Contrary to the depiction of Viking raiders in popular culture as mostly fair-haired warriors, many of them were not blond, and their genetic makeup was far more diverse, a new study has revealed.

The Vikings were likely previously Phoenicians, any anthropologist can see this.

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The Scandinavians were likely previously Phoenicians, any anthropologist can see this.


Former California Governor Jerry Brown mocked the idea of leaving California, saying climate change is global and cannot be avoided.

"Where are the California uber alles?"


President Donald Trump's list includes several judges who argued against gay marriage and one who refused to use a transgender defendant’s preferred pronouns.

Enforcers of the law who aren't brainwashed by liberalism, where compassion corrupts.

The absolute horror! Appointed officials who can think critically for themselves!


The notion that the violent protests cropping up in U.S. cities are funded by a secret, shadowy cabal is a myth.

"Conspiracy theorists on all sides of the political spectrum like to imagine that their enemies are financed by some secret puppetmaster but, in general, people who show up to protests are usually not paid actors. People engaged in militant, far-left activism may travel from city to city, and they may be loosely connected with other activists in a semi-organized fashion, but they probably aren't sitting on some secret pile of money."

1- How can non-workers travel interstate so frequently without a pile of money supporting them? 2- Grassroots protestors are human shields, as well as intellectual shields. These protestors are often not the ones engaging in mass destruction of private & public property. The ones who form the backbone or skeleton of these organizations are the ones who engage in violence and destruction, and are the ones who usually get arrested for such. This leads me to counterargument 3; 3- If they aren't being supported in terms of resources and finances, then how do these people always win their legal battles and walk free from their crimes?

"Second, a mandate to monitor and investigate protest groups would give the federal government frightening license to target not just dangerous activists but also mere political opponents of the administration. Open-ended investigations into alleged funding sources—absent any evidence of larger financial crimes—strikes me as exactly the kind of witch hunt that many Republican critics of the deep state purport to oppose when the target is either Trump or a pro-Trump figure. If specific activists are arrested for violence, looting, or rioting, it may be appropriate—on a case by case basis—for law enforcement to ask questions about their specific circumstances. But any open-ended probe would pose a serious concern on civil libertarians grounds."

It's obvious, isn't it? Antifa and Black Lives Matter purposely abuse their "protest" status (and the name anti-fascist) to prevent both criticism and justice. The people who support them by propagating this "protest" status are likely funded by the same people who fund antifa and BLM. To protect them from a magnifying glass by fear-mongering about "witch hunts", when it's just an investigation into the finances of two non-profit organisations who take donations, is disingenuous, and warrants a look at you as well, Leah Millis.

TL;DR Leah Millis from Reuters tells us that we shouldn't investigate the finances of antifa and BLM because the premise is a myth (read: not denying the probability), and that it will open the door for investigating political parties (who should all disclose their funding/donations publicly regardless).


Officials from the town of Danbury, Connecticut, drew a furious reaction from HBO's left-wing late-night house John Oliver, naming their sewage plant "The John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant." 

Ego checked and he took it like a bitch


Kellyanne Conway's daughter Claudia, main, posted a series of tweets on Sunday night. 'I'm officially pushing for emancipation', she wrote, adding 'Buckle up'. Her parents are inset.

The left trying to weaponise children again, this time a 15 year old spoiled brat who complains about her parents on TikTok using the phone & internet they pay monthly for.

Take her phone away. I have family aged 15 that barely understand what life IS, let's not pretend like a 15 year old girl has the Trump administration all figured out.


By Juan Cole / Informed CommentGiven the alarming rise of white nationalism in the United States and the ways in which it is often entangled with Christian

Nobody unironically thinks Jesus Christ was white. We're all very aware he was a devout Jewish man by the name of Yeshua, who was a descendant of King David & King Solomon. He was killed because he was the rightful king of the Jews, and Joseph ben Caiaphas committed a political conspiracy to hold power with the Romans & King Herod. They used propaganda to discredit his spirituality, and used money to corrupt Yeshua's fellow Hebrews into betraying him.

Whoever unironically believes Yeshua of Galilee was white was probably a victim of miseducation or propaganda


Director: Maïmouna Doucouré Producer: Zangro

Why these two haven't been arrested for sexualising children for an adult audience is beyond me. They should be lined up and executed with a singular shot.


While writing his memoirs in lockdown, Kenneth Felts opened up to his daughter about his first love.

At 90, you're cognitively inefficient and are more likely to form complexes based on your experiences from the ages of 10 to 55.

Sounds like he's either convinced himself that the cultural crossroads with fags he's had in the past means he's also gay, or he lied to his wife and the mother of his children for decades and used her to conform.

Either way, this is a sham.


Curvy and Trans. 8.3K likes. Autistic fat positive transgender activist posting about trans issues, fat liberation, my mental health difficulties, makeup...

What a fucking deafening cry for help