US will end special trade relations with Hong Kong, which could seriously impact the territory’s economy

“We must strengthen our fighting spirit, be daring to fight and be good at fighting, and use fighting to promote stability.”

You will need batons against batons, chemicals against chemicals, and guns against guns. You must be motivated enough to defend yourselves and to fight for liberty.

You must defeat the CCP now. While you wait, the options diminish.



"The drug is to be made available to carefully selected NHS patients "

Who selects? Not the patient, of course, but some hack who is somehow permitted life/death decision power.

The new abnormal.


Abortion: "Choice" Medical Treatment: "Mandatory"


Lab director says Trump claims virus escaped ‘pure fabrication’; fears of US second wave as states relax restrictions for start of summer

Begin reading. "Wuhan lab says.." Stop reading.



WEST BOYLSTON – A doctor who serves on the town's Board of Health is requesting selectmen take action after Police Chief Dennis Minnich Sr. sent an email that appears to threaten health officials looking to enforce Gov. Charlie Baker’s COVID-19 business restrictions with the specter of arrest. “I am absolutely incensed by this email and believe that Mr. Minnich should be dismissed from the West Boylston police Department,” Dr. John Sullivan wrote in an email to Town

A Patriot in (of all places!) massachusetts!



God bless Taiwan! A small island of hope who faces a force of evil that eclipses that of the Third Reich. May Taiwan help send the Chinese Communist Party straight to hell.


Development of missile comes as US president’s rhetoric has fueled fears of a new nuclear arms race

The Communists at the UK Guardian, not only carrying water for the CCP, but pumping it at a steady rate, missed the Presidents additional bit of dialog with General Millie near the end of the event. "The General is working on a very special project.. a very special project".

So here's a wink and a nod to Chairman Xi.

Soon, the Guardian will have even more to bitch about.


I LOVE our law enforcement. So this should not be taken as a slam against them. What I find revolting is the weaponization of law enforcement by political hacks and tyrants against our Constitution and human freedoms.

Watching this, I can see multiple opportunities where these two officers very well could have placed the citizen in protective custody. That they backed down means these decent law enforcement officers totally get it.

(Caution: effective language).


The US president spent Mother’s Day diving into the rightwing fever swamps and unleashing a barrage of tweets and retweets assailing his predecessor

"What is Donald Trumps latest conspiracy theory", headlines the FAKERS at the Guardian.

Answer: you mean, the one documented in all those official DOJ notes, emails and text messages?



"In some states, nursing homes have accounted for a majority of Covid-19 deaths as facilities scrambled to adapt."

Adapt what? Your narrative?

The solution is basic infection control which all the experts can read about, ad nauseum - in any elementary medical text.

Test everyone (including staff), quarantine the sick (no exceptions), trace contacts, and mitigate

Some governors, like RINO Baker in Massachusetts, failed miserably. Others, like Sununu of New Hampshire, did it by the book, and saved a lot of lives.