Joe Biden laid out an extensive foreign policy vision to counter President Donald Trump's "America First" agenda during a speech on Thursday. 

Since he respects no borders he has no door at his manor, no armed guards protecting it and everyone can just walk in to his house and he is unable to throw them out..... RIGHT?

Once again : Fucking hypocrites


Break his fucking company to pieces, he created a social page where the vast majority of people portray themselves as fucking rockstars , where everyone acts like they care for everyone yet in reality none gives a shit about anyone but themselves and the dopamine fix.

Enough with the moron , just break these woke companies apart.


A school that denies common sense and scientific facts in favor of propaganda is not a school it is a leftist indoctrination center.

He is better of expelled from such a facility , you can learn absolutely nothing from authoritarian leftist fascists


Parm Sandhu says she was denied promotion and opportunities on the basis of her race and gender.

when you constantly suck at what ever it is you do and fail time and again , cry racism.

all that racism across the EU and US and yet immigrants (80% + young males) mostly from third world shitholes just keep on coming, so weird!

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when you constantly suck at what ever it is you do and fail time and again , cry racism.


Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi shared a picture of an American flag pie on the Fourth of July, but it came with a loaded political message for President Trump, with "Close the camps" written with dough.

I totally agree with her ... as long as she and all the hollywood / pop stars house all the thousands of immigrants on their huge homes , provide them with food, shelter , amenities and of course healthcare out of their own pockets.

Come on , for FUCKING ONCE put your money where your mouth is and practice what you preach ... JUST ONCE



Former NFL anthem-protester Colin Kaepernick chose Independence Day to post an out of context quote from famed former slave and abolitionist

arrogant , ungrateful , deluded filth.

Where the fuck did you make all these millions for all those great achievements you blessed humanity with meaning = carrying a fucking ball around ?

What was the country that allowed you all that opportunity , all that fame and of course all that fortune ? was it communist fucking china ?

If you and your hypocritical ilk hate it so much : MOVE THE FUCK OUT OF THE US.

Of course you will not do such thing, you are all talk like those Hollywood and pop starts that would leave US if trump was elected but did not , as despite your hate and spite , US has been fucking awesome to all of you

Andy Ngo Antifa Story Goes Viral, Even CNN Covered It, Ngo Raises Over 100k

The so called "anti" FASCIST are cult members, terrorists, deluded , hateful animals that only attack when they outnumber their prey 30 to 1.

They are beyond logic and reason, they can only be dealt with violence as it is the only thing their devolved brain can understand , beating these thugs into submission is the only thing to keep them in check , when a few of them start returning home to their mommy all bloodied up , they will stop , till that happens they will only get more aggressive, just like every bully in history they are tough till they actually meet resistance and get a punch in their face.


The Dalai Lama, who was granted asylum by India in 1959 after he fled the Chinese, said only a 'limited number' of migrants should be allowed to remain in Europe.

Another appropriate title could be :

Dalai Lama uses common sense


That is cause they have no idea of what socialism actually is.

They have this idealistic system in mind (thus why everyone has a different answer when asked what socialism is) that simply does not exist.

All they have to do is take a look at the example all democrats were using for ages , up till the unavoidable disaster that socialism brings) : Venezuela.

Socialism failed 100% of the time, always had always will yet people still want to give it another shot.

The definition of madness is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results


A professor at SUNY Old Westbury wrote in a blog post entitled "Seeing poor white people makes me happy"  that he considered kicking a homeless person in the face because he was a "white boy."

That is because leftists are violent, vile, moronic, hypocritical , racist and intolerant.

It seems that most Professors are nothing sort of indoctrinated , hateful authoritarian fascists.