U.S. Women's soccer player Ashlyn Harris ripped former teammate Jaelene Hinkle, who is a proud Christian, calling her "homophobic."

“Our sport is about inclusivity and uniting people”....unless you’re Christian. No room for you.
“Your problem is your intolerance”....not our intolerance for people who have diff beliefs! Believe what we believe so we can include you!


The Department of Justice will not file federal civil rights charges again NYPD officers involved in the death of Eric Garner five years ago.

Here’s an idea....STOP RESISTING ARREST!!!!!!! Teach your kids that when they are arrested don’t resist. You can’t fight your case in court with a judge. Fighting police isn’t the answer.


A horrifying video appears to show migrants, who have been held in an overcrowded cell for 40 days, begging for help. The video was shared on Saturday by Congressman Jim McGovern.

And? So fucking what


Ocasio-Cortez claimed Trump's remarks in which he called on lawmakers to leave the U.S. are the "hallmark language of white supremacists."

Well he has a point. You represent and vote for policies responsible for the destruction of your home countries.


A recent poll from Public Policy Polling, showed U.S. Women's National Team (USWNT) co-captain Megan Rapinoe defeating President Trump in

Proof polls are bullshit


Nearly every candidate criticized Trump's tweet advising left-wing congresswomen to "go back and help fix the...places from which they came."

The fucking truth! Come from your shithole and try to make this a shithole too! Fuck you!


Sunday on MSNBC's "Weekends With Alex Witt," network host Joy Reid addressed President Donald Trump's tweet asking progressive lawmakers to "go back and | Clips

Sweet wig you racist cunt


Police in Florida said they're looking for a man who was spotted on surveillance video allegedly attacking a hotel owner over a parking spot earlier this year.

Wakanda forever!


A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows tight general election matchups between President Trump and top Democrat candidates.
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HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Oh here we go with the bullshit ass polls again. Stupid fucks never learn.

Trumps losing again 700000000 to 1 behind all the alt left candidates lol

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HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Oh here we go with the bullshit ass polls again. Stupid fucks never learn


Five African migrants have been arrested in Rome after turning a local church into a headquarters for trafficking heroin.