Guest post by Larry C. Johnson There is a quiet revolution underway across the United States that signals how the average American is reacting to the Democrat campaign of supporting rioting and chaos in major cities. American citizens are arming themselves to the teeth and this includes many who previously supported gun control measures. If…

There are still build-kits for AR-15s and some gun shops still have some ammo on them. You just have to look hard enough.

Also buy some mags before California residents buy them all up!



Pepsi is one of those American brands that turned over the reins to far left operatives who hate conservative Americans. Earlier this week Pepsi retweeted a video of Tucker Carlson “losing it” when he was corrected on his pronunciation. The liberal media blasted Tucker Carlson for mispronouncing “Kamala” Harris. Of course, Joe Biden did the…

I wish I can boycott Pepsi but since quitting soda consumption over a decade ago my health improved drastically as well as teeth health.

Pepsi hates healthy people making smart decisions as well as hating conservatives.

Anyway the best I can do for this anti-Tucker Carlson campaign is to trend #boycottPepsi.

Hope your marketing department works out for Pepsi on this. 🙄

And also #HorribleHarris.


In March 2019 New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern passed gun-grabbing legislation following a mass shooting at Christchurch mosque. Ardern banned assault rifles and military-style semi-automatic weapons just six days after the Christchurch mosque attacks. New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern put on a headscarf as an act of solidarity after the Christchurch shooting. She wanted…

Give them an inch, they take a mile (and they took several miles against semi-auto firearms).

And they use those miles of distance to house dissidents who refuse to be tested in a medical facility and told not to leave until they're tested.

Jacinda Ardern, media leftist darling, is an authoritarian PM.


Harris in her first speech as Biden's running mate mentioned China zero times while bashing Trump for the coronavirus's toll in the U.S.

I'm convinced she is bought by the Chinese communists but then again it is the Democrats being infiltrated by the far-left ideologues that fall in line with communism. #HorribleHarris

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2020-30-Fr 03:30:18 am

I'm convinced she is bought by the Chinese communists but then again it is the Democrats being infiltrated by the far-left ideologues that fall in line with communism.


His name is Adam... #NoAdamNoPeace is trending in this super chat.

Anyway President Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize bigly.


Codepink, the anti-war organization opposed the new Israel-United Arab Emirates (UAE) peace deal, saying it shored up "apartheid" Israel.

A peace group opposes a peace deal. 😂😂🤣🤣


#HorribleHarris needs to trend.


The situation in democrat-run cities are ensuring that these BLM terrorists continue to give black people a really bad name.

"Looting is their right" is the mantra for 'reparations' as they continue to steal and burn down businesses, and later residence when all the businesses are gone, yet claim victimhood after the fact.

When the police and the courts refuse to arrest and convict what in reality they're raiders eventually in the end the only justice to counter 'social justice' is vigilante or frontier justice.

Wild West style.

As for the business owners whose shops were looted and destroyed and claim they support BLM should reap the consequences for not calling this out.


China and other countries (possible) meddling in US elections via voter fraud, trust in the election will be skewed in the other.

Trump wins Leftists revolt and will engage in a coup. Biden wins and the country is screwed.

Democrats only win is through cheating.

The only ones who'll win is China.


Incoming November there will be chaos.

Chaos the Democrats have created and will pin it on Trump by calling him a fascist if he does anything to the far-left mob to occupy outside the White House.

The Democrats know they're losing, badly b/c of the far-left riots/insurrections and state/local leadership that took advantage of the coronavirus pandemic, so instead of conceding defeat they'll try claiming again of foreign interference and marginalizing "people of color" as described in this video, b/c the Democrats know they cannot survive another 4 years under Trump.

Whatever the case may be be prepared when the Left won't accept defeat, I suspect they won't at all even if Trump wins a major landslide, and they try to either secede states from the Union and/or attempt a violent coup of the White House and other branches of government.

After all, like 2016 has shown everyone, the Democrats are really sore losers.