In a Facebook post, Palmetto Cheese owner and Pawleys Island mayor Brian Henry compared the Black Lives Matter Movement to a "terror organization."

Politics aside... that product needs to die. Even Americans deserve better. ;)


President Donald Trump told a rally crowd in Ohio that the coronavirus that has killed 200,000 Americans and infected nearly 7 million "affects virtually nobody."

Trump is correct - at least as far as I can see from the Australian stats.

Total Deaths last year in Australia: 145,500+ Flu/pneumonia deaths in Australia last year: 3800+
Covid19 deaths this year: 853, with 600+ of those in nursing homes

It may bring death a few months earlier than otherwise, but it does not seem to have a massive impact on society on its own.

They would have more credibility if they talked about some long term damage it may cause.

Lefty media being both technically accurate and deceptive at the same time.


One of Britain’s leading lawyers believe the British government has no legal basis for its coronavirus totalitarianism...

Violence and falsehood go together.

I appreciate Boris' Brexit stance, but the covid thing needs to be opposed.


David Cameron says he has "misgivings" about the proposed law to override the withdrawal agreement.

PM who wouldn't execute Brexit, is against Brexit.


The Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) is the world's largest professional organization for researching and teaching composition, from writing to new media. The CCCC website offers the field's leading resources and access to e

I had to check the main page to make sure this wasn't a satire site. I can no longer distinguish between and real life.


False claims about the Covid-19 death toll in the US have gone viral. Here's why they're wrong.

Even if the BBC was correct in that "it was covid that killed them", looking at the co-morbidities, age, etc., it appears quite likely that covid may have brought death forward a little, but merely accelerated the inevitable. Obviously death is inevitable for all, but its more like dying from being hit by four arrows and bothering to pick out the one which finished you off... maybe.

The telling stats will be the overall deaths for the year, and then the overall deaths for this year and next year.

Its pretty obvious what the real purpose of the article is - its in the top picture: "President Trump retweeted the claim"

"QAnon conspiracy theories"

"Twitter removed Trump's tweet"


Later on they clarify things, "But this doesn't detract from the fact that the virus is the primary cause of death."
(a) that has not been demonstrated (b) does not address the actual underlying questions people want answered: "How dangerous is covid to me?"
"How dangerous is covid to the population at large?" "Is the government and media response justified?"

The answer for most people is "not very, not very and no."

Covid deaths would need to almost quadruple by the end of the year in Australia to meet the 2018 deaths from people falling, and would need to over quadruple to meet the 2018 flu and pneumonia death numbers.

Sadly, the BBC will not be held to account for their political bias until they are defunded.


Ubuntu is the modern, open source operating system on Linux for the enterprise server, desktop, cloud, and IoT.
  1. I notice that more and more desktop applications are showing up as .deb than .rpm - surfsharkvpn, Free Accounting Software,
  2. Hardware support seems to have been improved. My dodgy tplink n300 usb wifi adapter and my dodgy cheap bluetooth adapter both work out of the box. The failed on suse despite my best efforts.

I've been a suse user since forever.. since the beginning of ADSL when suse was the only distro supporting the green froggy adsl adapters. I was really hoping Leap 15.2 was going to support my hardare... but no.

I've installed ubuntu alongside my existing suse distro on my desktop machine. I've been relatively surprised by how nicely its worked as I am a bit of a kde fan. I'm expecting to stay with it.

Things I don't like about ubuntu...

  1. No easily accessible application/device volume controls
  2. The title bar seems mostly useless - nice and clean... and not very functional.
  3. The software installation gui app seems to be divorced from the commandline. You can get different versions, sometimes old borked versions with snap than straight apt. That's going to be bad for noobs who don't know what's going on. Hello Dissenter-Browser version 0.65! Frictionless releases via snap might be great but they are predicated on someone maintaining them.
  4. There maybe some issues with full-screen games (Infested Planet) and the title bar.
  5. It sometimes found my old suse installation to try to boot from, but failed to notice BTRFS subvolumes and so wouldn't boot it.
  6. Now I'm being picky... the grub menu is ugly - like 1980's composite screen text ugly.
  7. I'd like to see ubuntu add "community repos" like suse does so we don't have to cut and paste commands to install Brave - that seems like a good thing.

So... some good things, some bad things. I've recently moved to a place where my desktop can't connect to the network unless I snake cables along a hallway and across the lounge and dining room. Wifi dongle support became the killer feature for me. I've also got some new BT headphones, so BT support from my desktop has become a thing.

For me, hardware support become the killer feature. Software support was a bonus. The downsides are mostly inconveniences.


This all started with plastic bags. Actually, it goes way, way, waaaaay back. But plastic bags are a good recent example.  We have gone from getting crappy plastic bags for free from Woolies and Coles which we would use multiple times before throwing out, to paying 15 cents for less crappy plastic bags which we […]

Wear a mask with a tin-foil hat. Maybe make a mask from foil too.


ike virtually every American male who has lived in the 21st century, I’ve viewed my share of pornography. My first encounter with it was when my friend and I discovered his older brother’s Playboy collection when we were 7 years old. I’ll always treasure those memories of Vanna White. As a professor who teaches argumentation, …

Sex is the hook. University postmodernism tells horny teens there is no such thing as objective morality.

Once the vice has been participated in, it is far more difficult to turn against it and as the writer notes, my enemy's enemy is my friend. It divides young people from their churches' and their parents' teaching.

Porn is powerful. The images may be a non-real fantasy, but the physiological effects on the viewer are very real indeed. These are effects normally associated with deep interpersonal bonding experiences - now they are experienced alone. It atomises the individual and breaks heterosexual relationships. All very useful if your aim is to destroy the old patriarchal hetero-normative family-based society and build a new one.

Look at the vice's of the post-modernist thinkers. Postmodernism might be seen as a post-hoc self-justification for their actions.

Anything which can be used to gain or wield power will be used by the left. Objective logic doesn't figure.


Shark expert Chris Fallows took the shot at Seal Island in South Africa and was released as part of the Discovery Channel's 'Air Jaws' series.

Sharknado is real!