The BBC says it "is no longer cost-effective" to keep The Victoria Derbyshire Show on air.

You can tell the feminists that run the BBC news room are really angry about this show being axed. This is now day 2, front page news.

I can almost taste those delicious, salty tears.


Victoria Derbyshire addresses the news that her TV show is coming off air, saying "we're still here".

Good riddance!


Precautionary measures will apply to flights from Wuhan to Heathrow, the government says.

But isn't diversity our strength?


Gail Porter's mental health is the focus of a new BBC documentary as she retraces significant moments in her career.

I see her story has changed, probably to fall in line with modern twitter narratives so she can get those victim bucks.

I remember years ago that she said she was really pleased she did those photoshoots because it encapsulated her beauty as a youth, and that when she got older she could look back and reminisce. She also used to say that she developed mental illness because her husband left her (maybe had an affair, cant remember), and that's when her hair started to fall out.

In other words, you can't believe a bloody word these people say.

I did forget about those pictures though tbh, so I think I shall go and exercise my rights to misogynistically gawp at them, while we are still allowed.


The case filed in the US Virgin Islands says the late financier molested girls as young as 12.

Epstein, who died in prison in August 2019

Clearly, even the BBC don't think he killed himself. If even the BBC aren't dumb enough to fall for the official story then you know just how ridiculous the official story is!


At 18, Liang Jun became China's first female tractor driver - and eventually a national icon.

Meanwhile, Britain still awaits their first female tractor driver. Who will be the first to leave the comfort of the HR department office?


The pop star will record the title track for the new Bond film, No Time To Die.

Seems very apt considering it's probably going to be a steaming pile of shit of a film.


The philosopher, who died from cancer, is hailed as "the greatest conservative of our age".

A very sad day. He was someone I looked up to with great admiration (something almost impossible to say these days), and his absence will leave a huge hole in the political, moral and cultural discourse. A true intellectual and a great thinker of our time. RIP Mr. Scruton.

If you have not read his works then I implore you to do so.


BBC presenter Samira Ahmed won a pay dispute, but what is equal pay?

If women are being paid more, that's called a negative pay gap.

This tells you everything you need to know about the worldview of feminists.


He implied that he saved Ethiopia from war but Ethiopia's leader received the peace prize instead.

If warmonger Obama can get a Nobel peace prize, why is the idea of Trump getting one so abhorrent to the BBC?