If you want Trump to win a second term you better go out and vote.

Vote-in person!

Check you state's early voting date and vote as early as possible instead of having to wait in line coming closer to election day!


Joe Biden’s proposed gun control policy includes a provision that could require a $200 federal tax on every AR-15 rifle.

If Biden really wants to "tax" and later confiscate AR-15s from freedom-loving Americans he has another coming. A civil war to be sure.

Come and take em loser.


Why is the media NOT talking about the race of the attackers?

Could it be the motive? That the victims are mostly white or Asian?

It is these (seldom) random attacks on people is why conceal carry and self defense is more important now that ever.

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She is only hated to this degree because she was nominated by President Trump.

The polarization is insane and probably beyond redemption for all the things Democrats and their far-leftist cronies rioting, looting, and burning of American cities.


I wouldn't trust the pro-CCP, bought and paid for, WHO and their current leadership on advice to tackle the coronavirus pandemic unleashed by China but Leftists are seriously taking advantage of the lockdowns.

Democrats defying science goes in line with their beliefs that they only like science when it benefits their causes.

During the lockdown people thought is was going to last roughly 15 days, it has been going on for over 200 days and in most places it never ended.

Leftists are now coming out as the authoritarian shills they have been in quite some time.

As for Australia I have one thing to say:

"Give up your guns they said."

Time to dig up your guns Australia.


Keith Olbermann is another symptom of the insanity from the Left. Calling for the "prosecution" of not just pro-Trump officials but eventually ALL conservatives/Republicans individuals and everyone else who don't fall in line with the far-left authoritarian communists.

It is not crazy to stock up on essentials like food and medical supplies and hard to find ammo these days yet most people in my life see it as just another crazy "doomsday prepper".

I fear this election, whether a Trump victory or Biden victory, no one will accept the election results and a civil war type scenario will happen.

In the end it'll be us or them who inherits a divided country.


An Arizona family captured the reaction of their teen daughter on video as carjacked in Mexicy by a group of cartel gunmen.

After everything going on in Mexico for years, who would want to Mexico much less have a beach house there?



On Wednesday night, after the vice-presidential debate between Vice President Mike Pence and California Democrat senator Kamala Harris in which Pence

Since when criticizing a vice-presidential candidate a "disrespect for black women" and Mike Pence displayed "white male supremacy" after Pence pointed out the many lies from Kamala Harris?

Oh right! Left-wing and/or far-left activist celebrities know nothing to debate and instead resort to whining and calling others "bigots" or "racists" whenever they're confronted by facts.


Are the people of Portland really this stupid? To vote a literal communist Antifa to become mayor of Portland?

Yeah. 🙄


If it hasn't been obvious for the past years of constant big tech censorship of dissenting voices and big tech collusion with the democrats (and other left-leaning parties internationally) it is plain to see what is going on.

MSM and big tech are rigging the election against President Trump.

Entertaining unhinged leftist conspiracy theories isn't new considering the debunked "Russian collusion" conspiracy theory but now the leftist media are gone absolutely insane in pushing more conspiracy and claiming it is fact.

Big tech are accepting of leftist conspiracy theories while censoring truth and facts regarding a subject that are antithetical to the narrative. (ex. Covid 19 not as bad as the media paint it to be, survival rate is 95% for people older than 75)

In this coming election it is going to be wild, not in a good way as the deranged far-left will escalate further.

And as always the only way Democrats win is by cheating. "Cheat to win" Democrat motto