Watching kids and future conservative politicians?

This is how an Alpha Male, and consummately honest and sincere MAN, goes about business.

Pure Masculinity. Toxic? all forms of evil. Across the Board.


Business minister Nadhim Zahawi showed his support for firms who continue to trade, calling for damage to the UK economy to be 'minimised' and dismissing 'unfair criticism' of bosses.

Good Man!


Former White House photographer Pete Souza took a shot at President Trump on Friday when he dubbed New York Governor Andrew Cuomo "acting president" during the nation's coronavirus outbreak.

Who's this mouthy Fag, and FuckWhy does his opinion matter than the guys who hang off the back of any random garbage truck?


Michael Rapaport demanded President Trump encourage his children, including 14-year-old Barron, to leave home and potentially expose themselves to the Chinese coronavirus.

Rapaport Faggot: "Give me a role Jew Masters...any role..."


Just after midnight on Friday, folk and rock legend Bob Dylan released his first new song in eight years, a 17-minute epic track about the JFK assassination.

GAB filter is strong on the ikeKay word.

Its like a PRIORITY or something

Know your masters


Travel bans on China, Iran, and Europe are the most popular policy initiatives Trump has taken to fighting the Chinese coronavirus.


(P)Jew Polls always lie.


Everyone I know is sick of the Media lies concerning this grossly overhyped bullshit.


Andrew Cuomo on Thursday said that quarantining everyone together in New York City was probably not the best pubic health strategy.

IOW: "Trump is my Daddy"


A professor at Columbia University is calling on her fellow professors to give their students an "automatic A" for the spring 2020 semester due to the Wuhan coronavirus. According to professor Jenny Davidson, "it's time to abandon our preconceived ideas about what needs to happen in a college class for a student to get credit for it."

Why don't you abandon your preconceived notions of a salary, tenure and pension, worthless Commie Cunt?


The president will be on hand at the Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia to see the USNS Comfort off.

I'll bet President Trump actually DOES kiss this marvelous vessel as it departs up to NYC.

Great story of American CAN DO.


New York, Hawaii and North Carolina have issued an urgent request to FEMA for emergency mortuary assistance...

"bodies pile up"

My. Ass.

Fuck you JewMedia.