Parents in a North Carolina school district have defeated the education officials there who agreed to withdraw a series of sex questions for children that they had added to a survey.

All schools are 'grooming' children in one way or another, public, private or charter. Parents weren't paying a lick of attention for the longest time. It didn't get this bad in a day! Real sick of reading about how SHOCKED and APPALLED people are by this.

Like, it was you Karen. You let this happen. You keep on handing your kids over for a day full of indoctrination; don't be so damn surprised when little Jenny wants to be called Johnny. I know you have a Christian household, but the kid spends maybe two whole days there a week & most of THAT is spent on homework, sleeping , or social media.

Hopefully the pandemic freak-out will prove a positive. Teach your own. If you don't want little Marxist freeloaders don't let them be raised into it.


A hotel has collapsed in the southeastern Chinese city of Quanzhou, burying dozens of people under the rubble. The building was used as a quarantine site for the deadly Covid-19 coronavirus victims.

I'm hoping that China won't be able to get back to 'business as usual', thereby moving manufacturers to bring production back to the US. More likely they'll go to another cheap, slave labor country, but... The dream remains.


Your internet-connected baby monitor or security camera could be being watched, officials warn.

A few years ago there were multiple reports of parents realizing that strangers were talking to their children through WiFi monitors; those stories were dropped soon after first appearing. I wouldn't use them.


Sen. Bernie Sanders released his plan for universal child care and preschool education at a cost of $1.5 trillion over the next ten years.

Stop giving these people the children. Raise your own kids. Parents can't even handle a weekend with them anymore...


Police bodycam footage captured the moment a visibly distressed child was arrested at her school in Orlando.

Need concrete info about the situation; what exactly prompted the response? All we really know is that officers did not follow protocol & a child under 12 was arrested without authorization.

I'm currently working with a child who has extreme emotional & physical responses, moving into violent territory, when not on medication. Same age. It's a chemical imbalance in the brain mixed with a turbulent home situation. Personally, I can't see arresting the child being necessary UNLESS another child or adult was extremely endangered physically.

They tire themselves out quickly & are usually glad to TELL an adult what's happening in thier head if the adult will ask. Even if the child suffers from a verbal dely or other communication issues, knowing that the adult is listening/paying attention is usually enough to calm them.

Seriously, the best & fastest way to end a tantrum is to hold (hug) the child & refuse to let go. Works 100% of the time. A negatively emotional child requires a positive emotional response. Doesn't mean there won't be consequences afterward, but it's important the child understand what's happening & why. A teacher or counselor should have solved this.

TL;DR Need more info. Probably an over response prompted by incompetent school staff.


Bernie Sanders would provide federally funded child care and pre-K for all, going further than his rivals in the 2020 Democratic presidential race.

Hail to the nawh! I WORKED in daycare & preschool. Teachers & assistants rarely had their own children enrolled in the programs, despite offered discounts; instead, the children would stay with grandparents or other family members. I've never seen a study done on this, but I am convinced that a whole lot of the emotional issues we see in younger people today came from being raised in this setting.

First, abandonment by (usually) Mom at the classroom; sure, they stop crying eventually, but that isn't a good thing. Next, the high turnover rate of staff further disconnects young children from adults they should be able to rely on. Third, the constant removal of friends the child has connected with due to moving away, going to some other center, etc; this also plays a role in elementary school.

None of this promotes healthy or stable relationships. Rather, it builds a distrust of adults and further reliance on superficial relations with so-called peers. The child's brain is hard-wired during these early years. They won't remember much of daycare, but it shapes them for the rest of their lives. Add to that the rest of their time in the 'traditional' school system & we've got the government crèche thing going on; cradle 'care' with approved curriculum by properly indoctrinated leaders.

Universal pre-k is not a good thing & daycare is a socialistic setting where every child must get along at the expense of individual personality and/or interests. They are being raised to be compliant & terrified of acting outside the group.

NEVER EVER NEVER put your child in daycare. Avoid preschool, especially full day or more than twice a week schooling. Four year-olds do not need to be school ready, Idc what anyone says. They are FOUR. Let them play & eat dirt. Read to them and count stuff at the store. Have an herb garden for them to water & teach them to say Please and Thank You.

Hory shii this makes me angry.


This woman doesn't seem to have any clue about why he might be doing all this. She talked to him about wanting money from him, but not about why this is happening. Girl, he's got a reason! Find out what THAT is instead of being so concerned about money you want from him. I understand worrying about yourself, given his age & health status, but find out the roots of the issue.

She mentioned he sometimes forgets to give her the 'allowance' as well & gets mad when she asks about it. Just saying but people in that age range, losing their memory, often exhibit those types of symptoms. Forget something, get mad when asked about it. It's a common issue.

More generally, its just sad how people can't trust each other with finances in a marriage. Seeds of jealousy, suspicion, and discontent. One of the top issues coming up in divorce. This is something that needs to be talked about before getting married; be on the same page & get it in writing. It's a recipe for disaster to leave it open ended in this day & age. COMMUNICATE (the way your spouse communicates; otherwise you might as well be talking to a brick wall).


“A government is like everything else: to preserve it, we must love it.” When he was young, Thomas Jefferson carefully copied those words — a quote from...

Abandon ship. Don't support these indoctrination centers by giving them your children. There is no fixing this situation because it's fundamentally wrong. Parents & families, living daily life, are meant to be the education of the child. Specialized learning can come later as a child readies to enter the workforce, depending on their natural inclinations & strengths.

This one size fits all model is bunk. The classroom, down to the daycare, is a socialistic society. It shouldn't be a surprise that my dumbazz generation (Millennial) is the way it is. I escaped the programming thanks to illness in middle school; I had a home tutor which allowed me to realize that school was unnecessary bells & whistles. I hated being sick and in pain at the time, but looking back I see that it actually saved me.

Most US parents have been convinced that they are incapable of raising their own children. They can't even handle a weekend alone with the kids 😔 That is what schools have ultimately given us.


If this sounds like it came out of the novel Brave New World, that's because it did

The 'working woman' thing has collapsed the family unit. These childless man-haters constantly screech about the life they don't have, trying to lead others down the road of misery with them. No one happy with their lives acts like this.

Get your kids out the god-forsaken childcare centers & if you don't have any yet, never send them! This is evil they're being taught from daycare up the ladder into college. Seriously, men, do not marry a woman who won't raise the children. This is a conversation you have to have. Even conservative women have bought the 'working woman' lie. Don't do it.


Surge in overweight kids correlates with number of vaccine doses recommended

No doubt there's a connection here, but add in the food kids eat from toddler stage to the 'sit still' conditioning in the classroom. It all adds up & here we are.