One in three Republican voters (32%) in a new Pew national poll say that Donald Trump "probably" or "definitely" did something illegal either while running for president or during his first three years in office.

Oh gimme a break. Total mirror-universe clown world here.

1: You don't remove someone from office merely because you THINK they did something.

You need to be able to PROVE it.

And these asshats talk about partisanship.

This whole impeachment fiasco is the most nakedly partisan maneuver I think I've ever seen.


We asked Hannah Gadsby, the truth-telling voice behind stand-up specials Nanette and Douglas (out on Netflix in 2020), what she'd like to see more men understand—and do.

Why should I be ladylike? I'm not a lady. This constant push to make the sexes "interchangeable" is, at best, psychological abuse.


NEVER underestimate The Princess. Unless you want your ass blaster-ed off!


If you cannot trust FB with free speech, protected speech or POV... (Hint: YOU CANNOT!) Then you should NEVER...EVER trust them with a single solitary cent of your money.

Because, at that point, it gives them yet another handle with which to control you.


"Authoritative Voices" "Trusted Creators" This is mealy-mouth fucktwaddle for "Big Media". Basically, they're going to ditch all the creators that actually made them the dominant force in this market. All that'll be left are pointless little nothings who align with their coastal elite ideology and Big Media. And they'll do their best to crowd out any competition at all. Gab, SubscribeStar, etc. They'll go after hosts, payment processors, DNS/Domain Name providers. Hell, the fuckers will even doxx and physically attack.

Not because you did something illegal. Not because you did something against their TOS. Not even because you did something that violated a newer version of their TOS. And not because you did/do/will do/say something they don't like.

They'll do it simply because you don't "fit" into their elitists bullshit worldview.

And that goes for the dumbfuck Lefties as well!

YouTube is NOT your "friend". YouTube is NOT your "stooge". You're fooling NOBODY. There is no "moral high ground" to be had here. NONE. And if you're one of the dumbfucks calling for silencing/deplatforming/etc? You better DAMN WELL be prepared to be one of the people silenced/deplatformed too! Because they're coming for EVERYBODY.

If you're a YouTube content creator, do yourself a MASSIVE favor. Start diversifying NOW. Don't wait until they bend you over and impale you.

Get yourself in a position where you DON'T depend on these fuckwads for everything. Multiple platforms for videos, podcasts, donations, merch, etc.

Don't gives ANYONE a singular target to go after to make you "go away".

Hell, this is why Crowder isn't packing up and going home! His silly little "Mug Club" is what pays his bills. Sure, the ad revenue loss sucks. But it didn't kill him. Or even set him back! And he's already sic'ed his lawyer on them. Can YOU do that yet?

Fuck YouTube. Fuck @GayWonk Carlos Maza. And may his entire rock-sucker brigade burn in hell.


A former writer for the conservative website Breitbart, Milo Yiannopoulos was recently banned from Australia after a Facebook post in which he commented on the deadly New Zealand mosque attacks

Incorrect. Milo's appearance at Berkeley didn't "lead" to anything.

You had a bunch of insane protestors who thought nothing of using political violence and ARSON to enact a heckler's veto and get their way.


I disagree with him and I don't like him! Therefore, everyone must silence this guy!

How pathetic this Wilkerson guy is...


The screening of the controversial "Gosnell" is the latest of several recent gestures to anti-abortion activists.

Yet more fake news.

They claim that the Gosnell movie contains graphic content.

It doesn't.

And if they'd actually watched the film, they'd KNOW this.

Either they're lying or they're just blowing smoke on a film they've never seen (also lying).


So, how many decimal places to the right do you think my chances are of getting a reply?


In late February, Captain Marvel was inundated with low ratings on the review-aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes. The movie, which had not yet been released, saw its “want to see score” fall to 28 percent. The reviews were mostly by people criticizing the fact that Marvel’s new superhero is a woman—a “review bomb” that started when […]

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