The majority of working class Americans believe the United States has too much overall immigration, a new poll reveals. 

It is not illegals immigrating. It is an invasion and our country should be defended.


Appearing on BBC2's Four Hours at the Capitol tonight, Leah Han, from Washington DC, recalled the terrifying events of the 2020 attack on the Capitol.

Fraud Liar. And the Mafia Princess was behind the staging of what she hoped would turn into a riot. The Princess tried to remove a sitting president. Treason and sedition.

So if they build the scaffold for the hangings, where do they locate those? will these be subscription telecasts? Souvenirs?


The NIH admitted that it did fund gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, contrary to what Fauci said.

Can't Cotton and Paul start charges for lying to Congress? at least get him fired with no future benefits?

[Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), who was mocked for suggesting the coronavirus might have escaped from the Wuhan lab, also weighed in on NIH’s letter, tweeting, “Fauci knew. He should be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”]


Just 41% of the public approve of Biden's handling of the presidency, compared with 52% who disapprove.

Wish they would report real numbers - these are all too high in favor of Biden. And it seems everything he 'suggests' include more demo workers in our system, but ignore and ostracize any midwestern or conservative people. Joey is catering to big ^^piranha^^ pharma and major donors the blue states 'sanctuary' areas and the illegal aliens and the faux Afghanistan refugees.


After a State Department tweet marked “International Pronouns Day” on Wednesday, Republicans blasted the move.

Does this current faux administration even have a slight idea of what their role and responsibilities are as 'elected' officials? Apparently not. Hope someone is writing up the EOs for the next real president to undo all of the damage.

[“This tweet is a perfect representation of the state department’s careerist cadre. All woke theatrics & zero delivery for the American people,” wrote congressional candidate Joe Kent.

“While we spend money on this globalist nonsense China signs port & mineral access deals,” he added.


California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order on Wednesday that, he claims, will address the cargo crisis.

Maybe he should answer why there is a shortage of truck drivers, and trucks.

He must be getting scared his hair jell is on those ships sitting in containers.


Josh Hawley introduced a bill to curb President Joe Biden's supply crisis to "revitalize American manufacturing while securing critical supply chains."

How about nationalize the Ports? Why is any foreign group controlling what happens at the ports? why are they making money off of us?

China has unpaid debts to the USA - seize the port control to pay off those debts. If there is still debt left, we can find something else to take.


A Chinese single mother is detained after pleading with the authorities to investigate her daughter's mysterious death after vaccination.

It is not just the USA covering up the problems with these injections.


In response to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube deplatforming him, President Donald Trump announced a new social media app. 

Thank you Sir! We really need a way to talk to our base and avoid the scum which is out there.


Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry demands JP Morgan Chase avoid polices that restrict/discriminate against 2nd Amendment rights. 

Maybe it is time for the true Americans the Loyal Conservative Right, to establish their own bank for these contracts. That way no leftist gains benefit from our citizens.