Kaepernick took to Twitter to share the powerful rejection, along with a video of actor James Earl Jones reciting Frederick Douglass's renowned speech 'What to the Slave Is the 4th of July?'

The White Race is supreme. Across the Board.

Prove me Wrong.


Beyoncé is set to release a visual album, "Black is King," on Disney Plus. The visual album, which is based on music from last year's “The Lion King: The Gift,” will debut on July 31.

King of exactly what, Apette.

Be specific.


Vice President Mike Pence said at a press conference that he strongly recommends people wear face masks while the coronavirus pandemic remains an American


Won't slow or prevent. Like stopping insects with a fence.

Dammit Pence, don't fall into this Globalist propaganda/epidemiological trap.


A rise in COVID-19 cases was reported in a staggering 36 states, including Florida, which some experts are tipping to become the next epicentre, after 8.5k new cases Sunday.

No fears here, among ANYONE I know.

Fuck off JewMedia.


Former Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday that he would compel Americans to wear masks in public if elected president.

No he won't.

This ridiculous Virus Hoax will magically disappear after the election.

The odious, fucking Communists politicians driving this bullshit attack on Americans should be hung.


St. Louis rapper Huey was shot and killed Thursday night in Missouri.

"Missouri".... Ha.

Fucking smug, coastal ignoramuses know NOTHING about the Midwest.

I live in suburban St. Louis, which is among the safest areas in the world, rural Missouri even more so.

The nearly invariable Nig killling fields are ridiculously small areas of urban St. Louis and Kansas City.

"Missouri" Hahahaha.


America was founded upon genocide, slavery, and theft, said Hollywood director and actor Spike Lee in a recent interview with Joe Madison on his radio show.

America was built on the ingenuity, intelligence, ambition and plain hard work of CHRISTIAN WHITE MALES, you ignorant Spider Monkey, RacePig, Piece of Shit.

Underlying this, and of fundamental importance, was the intact nuclear family unit, nurtured by quality, supportive females in their ESSENTIAL role.


White Eastern Europe is the fallback plan, if my rural property somehow is overrun by a Leftist Trash. totalitarian. anti-white government, and their enabled violent Apes.


'Civil War' documentary filmmaker Ken Burns says Confederate statues should fall: 'They're an attempt to rewrite history' by white supremacists

This Black ass kissing, cowardly Wimp again?

Ruined his history of baseball by pandering to, and over covering, the markedly inferior Negro Leagues, and doesn't even understand the basics of history specific context.

Typical ignorant Leftist Turd who wants to superimpose today's (often inferior) cultural values , on a vastly different American society from over 150 years ago.


Four authors resigned from the literary agency that represents JK Rowling in the hopes of convincing the agency to blacklist Rowling.

Because ruining her original masterpiece by needlessly virtue signaling that Dumbledore was a Faggot, just wasn't enough.....