father's Day Sunday, when dads celebrate the holiday with their children, it's a good time to redefine masculinity so parents can give boys what they need.

Hard for a father to give his kids what they need when the state will throw him out of his home and their lives on a woman whim.


The gang travelled from London before kicking down the door of a property in Forest Fields, Nottingham, on May 20 last year. They pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary.

The uk might not have a 2nd amendment.

But archery equipment can be purchased as long as you can prove you're over 18.

Might be a hobby worth taking up.


WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. A female police officer suffered facial injuries during a stop-and-search of a boy, 16, in Ashby, Leicestershire.

So not even a fully grown man.

Go on tell me how equal you are.


Authorities hope artificial intelligence may be better at spotting successful potential couples.

In todays episode of trying things that don't work we have another matchmaking platform to go along with dating apps, social media etc etc.


The socialist Scottish Labour Party on Tuesday claimed to have 'made history' with the passage of a bill forcing taxpayers to pay for 'free' sanitary products for women and.

I'm wondering where the line is on how much free shit can women vote themselves before men say no more.


The officer, whose Instagram profile shows her name as Sam Helena, posted the video online before it was shared on Twitter last night and was heavily criticised.

Female sufferage ends up with women voting themselves welfare in different forms

Change my mind


Ally Brooke's advice to other late bloomers should come as a comfort.

Is this that special sort of virginity where if it was not a commited relationship it does not count?


Larry Elder: Those protesting today's urban conditions fail to point to their true cause

Simply what happens when women can vote themselves mens money,


Audie was in debt and losing hope. But Jeannette, who'd once been in debt herself, was able to help.

Oh look single mothers with debt problems!!!!

What a surprise!!!!

Of course the solution is more state benefits ie:men bail them out.