Leftist actor Samuel L. Jackson attacked Jon Voight, saying "F**k John Voight" in reaction to the Oscar-winner's comments in which he said Joe Biden is falsely declaring victory in the presidential election.

Jackson: Ugly, utterly talentless Race Pig.

Elevated only because of his melanin by self-hating JEWlywood.


CNN anchor John Berman trolled President Donald Trump over his now 8-day public silence, telling viewers "It's 6:05 AM here in the East, do you know where your president is?"

Annnnd, yet ANOTHER mouthy, anti-American, utterly talentless, cowardly [[[Berman]]].

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2020-37-Fr 07:37:06 pm

Annnnd, yet ANOTHER mouthy, anti-American, utterly talentless, cowardly .


Former President Barack Obama ripped President Donald Trump in his new book, accusing Trump of exploiting race to appeal to "millions of Americans spooked by a Black man in the White House."

What hate-filled Marxist jew actually wrote this piece of shit?


The Department of Justice is indulging Trump's fantasy that he won the election and it's being stolen from him via voter fraud.

Reams of primary source, audio/video, cryptographic and mathematical evidence, versus the mouthy ignorant Fags at Vice.

Who to believe???


Speculation abounds as the North Lawn of the White House was extensively dug up days after President Donald Trump lost his reelection bid, and President-elect Joe Biden was declared the winner by most major news organizations.

Jewdialite mispells WON as "Lost"


Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is offering a reward to anyone who can provide evidence of voter fraud that leads to an arrest and conviction.

Go Texas!

Hammer these Marxist bastards.


Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel sent a ‘cease and desist’ letter to Big League Politics about their exclusive content #DetroitLeaks that outlined poll worker training wherein workers were bragging about committing voter fraud in a variety of different ways. The intrepid reporter who broke this story, Shane Trejo, was also one who was a witness…

Jew check:

Yep. Yet ANOTHER controlling, arrogant Hebrew.


We are being more intentional about the type of communities Black families need to create so we don't get killed in the streets and so that we can empower our children and the next generation of

No Racism?

So no Blacks allowed? Among the biggest whiny racists on the planet.


Bill Maher on Friday night urged unity, regardless of who wins the election on Tuesday. He said Americans should not see themselves as 'mortal enemies' - rather as 'roommates from hell'.

Fuck off ugly, talentless mouthy Jew.


Kamala Harris told voters in Tucson, Arizona, that she and Joe Biden were fighting for a "long-overdue reckoning on racial injustice in America."


Start with eliminating anti-white male NigFirmative Action, ignorant Baboon.