Samantha Ford, who killed 23-month-old Jake and Chloe, is detained in a psychiatric hospital.

10 years? 10 years?! Probably out in 5. Is that all?!

oh sorry, I forgot, she's a middle class woman so gets special treatment. I always forget about that. Silly me!


Raheem Sterling has enjoyed a stellar 2019 so far, but what does he need to do to take his game to the level of the world's best?

Oh look, the daily article on this overpaid footballer - the new media darling. I think we all know why.

Btw, i still havent heard an explanation as to exactly why having a tattoo of the weapon that murdered your father is a thing; it went completely unquestioned. It really doesnt seem like a normal thing to want tattooed on your body. Genuinely interested if anyone has any idea.


Climate change activist Greta Thunberg will travel to New York on a boat with very few home comforts.

Electricity on the boat will solely come from wind turbines and solar panels, meaning the journey has a zero carbon footprint.

How do you think the boat was made, BBC? I know your heads aren't normally set in the reality of the world and you just believe what makes you feel good, but believe it or not, production of anything, but in particular something has big as a boat, requires massive amounts of carbon to be released into the atmosphere. Not to mention all the (extra) food she is going to eat on the journey.

The only zero carbon footprint journey is the one you take out of this life.


There have been nearly 90,000 comments since Gwent Police posted Jermaine Taylor's picture.

Unbelievable. If the article on the Green Party woman wanting to organise a cabal of hectoring women to stop brexit wasn't enough clown world for one day, we have this absolute gem.


The Walmart store was full of shoppers buying back-to-school supplies at the time of the attack.

Cue weeks of wall-to-wall coverage endlessly poring through his web presence and meticulously detailing the 'white man's' 'fall into the alt-right' and how 'we must put further curbs on free-speech to stop this from happening'.

Meanwhile, the next Islamic terror attack will be treated as a random event by 'a man in his 20's' that came completely out of the blue and definitely, 100% didn't have anything to do with Islam, and will be swiftly forgotten about after a few days of virtue signalling with facebook banners.


Fulham will take the "strongest action possible" after Cyrus Christie says his sister was hit and racially abused by fans.

I think the BBC needs to learn what a plural is. Or is it that if they say it was only one fan then that doesnt quite fit their agenda of fabricating a fake 'racism problem' in society.


Police ruled out a malaria drugs link over Alana Cutland's death, and said she fell into a "crisis".

**The colonel said: "We haven't heard about malaria drugs.

"We investigated but… she had problems. She fell into a crisis - paranoia."

The incident was "not connected with drugs", he added.**

Not malaria drugs but some other type of drug wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.


Peter Gynt actor James McArdle and James McAvoy brand theatre reviewer Quentin Letts "pathetic".

"I don't really have time for Quentin Letts to be perfectly honest with you," the actor said after taking time out of his day to respond to the review.


Writing in Vogue, the duke says so many people "don't understand why they feel the way they do".

They got to him then.


A new dramatisation of the writer's unfinished novel challenges some conventions of TV period drama.

"You know what's missing from this Jane Austen adaptation? A soft porn scene!" said no one ever.

But go ahead, make Austen degenerate as well. I mean, why not? You've done it to everything else.