World leaders backed the Democrat "Squad" in the wake of a series of comments in which President Trump challenged them to leave the U.S.

Lefties supporting other lefties. Who would have guessed?

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2019-25-Fr 09:25:53 pm

Leftys supporting other leftys. Who would have guessed?


Actor and left-wing activist Alec Baldwin claimed that "our friends in other countries" now believe that a "mass of Americans are outright racists" because of President Donald Trump.

England reporting in, Alec.

A lot of us over here are with the Prez. Sorry dude. Oh, btw, you’re not funny and you treat people like shit. Cheers.


Shows like Love Island, Gavin & Stacey and Victoria will be on ITV and the BBC's streaming service.

Great, now ban the fucking licence fee.


Dozens of UK politicians including Jeremy Corbyn and Sadiq Khan have signed a letter accusing Trump of attacking "Congresswomen of Colour".

So fucking what?

Concentrate on your own problems dipshits. You’ll both be out of jobs soon.


NBC released a clip from A Closer Look host Faith Daniels' 1992 interview with Donald Trump on Wednesday. Daniels recounts the unusual circumstances the led him to appear on the show.

They are just chomping at the bit to link Trump to this, but there’s nothing to find. Bill Clinton on the other hand is not going to come out of this well.


The home secretary also said open racism was propelling extremist politicians to power around the world.



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I manspread now on purpose.
I never offer my seat.
I never open doors for women.

Congrats feminism.


Less than one in 10 offences saw someone charged or summonsed to appear in court, figures show.

“In a series of messages posted to social media alleging that “hate hurts and no one should have to tolerate it”, the police force told members of the public to report so-called hate crimes as well as “non-crime hate incidents”, the latter of which it said “can include things like offensive or insulting comments, online, in person or in writing”.

Gee, I wonder what the problem could be? 🤔


Netflix saw its first-ever decline in paid U.S. subscribers in the second quarter, losing 126,000 U.S. users when Wall Street was expecting 352,000 domestic adds. Barron's reports: The slight drop in Netflix's U.S. subscriber base, combined with fewer-than expected international adds in the second ...

GWGB 👍🏻😂


The measure aims to stop a future PM bypassing Parliament to push through a no-deal Brexit.

Anyone still think the UK is a democracy?

We need to vote every last one of those clowns out at the next GE.

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2019-30-Th 03:30:10 pm

Anyone still think the UK is a democracy?

We need to replace the entire government at the next election. My vote goes to whomever comes closest to that goal.