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Yay! A new AVGN video is up!

What?!!! Chex Quest? A game I enjoyed so fondly as a kid when it first came out and bought Chex cereal for it?!

Pure nostalgia! Never clicked a video so fast in my life on social media!


I think I still have the original CD ROM game at my parent's house somewhere!


Keep voting Democrat, keep the same problems that made California a 'medieval' state.

But the worst problem with California are Californians complaining about taxes and the living conditions there and then move to another state (red state) and vote for the same problems that plagued California in the first place!


The antifascists are the real fascists b/c there are no real fascists to fight out in the streets. But in their delusional minds everyone who isn't part of their tribe is considered a fascists in their communist eyes.

There should be a city swap with Portland and Hong Kong and let the communist and socialists (in fact all far-left activists) experience China firsthand. The American commies will beg for America to take them back.

On the subject of Hong Kong I agree that not many people in America aren't giving as much attention as it should.

Hong Kong Protesters Fly US Flag, Sing Our Anthem, While We Bicker About Chris Cuomo. The current #1 US trend and one of the top worldwide trends is 'fredo' ...

There are signs saying: "We need the Second Amendment"

The protesters believe in liberty and freedom better than the crybaby, millennial leftists demanding authoritarian measures from censorship to disarmament.

The protesters are more American than most Americans. Let that sink in! 🤯

#2a #SecondAmendment


That doxxing campaign by Castro, even though as Tim Pool said it that the donor list is public, was to "shame" the them in their donating to Trump. Don't tell me it wasn't a veiled political threat when you have far-left activists within the Democrat Party who are willing to show up at their homes or businesses to "protest" at their front doors.

As for Andrew Yang "crying" over gun violence and hearing that story about a 4 year old killed, I'm not buying that the tears are genuine and not a publicity stunt. Time after time I saw the left, from politics to media, people like Obama and Maddow have cried on camera using emotion to manipulate people to their "arguments" is all crocodile tears. I've seen it done too many times for me to believe anything they say is genuine and not manipulative. In short I'm not buying to the gun control argument whenever the anti-gunners use emotion to try to win others to their side that'll eventually backfire.

Using technology like biometrics on guns (smart guns) isn't immune to faults like glitching or hacking, rendering this tech moot at best. It is also a defeat for gun rights when the anti-gunners can simply come out and say it is time for confiscation when they know who has the guns.


Jeffrey Epstein - dead, suicide by hanging?

While on suicide watch?

Clinton body count number...?


We know reinstating the assault-weapons ban and the ammunition limit will help end mass shootings, writes Bill Clinton for TIME.

Yeah.. like his assault weapons ban 1994-2004 didn't stop Columbine. 😒

Just enjoy your retirement with Hillary and step off.


There must not be any further restrictions of firearms and access to firearms b/c of the actions of a few madmen and politically motivated terrorists being radicalized by the language of the MSM and big tech social media like twitter that let's things slide whenever a far-left activist like Shawn King praising violence.

I find it ridiculous that single individuals influence an entire country of people to enforce a certain way b/c of outrage and victims' demands for restrictions of rights/liberties. (New Zealand being a prime example for one.)

As with Tim Pool's position on guns and regarding testimony from that firearm's instructor that "it is too easy to obtain firearms" is extremely foolish (it really isn't that easy) in that the anti-gun left will be given an inch in restriction of firearms and firearm rights and take an entire mile via confiscation.

There are no moderate discussions here as the left will take advantage of it and demand more until rights are completely stripped away.

BTW we have already achieved moderation regarding firearms as full-auto weaponry are heavily restricted (grandfathering prior to 1986) and banned (think of the Glock 18) and instituted background checks on firearm purchases including no longer able to order firearms through the mail (that used to be possible until the firearm's act of 1968).

What the anti-gun [authoritarian] left want is the eventual complete dissolution of rights in the Constitution that'll pave the way for socialism/communism with a totalitarian state of government. The language the left speak today echoes totalitarian states like North Korea and the old Soviet Union is very similar and scary.

The people marching for gun control have NO IDEA about the functionality of firearms, let alone the differences of semi-auto firearms and the so-called "assault weapons".

"I don't know where the line is..." regarding the El Paso shooter and a son wishing his mother was armed, I'm pretty sure the guy wielding a rifle and begin shooting would stand out than someone holding a handgun.