Washington D.C. — While states and local agencies are trying to limit police powers, it appears the the U.S. Supreme

May I suggest a safer profession.

Like raiding crack houses in your underwear?


"We need to exit the existing system completely, build our own Christian-centric economy. Cut the cable cord, leave big corporate banks, support local Christian shops. The economy we see right now with cancel culture, rise of critical race theory, state worship, is doomed to failure."

There are all kinds of alternative currency out there.

With all the blockchain ones out their You can establish your own with little trouble.

The trick is getting ANYONE to consider YOUR money REAL money.

Look up the Zimbabwe 100 trillion dollar bill. This is a dollar that no one believes in.

On the other hand Bitcoin has high, But variable value.

The U.S. Dollar is moving from the latter to the former. ;-(


(CHRISTIAN HEADLINES) – Some pastors are choosing to leave their churches because congregants are increasingly believing conspiracy theories about the coronavirus pandemic and other world events. According to Business Insider, in December, pastor Vern Swieringa left his church, the Christian Reformed Church in Michigan, after serving eight years. He said in 2018 some members of…

Just some nuts who will believe anything.

Until the Japaneses bomb pearl harbor.

Until Hitler invades Russia.



Breaking911 on Gab: 'Texas Gov. Greg Abbott calls social media platform Gab "anti-Semitic" and says that it has "no place in Texas"'

What a Weeny.

Was that racial?


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., on Sunday assailed last week’s storming of the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters, saying that half of House lawmakers “came close to dying.”

There is nothing wrong with this chick that 5 or 6 fatal beatings could not solve.


The FAA is proposing a $14,500 fine for a plane passenger who refused to wear a mask, kept drinking alcohol he'd brought on board, and behaved in a way that prompted the plane to be turned around.

How do you tell if someone is drunk and disorderly when they are just sitting there?

You have to wake him up and give him some shit before you can tell.


Art Acevedo, the chief of police for the Houston Police Department, criticized the removal of the mask mandate in Texas on Tuesday.

The cops WANT you to wear a mask?!?

Do they want me to carry a gun when banking?


Duties targeting core American exports such as bourbon are due to double on June 1.


We should elect like, A president to fix this problem.

We should elect one soon...

Yep: that's the problem..


COLUMBUS, Ohio — A theology teacher at Bishop Ready High School has been fired after she made a comment during

The cops lawyer has already suppioned some death certificates with LOWER levels of drugs than floyd had in his system. May be using the "He was dead already, Just had not fallen over" defense.


President Joe Biden and House Democrats are backing PRO Act in a Tuesday vote supporting the right to unionize -- and killing freelancers' careers.

If there is not a problem they can't fix it.


Make a problem, Kind of fix it, run on having "fixed" it, keep fixing it until the people having the problem move away.

Rince and repeat.