UK Royals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are imploring Americans to vote in the upcoming election, and that while people claim every presidential election is "the most important" of their lifetime, this one actually is, adding that voters must reject "hate speech" and "misinformation."

Mongrel Race Degenerate and Her Degenerate Inbred Hubby Prove that DNA Matters

Mannish-faced Meghan Markle and her inbred hubby reveal that DNA matters. They are the poster faces for degeneracy of the 21st Century, little different than the the super-rich, talentless #Kardashians, #ParisHilton, and so.

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The Department of Justice will submit a proposal to Congress that would curb big tech's legal immunity. | Tech

If a Firm Blocks Content, Puts Up Fact-Checked Notices Saying Content is False or Suspends Users, that Firm is Engaging in Editorial Action and Must be Treated as a Publisher

For laws and regulations to work, such things need to be clear-cut, black and white, applicable to all, equally.

Facebook is a publisher. It is not an ISP. An ISP sells bandwidth. A publisher puts for content whether text, video, audio, graphics or pictures.

Facebook users are writers. Facebook is a publisher. Facebook sells publishing accounts and a slew of tools in exchange for created content.

Enough of the lies and fear of competition faggotry that makes people engage in weaseling over the law. #Twitter is a publisher. #Facebook is a publisher.

Social media is publishing media the same as magazines, newspapers, etc. There is no substantive difference among publishing media. Publishing media provides carriers of content and earns revenue from advertising and advertising-related services, e.g., mailing lists of customers.

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Dr. Jill Biden’s first husband spoke up this week publicly for the first time in decades, announcing he is voting for President Donald Trump.

Jill Biden, Whore, Nay, Fucking Whore

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Mitch McConnell debunked the “myth” that there is not sufficient time to examine and confirm a SCOTUS nominee prior to the election.

Regardless of What Many Say, Mitch McConnell is the Preeminent Politician of Our Times

No one outfoxes the wily #MitchMcConnell. Historians should record McConnell as one of the deft politicians of congressional history and particularly the #USSenate.

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Ilhan Omar says she constantly has to "deal with the hate of anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-Blackness, but also with sexism" in the U.S.

I Hate Ilhan Omar Because I am Anti-Stupid

If she were not from a #Somali immigrant enclave in #Minnesota, she would not be a member of the #HouseOfRepresentatives. She is there strictly because of #racism. Her Somali clan are racists.

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Sharp Woman Shreds the World Economic Forum Globalists

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John Gritt (@[email protected]): “Shallow - #MikeConleyBand #PopRock #Music2000s 00 Shallow_by_Mike_Conley_Band.…”

Check Out This MP3 Song I Uploaded to FSE Only Now

Yep #FreeSpeechExtreme lets you upload MP3s like songs, podcasts,whatever.


loading... is home-rolled., which is owned by the same guy, Derek, is Pleroma-based.


John Gritt on Gab: 'Wow Check Out This Site, Seriously. It is Everything Torba Wishes Gab Would Be But Unlike Gab, Everything There 100% Works. Service / URL Clone of ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- News = [ Drudge but better ] TV = [ Netflix ] Video = [ YouTube / Bitchute ] Meeting = [ Zoom - video conferencing ] Social = [Twitter ] Store = [not a clone, a swag shop of merch] Oh and itself is an anonymous search engine. It works. Gorf search lets you search for sites, images, videos, and news. It even has a Google / Bing map clone. I might start using it instead of duck duck go. runs on Pleroma so it is rock solid. It will on the Fediverse so you will have access to 4 million potential friends. The Gorf family of Internet services comes from the same guy who created, a social network / microblogging service for #Christians. Derek the owner tells me he put all of this together for a mere $2,000 in donations and himself working two jobs. Derek is a real entrepreneur and not a grifter. Compare Derek's fantastic and all of his related sites to our Torba and his Torba took $2.4 million from people in exchange for worthless stock for a firm with no revenues, increasing expenses and nothing that works, only promises of TV and promises of video hosting and promises of a working microblogging site that never works. I asked Derek further about his claim to defend free speech by point blank asking about mean words and he said, "The only thing we don’t allow is nudity. Other than that just the basics - doxxing, threats, spam…" Derek said to me, "We have some big things coming by end of the year I can’t say yet. " Unlike Torba when #Torba says that, I believe Derek. Derek has the tangible proof. He has built and entire one-stop Internet service that works. I like Gabbers truly. I have strong friendships that I have made through Gab. But I ask if Gab is going to make it to 2021. Torba could not do with $2.4 million, that is MILLION, that is a lot of cash, what one guy Derek did with a few thousand dollars and a bunch of sweat equity. Today, picture uploading stopped working on Gab. That is yet another thing that has stopped working, like endless scrolling, notifications, followers and following management and who knows what else. Seriously Gabbers, Derek has for free to you, video hosting, video conference, video streaming plus a way better Gab, and a search engine, and a news headlines service. For what are you waiting?! There is a better social free speech experience right now! #GabWoes #IsGabDying #GabIsDying #Gorf #BetterSocial #Fediverse'

Here it Is! Here is My Big Write-Up on / for You!

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EXCLUSIVE: Vile extremist rants on US-based website Gab heap fresh torment on royal couple

Andrew Torba Lives in Pennsylvania Now

Yet it is interesting the Mirror called him a millionaire. Well, he did raise $2.4 million to fund Gab, only for Gab to run like he paid two dollars and ninety-nine cents for it.

#IsGabDying #GabWoes #GetOnGabOrGetOffGab?