Jewish blood for Zion Holocaust is term taken from the Hebrew Bible (in the Greek translation), designating the religious sacrifice of animals that are burned completely on an altar. The first holocaust recorded in the Bible is performed by Noah in Genesis 8. In a fit of rage, Yahweh has said to himself: “I shall […]

A fantastic article that explains much of the jewish schizophrenia about the holohaox.

"Sixty thousand wealthy German Zionists were allowed to settle with their fortune in Palestine under the Haavara Agreement, a decisive contribution to the Jewish colonization of Palestine. As Hannah Arendt reminded in 1963, “all leading positions in the Nazi-appointed ‘Reichsvereinigung’ [compulsory organization of all Jews in Nazi Germany, who selected Jews for emigration] were held by Zionists.” This created “a situation in which the non-selected majority of Jews inevitably found themselves confronted with two enemies—the Nazi authorities and the Jewish authorities.” The Zionists and the Nazis were united against the very notion of assimilation and the abomination of intermarriage."


The exceptionally intense 'acqua alta,' or high waters, peaked at six feet as the flood alarm sounded across the Italian city of canals, the tide monitoring centre said.

"The mayor of Venice says the city has suffered damage 'in the hundreds of millions' of pounds after 'apocalyptic' floods which he today blamed on climate change."

This is the moisture that they blocked from reaching California. So instead of putting out the wild fires, the rains cause flooding of Venice and another opportunity to use a photo-op to blame AGW. Its a Win-Win.

I wonder when they will start blaming anti-semitism on global warming?


Though there were no casualties, one of the rockets fired from Gaza hit an intersection south of Tel Aviv on Route 4.

Let the whining and kvetching begin!


A UC Berkeley graduate student and instructor took to Twitter to shame "rural Americans" and those who aren't "pro-city."

The amount of loot that these parasites devour in a life time is phenomenal. Obama's favorite dyke and child rapist Janet Napolitano was until September President of the UC system. Why?

"“The audit found that Napolitano’s office ‘used misleading budgeting practices, provided its employees with generous salaries and atypical benefits, and failed to satisfactorily justify its spending on systemwide initiatives,'” noted Breitbart News reporter Chriss Street."


A complaint filed last week reveals the whistle-blower whose allegations led to the impeachment inquiry into Trump may have broken the law by soliciting more than $227,000 on a GoFundMe page.

You can play this ridiculous finger pointing game for ages, but In the end the only thing that matters is who owns the media.


On Saturday, San Francisco voters elected a new District Attorney, Chesa Boudin, who “wants to free criminals but prosecute police and ICE agents for doing their jobs,” as noted. As Bronson Stocking of noted, Boudin comes by his antipathy for police quite naturally; a Yale graduate, he is the son of Kathy Boudin and David…

Retard vortex


The antisemites threatening us don’t just hate Jews. They hate the idea of multiracial democracy and political equality, says US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

"The antisemites threatening us don’t just hate Jews. They hate the idea of multiracial democracy and political equality"

No, we hate your Jewish values. We hate your porn, we hate your abortion, we hate your jewish usury capitalism, we hate your holocaust lies, we hate your land thievery, we hate your genocidal racial supremacist religion.


Precisely how hot was this Diarrhea? It looks more like slop to me.

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Precisely how hot?

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Look at those creepy peeping Tom eyes!

Here are some Gutfeld spoofs of lying bug eye (((Schiff)))