In the middle of the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia, scientists and Indigenous rangers are working side by side to take care of the land. But even in such a remote place climate change's effects are being felt on bush medicine and native animals.

Aborigines AND climate change in one article! The ABC's editors nipples must have been so hard.


Rana Elasmar, who is 38 weeks pregnant, says she fears for the world our children will grow up in after being set upon in a Parramatta cafe in what police suspect was a racially motivated attack.

hey ABC... if this had been a christian woman would the word 'christian' have made the headline? Isn't it illegal to discriminate against religion? The national broadcaster is obliged to treat all religions equally...

What happened?


Meg Lanning didn't have any female cricket player role models growing up, but now millions of young girls look up to her.

When you haven't bothered to do any actual journalism, one may default to articles about women in sports. This particular story is purely because of the sex of the individual.

Defund the ABC.

Reading the articles is like reading a school newspaper - they are emotionally driven, poorly worded and (not dumbed down, it just seems the authors are not that bright) We should not have to pay for this crappy journalism.


After coming up with a business idea that earned her more than a career in science, Sarah Andrews can't see why anybody would work these days.

THIS is a top story? WTF?

This is not journalism. It certainly is click bait.

Defund the ABC


Talk about children is common and usually easy, but for us it requires a never-ending decision where all the options are draining, write Natasha and Liss, the parents of a non-binary child.

My forced taxation has paid for an article designed to normalize the absolute MENTAL ILLNESS that is transitioning the sex of children.

ABC staff you have just crossed the line. This is utterly disgusting, although not surprising when acknowledging the amount of gay staff at the gAyBC.

I genuinely hope you meet with a tragic accident. This is just disgraceful.


Good riddance you POS.

Awful awful station and radio show.


NT Police reject pleas to remove armed officers from remote communities in the wake of the death of 19-year-old Kumanjayi Walker, who was shot by police in Yuendumu.

I thought guns were already band in Australia...

Oh wait a minute... that ban is hypocritical - ie - different rules for different people.

Only cops can have the guns. That would be fine, except I know so many crooked, bribe taking and yes also rapist cops, that this law creates a divide.


Most of us reach for the car keys every day, but could you ditch the car to make way for your bike for 365 days? Meet the Grade One teacher who plans to survive a year without using a motor vehicle.

How is this newsworthy?

The journalist obviously has a first or second degree of separation from this individual, and decided that writing about it is good enough, (since anything for the ABC is good enough - they never have to earn anything.)


Fires are now exceeding all known firefighting technologies but what can be done to stop them? It's a simple question with an incredibly complex answer and climate change is part of it, writes David Bowman.

Remember when journalism had integrity? remember siting sources?

WTF happened.

The ABC has become a very consistent source of disappointment.

This would be funny, except we must pay for this 'service' - or go to gaol.


What do Kalgoorlie, Tennant Creek, Mount Gambier, Dubbo, Mount Isa and Logan have in common? They're all in the running to be crowned Australia's S**t Town of the Year.

What do Kalgoorlie, Tennant Creek, Mount Gambier, Dubbo, Mount Isa and Logan have in common?

A high indigenous population. Next question.

Only a co-incidence. Move along.