Facts matter. Keep publishing the real data not the propaganda.

[It was the end of the clip where Geraldo goes off, though. Bongino rightly points out that there is no data to back up the idea that there is a plague of police officers hunting down and murdering black men. Geraldo then launches into an obscenity-filled tirade about how Bongino is why protesters have the rage they do. Apparently, facts make them outraged?]


The Florida House passed a bill that would prohibit school athletic teams and sports designated for girls and women from admitting males.

Sex is NOT assigned at birth, it is identified. 'Assigned' makes it sound like some kind of random lottery, which is the purpose of that terminology.

NEVER let anyone say this phrase to you without pushing back!

[... the phrase refers to “the sex assigned at birth.”

The legislation states:]


WACO, Texas — Baylor and coach Scott Drew have refused to accept a vehicle wrapped with the school’s national championship logo

Some say Waco, some say Wacko. My cousins are from there. I say Wacko.


Actress Hayley Hasselhoff says she is proud of herself after becoming the first ever plus-size model to be on the cover of Playboy Germany.

If she's so proud why is her left breast photoshopped? It's clear in this picture.


MSNBC anchor Joy Reid on Wednesday's "The ReidOut" accused former president Donald Trump of inciting "violent white extremism" and likened it to the way Osama Bin Laden did with the Islamic terrorist organization al-Qaeda. | Clips

You wanna talk about inciting violence?



New York Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik hauled in over $1.2 million leaving her with over $2.5 million cash on hand.

Gee wonder why their fundraising is going thru the roof? Naw, just a response to the dem(on)crats in DC. Way ta go!

[Notably, Congressional Republicans have has huge success fundraising this last quarter. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) announced a record haul of campaign contributions Thursday night, showing he raised over $27 million. As well as the House GOP whip Steve Scalise pulled in record fundraising hauls sans corporations.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) also reported their massive fundraising numbers Thursday, showing they raised $33.7 million in the first three months of the year as they gear up to take back the majority.]


Republican Rep. Julia Letlow (R-LA) was sworn-in, Wednesday as a Member of Congress, shrinking the Democrats already slim majority.

Like the little kid at the bottom of the picture. His 'And HERE SHE IS!' expression couldn't be planned better.

Also like that no one is looking at Nancy, or paying attention to her.



Suspect that some Iranians are tired of their BS violent repressive government and are part of the resistance movement.


Monty Python veteran John Cleese is mocking fellow actor Hank Azaria over his apology for voicing the role of Apu on Fox's "The Simpsons." In a sarcastic gesture, Cleese offered his own apology for making fun of "white English people" in numerous "Monty Python" sketches.

Thought the problem was 'racial stereotyping'. Even tho Apu was the kindest, most intelligent, patient character on the show. But no one is rioting over Wiggums, the pig-bodied Irish cop. Guess that isn't racist. Or Barney, the beer guzzling irishman who can sing like the best of the sod when it hits him. No, let's not be racist nor unsympathetic to a guy with an addiction.

And why are there no yellow skinned people playing the Simpson voices? And why is a woman doing the voice of a boy? That's sexist.

You wanna play 'woke' then we will pull out all of the stops. Fix it all or maybe the Irish and males should start lawsuits against the show for racism, sexism, and a lack of blue haired and yellow skinned actors.


Tuesday on FNC's "Hannity," Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) pushed back against President Joe Biden's criticism of state legislatures taking action to shore up their election system. Those have been criticized as racist. | Clips

And what about statements regarding 'sending his kids to the jungle'? or 'You ain't black?' or 'blacks don't know how to use the internet'.

Racist and kkk member.