The singer says she told Warner Music UK an industry figure had sexually assaulted her.

IF it happened then report it to the police.

Simple! Using the press & social media does not help you or your cause. All it does it make people suspicious of your actions by doing so.


Labour and other parties vow to block mid-October election, as Lords pass anti-no-deal Brexit bill.

Cowards. If you truly believe the British public are behind you then go to the polls for them to show support for your cause.


David Lammy railed against a Government anti-knife campaign in chicken shops, suggesting it plays into racist tropes about black people. 

Is there anything, Lammy won't be offended by?


Trans women often struggle with hair removal, so Siobhan set up her own clinic in Manchester providing electrolysis - the only form of permanent hair removal.

You have to ask yourself when did the BBC change from reporting the news to being a trans activist funded by the British public.

This has to stop


But Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson says others should become caretaker PM, instead of the Labour leader.

Seriously, who cares what Corbyn thinks, it's not going to happen.


Leaving the EU without a deal would be "a betrayal" of the referendum result, the former chancellor warns.

Hammond : demands 'wreck' chance of new deal

People of the UK : Sour puss, grumpy face, sour puss, grumpy face.

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Hammond : demands 'wreck' chance of new deal People of the UK : Sour puss, grumpy face, sour puss, grumpy face.


Tiny animals called tardigrades are thought to have survived a crash-landing on the moon.

Eeek, it's a one eyed trouser snake. RUN!!


Boris Johnson says he will "come down hard on crime" as Labour warns his plans could cause "unrest".

What's the betting that this will branded as racist and {somehow} linked to brexit.


The costs are accruing for security and business rates despite the school being disused since 2017.

Ok, If the school is not needed, change it's purpose. Library, boys club, old age pensioners center.

The choice goes on and on. Serve the community, that is what you are supposed to be doing.


Gynaecologists are sharing the story as a cautionary tale about the alternative therapy trend.

It's not a pair of curtains. You are not supposed to iron it. How much of a bad idea does it have to be before people think 'Well, that's a daft idea'.