Greene King and Lloyd's of London pledge to make donations to black, Asian and minority ethnic groups.

Love many of Greene King's beers but no longer. Now on my blacklist along with : Anthony Joshua - cunt, Boyega - wooden actor cunt; Yorkshire tea; Ant Middleton;

Gillette cucked itself and it's sales went down the pan as people voted with their feet. It's every patriot's duty to kick these cuck companies and individuals in the wallet.

btw where's the Guardian's apology?


The war-time leader's granddaughter says the statue may be safer in a museum if protests continue.

How dare you cuck yourself. You literally stand on the shoulders of a giant and you're prepared to demean his name to placate a bunch of terrorist thugs hell bent on tearing this country down.

How about, instead of getting down on one knee, you give an impassioned speech demanding Sadiq Khan and Cressida Dick be stripped of their positions and that the Met police actually do the job they're paid to do?


Boris Johnson says "racist thuggery has no place on our streets" after officers are punched and kicked.

I watched Ruptly's coverage of the protest and it was that mundane and banal it captured coppers talking about which units were going to take a break. Once again, fake narrative. There was a 2 minute part out f 5 hours of coverage where a few plastic bottles were thrown.

Later on, as the terrorist organisation BLM took to the streets the whole mood changed.


The leaked report by Public Health England says factors such as racism may contribute to increased risks.

The last confirmation that the BBC is infiltrated by LEft Wing Maoists bent on the destruction of our culture. I have dreams of watching broadcasting house going up in the flames I'm that angry with this sustained attack on decent white people, their culture and history.


The cultural Marxist history revisionists out in force today. No far right fascists to expose as usual so plenty of time to go after British giants whose shoulders they stand on.


TV presenter Kate Garraway's partner has been in a coma for nearly 10 weeks, after catching Covid-19.

Such an evil virus yet the Beeb is fine with thousands gathering and spreading the same virus for some black criminal in the US that was killed.


The World Health Organization changes its policy on the use of face masks by healthy people.

If you're black we're urging you not gather in your thousands. If you're white "don't walk your fucking dog"


Leigh Francis say he is on a "learning journey" and apologised for black characters in Bo' Selecta.

Well cucked, cunt. Feel better? Let's hope BLM doesn't beat you up.


Cases emerge of police mistreatment amid unrest over the death of African American George Floyd.

Nope, couldn't find it. The word loot was nowhere to be found.


China is hitting back at the US for supporting Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstrations last year.

Doesn't matter how a vicious totalitarian state tries to dress up its sabre rattling and tantrums; you can't polish a turd.

Now seems that Coronavirus was manufactured in a Wuhan lab and somehow allowed to escape. China has wiped 3 trillion off the global economy and this is likely to double before its all over.

China is responsible for millions of people losing their livelihoods around the World and are hell bent on flexing their muscles in SE Asia.