The substitute teacher was fired from a Utah public school. One of the boy’s parents, Louis van Amstel of “Dancing With the Stars,” wondered how she had become a teacher in the first place.

Mr. van Amstel said he was proud of how swiftly and decisively the school had handled the situation, but was troubled about the vetting of the teacher and about how she had tried to impose her personal beliefs on a group of children.

But instantly firing adults for their personal beliefs, maybe depriving a family of their income perhaps needed to feed another child... that's ok?

Maybe it was deserved, but no quotes of exactly what the teacher said? That makes me suspicious.


Here's seven ways the patriarchy we experience daily in the United States actively (or passively) hurt men, and how feminism can actually help men move past the flawed structures of patriarchy.

Remember when JBP says feminists are so boring to talk to because he knows everything they are going to say before they open their mouths?

So bad it would be hilarious, if it wasn't now boring.


She’s 17, opinionated and, as the leading activist behind Australia’s climate strike last month, has been on the receiving end of abuse and criticism from “angry white males” on social media.

Ignorant child spends her time attacking people for their views on climate change and is surprised when people attack her for her views on climate change.

She should check her privilege.

Also amusing is the the idea that convincing students and teachers to take a day off work is an achievement worthy of attention.


UPDATE 9 October 2019: Lord Dubs has now retracted his comments and apologised to Mr Rees-Mogg. Lord Dubs told The Independent: "It is a universal principle that there must be clear evidence of antisemitism before such an accusation can be made. I apologised to Mr Rees-Mogg as this was clearly not the case in these circumstances."  He added: "George Soros has had a lot of

The Conservatives makes a point about foreign funding of the Remain campaign. Labour try to make it a racial conflict.


In clown-world, the Labour party throw their support behind a foreigner who made a billion pounds by attacking the Bank of England rather than support the explicit will of the British people.


Greta Thunberg's critics say the climate activist is unstable, hysterical and mentally ill. That's because she challenges the view that the world is theirs to conquer.

No. Its because both she and her parents say she is mentally ill, she behaves hysterically, and has a very emotional and has a loose grip on reality, which makes her unstable.

Ditto "The Conversation"


A South Dakota State University student is coming forward after a man recorded a sexual encounter between the two of them without her consent. He then shared the video with friends on Snapchat. It made its way around the SDSU campus and then back to her.

If sex is just a fun recreational thing to do, this is no worse than a video of a paintballing session, right?

Yeah, thought so. For all the talk, no-one actually believes it is just harmless fun.


Boris Johnson says he "profoundly disagrees" with the judges' decision, but MPs will return on Wednesday.

Who cares what the BBC reporter's opinion was, where's the text of the decision?


The National Crime Agency looked into allegations against Leave.EU and its founder Arron Banks.

Yeahbut it doesn't exonerate Leave.UK!

Do we blame the Russians for this? I get my stories confused.


House Democrats are nearing a 'tipping point' on impeachment in the wake of the Trump administration blocking a whistleblower complaint's release to Congress.

I can hear them chanting, "Pence for President!"


Women in liberal Massachusetts were unsure what to think after signs were put up around the town of Winchester stating, 'Islam Is RIGHT About Women.

An even better troll than, "Its ok to be white."

Top marks!