Perfect opportunity to provide 100 or so homeless veterens with somewhere to live. With their military training, they can be expected to keep it all in good, clean order.

But this wont happen will it, it will be filled with more fake asylum seekers and beggars.


Read Regretful David Cameron says he is 'sorry about the state the country's got into' after EU referendum latest on ITV News. All the Politics, Brexit news

piss off callmedave, you have caused quite enough trouble already now just go away.


“Ireland is heading for a climate change apocalypse come 2050 if we don’t implement massive changes,” warns the Irish Mirror.

how come the irish get 3 more decades, I though we all only had 12 years?.

That kid with no experience in life or politics, AOC, you know, the one that responds to every criticism with "you're a racist" has been saying so for months.


Beto O'Rourke (D) confirmed in an interview that he is in favor of physically tearing down existing sections of the border wall.

OK so in one speech he has said he intends to disarm citizens en mass and remove border security.

Err, you have to wonder to what end is he doing all of this.

A cynic may say that those two steps alone create the conditions for anyone to do whatever they want to America. The cartels will take over the southern border states and there will be nothing to stop them because he wants to abolish ICE as well.

There will be literally nothing to stop anyone who wants to avoid passport control from simply driving across the border.

You must vote wherever this prick shows up and ensure that he never gains any power, the country literally depends on keeping like him out of power.

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2019-39-Su 06:39:20 pm

OK so in one speech he has said he intends to disarm citizens en mass and remove border security.

Err, you have to wonder to what end is he doing all of this.

The truth is, he is trying to get he SJW / sheeple vote and wont do either of these incredibly dangerous, destabalizing and incfedibly stupid things.


Members vote in favour of the policy, which would see the party revoke Article 50 if they took power.

what could be more dangerous than a political party that ignores direct democracy? Fools.


The Tories "misused" the platform when they changed the headline on a BBC News story, the company says.

The sooner the license fee is abolished the better. This pathetic tax payer funded organisation attacks us and our own freedoms, staff's itself with left and far left activists and attacks a sitting government. The same government that it expects to pay for this shitshow.

Cancel your TV license - it can be done online and take less than 2 minutes.

Never give these demanding cunts another penny to meddle in the affairs of our elections and our society again.


Donald Trump confirms he was killed in a counter-terror operation after his death was reported in August.

Good, who's next?


Sam Gyimah was this month effectively expelled from the Conservatives along with 20 of his colleagues.

This is excellent news, the more of these closet socialists that defect the better. By the end of this debacle, we may very well a system where the Tories are right wing, free market capitalists again and the Lib dems can be the socialists and labour can carry on sliding back into obscurity as a result of pursuing marxism and allowing activists to to play at being MP's.

I look forward to seeing a stronger conservative party once all these traitors have left.

Finally we may have somebody serious to vote for again.


Tommy Robinson has been released from Britain's maximum security jail after a nine-week sentence that arose from him filming the faces of rape gang suspects outside of court.

Ha, finally an article about him that does not begin with "far right extemist and founder of the edl".

I would say "let the hysteria begin" but no leftists will be reading breitbart anyway. Google never includes britebart in search results or it's news aggregation service.

Amid last night's noise in the Commons chamber, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson lifted up the microphone in front of him and placed it on top of the despatch...

This is the rabble that are committing treason against the British people.

I like Boris Johnson more and more the more I hear him speak. That rabble on the other side are a national embarrassment