Judge Mary Brown ruled that James Georgulas must be forced to "transition" into a girl named Luna, and his father must pay $5K per month for the privilege.


And don't stick your dick in crazy, gentlemen. Have sex with your left hand for a lifetime before you subject yourself and your offspring to a nightmare like this.

Your wallet, your brain, and your unborn child will thank you.

Actions have consequences. Some more than others.


M3thods on Gab: 'Barr: "There are going to be significant developments before the election...Tomorrow, there will be a development in the case. It's not earth-shattering...but it is an indication that things are moving along at the proper pace..."'

Play yer bagpipes, Chubs, and then fark off. "Amazing Grace" on the pipes is "amazing", but beyond that, I don't want to hear from ye, laddie, until yer puttin' somebody in jail.


Dramatic footage shows the moment the 32-year-old drunk driver sped through a red light and careened into the petrol station in Slacks Creek, south of Brisbane.

My, my. That certainly was horrifying. Or maybe not. Where's the fireball?

When I click on some dope running into a gas pump I want to see a fireball. Sorry if I'm selfish.


Officials lifted evacuations orders as firefighters began to gain control over a vegetation fire burning near the city of Corona in Riverside County.

What, this again? California fires? What a surprise! See George Carlin talking about "spring flooding in the midwest".

I guess it's the price paid for living in a place with some of the best year-round weather on earth. Everything has its ups and downs.

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2020-13-Fr 03:13:57 am

What, this again? California fires? What a surprise! See George Carlin talking about "spring flooding in the midwest".

I guess it's the price paid for living in the place with some of the best year-round weather on earth, and awesome scenery, too. Everything has its ups and downs.


Dr Fauci explained that the death toll would be 'enormous' had the US attempted to achieve herd immunity shortly after the CDC predicted 189,000 people could die from COVID-19 by September.

Fauci's head. Baseball bat swung for the center field stands. Never the twain shall meet. Such a shame.

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2020-06-Fr 03:06:45 am

Fauci's head. Baseball bat. Never the twain shall meet. Such a shame.


Phil Kerpen Fan Account on Gab: 'CDC: 25.5% of Americans age 18 to 24 seriously considered suicide in the past 30 days. 16% of age 25 to 44. https://t.co/wl6qYWFLW0 https://t.co/0uC0EUzpmx'

First of all, who the hell is Phil Kerpen? Second, what the hell kind of name is "Kerpen"? Finally, is there any reason to think this guy is credible and speaks the truth?


Continued slow activity suggests that Manhattan's real estate and economic troubles could extend well into the fall or beyond.

With Warren Wilhelm and the Mobster Cuomo in charge, I'd say it will last way beyond "the fall".


Gunmen on motorcycles killed six French tourists and two Nigeriens guide in a wildlife park in Niger on Sunday, a senior official and a security source said.

So what's the problem? They were French.

Kidding, but will they go in the books as covid deaths? Probably. More money that way, ya know.

It's probably a wise move to just not travel to certain places. Yes, the odds that something will happen are small, but if it does, you end up with somebody like me, 8000 miles away, making jokes about your death. Just don't go there.


Brazil has become the second country in the world to surpass 100,000 deaths from coronavirus, official figures show. People held a tribute for victims on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro.

If they're using the same fraudulent, dishonest, money-grubbing system as the US is for counting cases and deaths, then these numbers mean nothing.


An analysis of CDC data by The New York Times revealed that the United States recorded at least 200,700 more deaths from March to July this year than predicted - surpassing the death toll.

Not true, as far as I know. I just saw credible information the other day that shows fewer people died in the US in the first six months of 2020 than died in the same period in 2018. I wish I had saved a link, because I don't even remember what site I was on when I saw it.

There is so much conflicting info out there, making sense of it is impossible. We've passed the point of no return as far as anyone knowing what's really going on.

It's past time to stop the nonsense, stop the lies, and go about our lives as normal, with all the masks stored safely in the garbage can.

That won't happen until November 4th though. Sigh.