The gunman who opened fire Friday morning at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida, fatally shooting three people, has been identified as an aviation student from Saudi Arabia as investigators are looking into whether the attack is terrorism-related.

No firearms allowed on the military base..
I'm sure there are weapon caches on base but what's the point if no one is holding them when shit goes down?


What? Just checking to see if it was a man or woman.. Crocodile Dundee did the same thing in the bar scene and that was ok.. Black man can't do the same? Damn racists..

Disable the comments just in case white people don't see it the same way..


The ONE time that I was going to make fun of the drama queen white woman that fell over instead of the black people and LL disables the comments..


Italian police said Thursday that they had seized weapons and far-right propaganda material from the homes of 19 suspected extremists who were hoping to create a Nazi party in the country.

Seems kind of fascist to arrest people for promoting fascism.


"A young man from the Northern Territory was walking along the ra..

Surprised to see comments disabled on an Indian video.. Thought it was just black videos that needed a safe space..


A woman hired through a popular app to walk another woman's dogs was c..

Comments have been disabled for this thread.- Can't comment on a thief because she is black and culturally appropriating white people's hair..

"I would say find a trustworthy (White) person"

It's a game on LL at this point to see who can post the winning offensive comment to trigger the Moderators into disabling comments on "certain" videos.


Two students -- a 16-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy -- were killed and three other teens were injured Thursday after a 16-year-old suspect -- who was transported to a hospital and was in "grave" condition -- opened fire at Saugus High School in California, officials said.

Wasn't a white guy with an AR.. Nothing to see here.. move along everyone..


A viral video of a Popeyes employee body-slamming a woman outside a Tennessee restaurant has resulted in an arrest on Friday.

How's that Affirmative Action Program working out?

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Hows that Affirmative Action Program working out?

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Don't run with scissors


A city in eastern Germany has declared to have a “Nazi emergency,” after allegedly experiencing a rise in anti-democratic and far-right extremist views and even violence.

Import millions of incompatible migrants.. then when the people that didn't vote for unfettered immigration get angry, call them Nazi Racists.

It's happening all over the world but only to majority white countries. The "economic migrants" pass through multiple majority Muslim Countries to get to a predominantly white Country that they then segregate themselves into zones that only have their own kind and refuse to integrate into society..

At one time Germans were proud to be part of and called a member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NAZI/NSDAP), that time may come again.