China's People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) sent a fleet of 39 aircraft into Taiwan's ADIZ on Sunday.

China has been invading Taiwan's airspace for years... Are you just noticing?!?!


Democrat and former New York official Laura Curran warned the Democrats against groupthink on 'Fox & Friends,' warning it will lead to 'dangerous places.'

If it were only group think, which is hard enough break. This is cult think and that is much worse.


All black Democrat senators walked out of the Mississippi Senate to protest a bill that prohibits teaching children any race is superior or inferior to another.

Can they walk out of the country too?


The Chamber of Commerce is cheering Biden's expansion of a pipeline set to deliver more foreign competition against American professionals.

Beijing Biden fucking Americans again... Who needs foreign enemies with these fucks in charge.


The sickening biographies of over 200 SS women serving at Auschwitz death camp and their 'after work parties' have been published in an effort to show the world that it wasn't just men involved.

We still refuse to see what is right in front of our eyes. Women are the privately brutish humans men can often publicly be. They prefer to keep their activities quiet, in the shadow and background where it is not seen and so is not talked about, but a lot of evil in this world originates from women too. You remember the old Disney cartoons before the princess became so popular? A common female was always the evil step mother, a stereotype that exists for a reason.

Domestic violence is a male issue? Don't look at lesbians to closely... No, it isn't gendered at all and women are often instigators operating under the protection of the state which has an assumption of guilt against men. Sexual deviance? How much of male entertainment is poured into rape fantasies and other violent sexual activities compared to the female driven and consumed entertainment? Behind every male monster people point to, how many of them had a wife or close female partner? I don't really care about the jew angle, but the article is highlighting a valid point about human nature; it isn't just male.


The academics and technocrats who can afford to live in their echo chamber—thanks to taxpayer money—are unlikely to relent.

There are several long running states of emergency in the United States. They do it because it allows them to abuse power without having to achieve it by political means.


Media and activists at the all-female Hollins University in Virginia want to open the doors to those who define themselves as "non-binary."

LMAO!!! I love to watch the radical left eat itself.. You wanted equity... enjoy it.


CNN's Don Lemon railed against unvaccinated people, calling them "idiots," and implored Americans to "start doing things for the greater good of society."

There is no greater good, but lets play this stupid game for a moment.

The following are undisputed, officially published facts.

  1. Between the ages of 0 - 70 yrs old 99.6% of people will survive a rona infection and the vast majority of those infections will be asymptomatic.
  2. From 70 - 80 yrs old it drops to 97% of infections will survive, against the vast majority of them being asymptomatic.
  3. From 80+ yrs old the survival rate drops to 95%
  4. Of the deaths *with the chinese coronavirus, the overwhelming majority of people have 4 - 5 comorbidities and we do not know how much of a factor the rona was, if it has even been established. The vast majority of people that die are extremely old or extremely chronically ill.
  5. Of all recorded chinese coronavirus deaths, only 5% are attributed to dying exclusively from the rona.
  6. The jab does not prevent transmission or infection, which was the whole selling point behind rushing it in the first place.
  7. Wearing masks do not prevent transmission or infection.
  8. We were initially told that more than 2 millions Americans alone would die of the rona IF they followed draconian government actions, and 3 years later we aren't even halfway there with the fallaciously over bloated official numbers.

If we are arguing for "the greater good", then the only sound argument is that government should not be allowed to behave as it has. The draconian actions have ruined economies across the world, caused countless deaths from suicides and lack of medical treatment and institutionalized fascist authoritarianism in once "democratic" states.


Chris Vangellow shared multiple photos of the free lunches his children have been served at school under USDA guidelines.

The "free" lunch everyone gets is shit, but don't you dare bring up relevant rebuttals because some people are poor!!! What a fucking idiot. This is equity in action, the lowest common denominator and this whole bullshit that parents can't send their kids to school without a lunch is bullshit.


Florida’s Department of Health suspended an official after he criticized “irresponsible” workers for not getting a Covid-19 vaccination.

#PureBlood and always will be.