It is thought about a quarter of the grid are uneasy about taking a knee, a sign of support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Fuck Lewis

Trying to blackmail or shame other drivers into wrapping divisive, toxic politics into what should be an apolitical sport. Fuck him.


The UN's humanitarian chief is pleading with leaders to act or face the prospect of millions of Yemeni children starving to death.

Stop breeding

"I have had eleven kids and I can only feed three of them, feel sorry for us." No, sweetheart. I'll not spend 6 cents to feed your kids, but I will spend 6 dollars to sterilise YOU.


Formula 1 is launching a foundation to fund apprenticeships and scholarships to increase diversity in the sport.

Affirmative action

So teams will no longer focus on a person's skillset alone? Great fucking idea. Hire a transgender, one-armed, mixed-race, gender-neutral mechanic for the pit crew and see how 'diversity' helps win races.


Sky Sports News presenter Mike Wedderburn sought to explain to viewers why saying 'white lives matter' is offensive.

Cry me a river

Dickheads like you even think 'all lives matter' is offensive.



Piers is a slimy shitbag of a person who obsesses about race and skin-colour. Your time is ending Piers because you're such a slimy bastard! And may you die in a fucking ditch with rats picking at your corpse. They will eat your smarmy lips first.


Chinese Virus is racist but Spanish Flu is not?

For Christ's sake the media are such worms.


Simeon Francis, 35, died in a cell at Torquay police station in Devon on 20 May this year after a separate arrest.

More race-baiting

Releasing a video showing excessive force, then the line "It was taken 10 months before the father-of-one died in custody." What in the actual fuck, Sky News?


After months of work the UK has ditched the way its current coronavirus-tracing app works. So what went wrong?

Because it was Orwellian and stupid?

And that people by and large weren't retarded enough to surrender such information to the state?


Presenter Gamal Fahnbulleh speaks out ahead of a Sky News special programme on racial inequalities and institutional racism.


"It's not good enough to not be racist." Go fuck yourself you little bitch.


The president apparently ordered forces to fire tear gas at groups of peaceful protesters in order to clear a path to a church.

Why are they even talking to this corrupt has-been?