A survey by the Office for National Statistics suggests fewer than 0.05% of the population has the virus.

And yet we still have to be muzzled to go into a shop.


By George? Not anymore thanks to the 25 titles in the newly released Reclaim Her Name library.

I'm sure she'll be absolutely delighted!


Elite British sportswomen speak out about "horrific abuse" on social media, telling a BBC Sport survey about constant comments they receive.

Professional victims.


Things I learned from this article:

1: Yes, someone/thing that shit won an award. Get used to it, 99% of tv is atrocious these days; there's plenty more where that came from.

2: Apart from a couple of exceptions, I don't know who any of these supposed 'stars' are.

3: Award shows for 'artists' are an aberration.

4: This is the state of modern 'journalism' at the BBC.


A national food strategy calls for wider access to free school meals and warns of misleading labels.

Anyone want to make a guess as to how long it will be before they just outright ban certain types of food? 5 years? 10 years? 20? It will happen, sooner or later.


Measures to cut obesity are yet to be finalised but could include a ban on junk food TV ads before 21:00.

Oh look, more social engineering from the 'Conservative' party.


The social media site says it is taking action to limit behaviour that could lead to "offline harm".

Twitter said it hoped the action would help to prevent "offline harm".

What 'offline harm'? Or is this another case of pre-crime premonitions that social media outlets seem so adept at these days?


The Rwandan refugee, who was responsible for closing the building, is released without charge.

Wow, what a fucking surprise!


Prosecutors say three fires were started at the site, and are treating the blaze as a criminal act.

This is only going to become more common.


Nearly every country will see their populations fall as the world has fewer babies.

In many ways, falling fertility rates are a success story.

The end of entire ethnicities and possibly even the whole human species = 'a success story' to the BBC.