PM accused of using ‘inaccurate’ language after describing crossings as ‘dangerous and criminal’

'Dangerous and criminal'?

Oh that will stop them.


'If I die, that is OK': the Calais refugees with nowhere to turn | Immigration and asylum | The Guardian

'If I die, that is OK'

Challenge accepted.


When a picture of Kano was used in place of Wiley, readers asked to know how it happened – and how it can be prevented, says Guardian and Observer global readers’ editor Elisabeth Ribbans

I guess they all look the same to the good folk at Graunidad Towers, right?


Don't let the victors define morality – Hiroshima was always indefensible | Second world war | The Guardian

Yes we should have saved 100,000 lives in Hiroshima and let the war drag on for another few months with 250,00 dying every weeks.

Makes perfect sense.


Exclusive: unusual intervention aims to reverse decline and bring more cases to trial

What could possibly go wrong with giving police prosecution targets?


Stand off between officers in Colindale and protesters over stop-and-search arrest

"Young people"


Exclusive: People reportedly forced on to small boats at gunpoint as gangs move into trade

DIddums. Don't come here illegally and you won't get targeted by criminals.


Sculptor's black 'everywoman' erected on public art walk in London | Art | The Guardian

"Weighing 420 kilograms"

Can't say they aren't being true to reality there.


Wiley posts antisemitic tweets, likening Jews to Ku Klux Klan | Music | The Guardian

"Some people have gotten too comfortable on lands that don’t belong to them"

Oh the fucking irony.


Three people struggling to secure their lives in the UK after learning they're not legally British.

Every time they wheel out new immigrants we are supposed to feel sorry for it turns out they are criminals that only have themselves to blame.