Staff complaining of racism have been paid off to "buy their silence", the BBC is told.

the Church's former adviser on race relations

21st Century CoE summed up.


Poldark actor Aidan Turner is playing Leonardo da Vinci in a new historical drama.

Poldark actor Aidan Turner has said he is "glad" that a new historical drama about Leonardo da Vinci reflects the artist's sexuality.

Some historians have argued he was gay or bi sexual.

Left without comment.


Anti-discrimination charity Kick It Out says it would back a Premier League-wide boycott of social media in protest at online racist abuse.

"Reporting of online racist abuse 'spiralling out of control' says anti-bullying charity"


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"Online reporting racist abuse 'spiralling out of control' says anti-bullying charity"


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"Online reporting of racist abuse 'spiralling out of control' says anti-bullying charity"



The testimony at the trial of Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis contradicts the defence's argument.

Notice the BBC don't report or promote any of the evidence for the defence, but it seems that every day now they have articles hyping up the prosecuting arguments. Your mask has very clearly slipped on this one BBC.


The climate campaigner is concerned about the impact of Covid on attendance at the Glasgow summit.

If I wanted to seek the opinion of an autistic teenager I would go on reddit, thanks BBC.


Using the Body Mass Index to measure health inspires stigma and should be scrapped, MPs say.

'Why doesn't the whole world revolve around me and my very specific set of circumstances?'


Elayne Stanley was mauled by two American bulldogs following an argument at her home, an inquest hears.

There are no differences between breeds of dogs. All dogs are equal. This could have just as easily happened with a chihuahua or golden retriever.


The actress has previously been known as Thandie, an anglicised version of her name.

The actress, whose full name is Melanie Thandiwe Newton

So why isn't she reverting to her actual name of 'Melanie'? Not 'exotic' enough?


Egypt's pioneering ship captain has been targeted over false rumours about her role in the incident.

'Women most affected'...


A couple visiting the South Korean gallery painted over the piece thinking it was participatory art.

Nothing of value was lost.