Kick them the hell out and rip their fence down. In that preferred order, of course.


Civil liberties groups have warned use of terms such as ‘Chinese virus’ can inspire racism against Asian Americans

I prefer CCP virus. Says it all. But, as the President says, there's 20 different things you can call it. The technical term is used to distance the origin and responsibility that lies with the communist chinese government. I think we all know this.


Difficulties in obtaining identification mean large numbers of potential voters are vulnerable to disenfranchisement

Then check both boxes, idiot!

The only "barrier to voting" is your IQ.


ABC News says Trump expected to file suit seeking injunction against The Room Where It Happened, due for publication next week

"Bolton has already recorded an interview with the ABC anchor Martha Raddatz, which is due to be broadcast on Sunday night."

A two-fer. You get a traitor and a liar, all in one.

If one iota of classified information goes out in that interview, both should be behind bars before the next sunrise!


Tory government must act as exports are prohibited if used for internal repression, says Emily Thornberry

So much to say. Best to let this one speak for herself.


The president suggested the US could use troops against Americans – true to the instincts of a man surrounded by sycophants

David Smith in America should be deported. Let David Smith write such histrionic garbage from London.

As for worrying over fascism, the Guardian pot seems to be calling the kettle black.


Donald Trump and Mike Pence witness launch in Florida; first attempt was cancelled minutes from blast-off

"Some analysts, see Trump as seeking to exploit space programs set in motion before his presidency for political gain, channeling a message of US global supremacy even amid a pandemic to which his response has been roundly criticized."

The alleged media company "the guardian" could not manage to get through a decent, uplifting report without taking a swipe at President Trump. They call this "quality journalism".



US will end special trade relations with Hong Kong, which could seriously impact the territory’s economy

“We must strengthen our fighting spirit, be daring to fight and be good at fighting, and use fighting to promote stability.”

You will need batons against batons, chemicals against chemicals, and guns against guns. You must be motivated enough to defend yourselves and to fight for liberty.

You must defeat the CCP now. While you wait, the options diminish.


"The drug is to be made available to carefully selected NHS patients "

Who selects? Not the patient, of course, but some hack who is somehow permitted life/death decision power.

The new abnormal.


Abortion: "Choice" Medical Treatment: "Mandatory"