Zara Aleena died following what police say was an "opportunist stranger attack" in east London.

"A man"

Riiiiight. He wasn't white, was he?


Asians in Rotherham say a 2014 report into child sex abuse has stigmatised the whole community.

Oh the poor groomers and terrorists.


Asylum claimants who challenged their removal to Rwanda could be among the first to be monitored.

Don't tag them, lock them up.


Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s extradition to the US is approved by UK Home Secretary Priti Patel.

So we can extradite people that have done nothing wrong other than speaking truth to power but we must must keep illegal immigrants here in the lap of luxury?


A mother-of-three says she has had to sell belongings and use a social supermarket to get by.

Cut down on the food love.


A deadly cold snap hits Latin America's biggest city as the number of homeless people grows.

The warmest month in the UK is equivalent to the coldest in Sao Paulo.

Charity begins at home.


The government tried to block publication of the story about the agent who attacked with a machete.

"Right wing extremist"

Stated with no supported evidence whatsoever. Translation from BBC speak - he once voted UKIP.


Muhammad Taimoor allegedly drove girls around with the intention of assaulting them, police said.

Diversity is our nonces.


Single mum Amy Jones is willing to risk homelessness so she can be considered for social housing.

Why doesn't the father help out?

Looks at the child.

Ahh never mind.


The 15-year-old was found at an address in Bristol after going missing 15 days ago.

Just random men. Nothing to see here. It absolutely wasn't anything to do with anyone who wasn't white.