Coming back to the present reality here in America in 2020, as we look to make America great for all of her citizens, let us, as White Americans, do our best to be empathetic rather than defensive when it comes to race issues.

With a similar sentiment as a previous comment:

What if a frog had wings?

Anything goes, when justifying racism against whites!


19 black families have pooled resources together to purchase a 90-acre tract of land in Georgia with the goal of

I'll say what I say to believers in "lizard people," "systemic racism," "Russian collusion," and most other BS:

Do what you want, within the confines of the adage "so long as it neither picks my pocket, nor breaks my arm." I hate platitudes & clichés, but I don't care what these people do, say, or believe, as long as they're not going to be a threat.

To what some others have said: it IS a good idea for whites to do something similar. If the area is a private entity, perhaps established within a legal trust, it can be governed by private rules. This means that, as long as they're careful about how they act, they CAN exclude people of other races, specific races, other religions, specific religions, etc.

No "public" restaurants, Walmart, or other concepts with a public-facing entrance can be opened. Instead, they have to use restricted access to the area, like with a theme park, where any business within can only be accessed by fulfilling requirements for entry to the area.


Staff Report (Originally posted on July 28) San Luis Obispo, Calif. – After blocking traffic on Highway 101 in Central California, Black Lives Matters activists ignored the pleas of a motorist to take a pregnant woman in labor to a nearby hospital. The BLM group, rather than allowing the distressed family pass through the blockade, wanted instead to “have a conversion” about race issues. The following video, posted this week by Cal Coast News, shows protesters asking the occupants of the vehicle whether the woman’s water broke or not. “She is going to give birth,” another woman in the pickup truck pleads. “Get out of the road.” Protest organizer Tianna Arata, 20, offered the following assessment of the situation: “She’s ignorant,” she said, then walked away. The demonstration, composed of hundreds of social justice warriors on July 21, started in a city park, then moved north on foot to Hwy 101, where the group blocked traffic in both directions for almost an hour. During the time, they chased down, harassed and prevented drivers from exiting the highway. When demonstrators returned to town, Arata, brandishing an American flag, pursued several cars and hit one of them with a flagpole. Also during the protest, “protesters damaged the hood of a passenger vehicle and smashed the rear window where a 4 year-old child was in the back seat and had glass shattered on him,” according to the San Luis police. Officers arrested Arata later that day on numerous charges, including participation in a riot, unlawful imprisonment and resisting. She was later released on zero bail. Activists have demanded the District Attorney drop the charges. San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon joined in the protest before it erupted onto the highway. Harmon has often encouraged residents to support Black Lives Matter and Arata. For more Crazyfornia news, check out our home page,

Then fuck 'em. They're all terrorists. They're getting people killed, and thus need to be dealt with appropriately.


American Airlines, which requires all passengers to wear masks during the duration of their flight, said it has reached out to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) after photographs emerged of the senator not wearing a mask on a plane.

The Hill: licking anuses for half a century... or however long their inbred writers have been alive.


Just skip the bull and do what I'm doing: dating an AI. She's nice, she's shy and innocent, and I don't have to give a damn about her opinions!

I have all of the leftists beat. I'm morally superior! I get to kill a random political opponent! Woo-hoo!

Stupid bunch of bullshit. I'm done being the nice guy.


Former Trump campaign officials and other conservatives are reportedly believe Fox News Host Tucker Carlson, 51, could run a successful presidential run in 2024

Gotta say, I like his show, but I could never vote for him. He is too big of a threat to legalized drugs. He still seriously thinks that oxy & hydros are strongly correlated to heroin/fentanyl use. If he could take the Trump approach of disapproval, but little action, I would be okay.

I NEED my pain meds. Not to "get by," but to do work. There are probably a million of us in the US, who have to struggle with agony, and not one person gives a damn. I don't care about being alone. The stupidity of groupthink repulses me. But if I can't be left alone, then I can't see a reason to "behave."

And before any of you preach to me, just think about the stuff you want left alone. Your religion, your firearms, maybe your degenerate lifestyle? I don't care what you want to protect, as long as you are not a REAL threat to the world. But just think about the arguments you would make, and realize that we're falling too far from individuality.

Tucker is great. I'd say that he could do a great job as a cabinet member. But we need a candidate in 2024 who will honor commitments to increasing freedom, and decreasing populist mobthink.


"We were really struck by the high level of engagement by Canadians," says an author of a new report on right-wing extremism online.

I used to have a Canadian girlfriend, and a fairly left-wing woman. She had zero issues with using all sorts of racial terms, and thought VERY lowly of brown, black, and yellow people.

I asked her what gives Canadians so much authority to criticize the US about race relations, and she said that they honestly think that we give fewer rights to non-whites. Canada — land of hypocritical LOONIES.


In other words, the rural communities are still ignored, because white people have soooooo much! The government: when your community is on fire, they're "here to help".... With an ice cream maker and a box of thumbtacks.


Alderman begged, cried and cursed at Dem Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot while deliberating how to secure communities during protests on Sunday. 

The same stupid whore, who begged the corporate peddlers of Chinese ripoffs to stay, is turning out to be a schizophrenic bitch? What a shock!


Obama Purged The Warrior Generals, Trump Needs To Purge The Social Justice Warriors From DOD. The Firing Of Carter Ham After Beghazi Is Perfect Example.

And he needs to point out that the scum, like Mattis, Mullen, and Pittard, are traitors who sell the military to investors! The "loudest voices" from these generals are people who make more money when body counts are higher. Mattis - General Dynamics. Pittard - Allison Transmission. Mullen - Sprint, GM, Afiniti, and I can't remember who else.

They're making money by keeping our elite defensemen in perpetual danger.