The Labour leader also attacks Boris Johnson's "serial incompetence" in his first conference speech.

Tell that to the BBC as well whilst you're at it


Xbox's owner confirms it has bought the game developer ahead of the launch of the new Xbox console.

Does it include Fallout 2020?


The shadow chancellor repeats calls for more targeted support for firms in an online speech.

Ole Commie Anneliese has the answer!!

Is more communism the answer Anneliese?

Give me strength


Sir Keir Starmer has a new message - but will it help Labour win back votes where the party needs them?

'Be More Forensic' with Captain Hindsight


The social network has activated password reset protections and is demanding stronger passwords.

Username: Joe

P/W: password

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The Match of the Day host may earn less than Radio 2's Zoe Ball, whose pay has shot up by £1m.

Would Lineker or half of them actually be missed if they were dropped?

Outrageous salaries when the rest of the nation is probably considering tightening it's belt due to Covid economic uncertainty.


Four debut novels are on the Booker Prize shortlist, but two-time winner Hilary Mantel misses out.

Can anyone else hear the sound of boxes being ticked?


David Cameron says he has "misgivings" about the proposed law to override the withdrawal agreement.

BBC - The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation

Just singing from the EU hymn sheet. No criticism allowed.


Melania Trump's former friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff on the first lady and her husband.

What a nasty piece of work.

Of course Aljbeeba lapping it up. Kirsty Squawk is a disgrace to journalism. Relentless TDS and anti Brexit to keep Mateless happy presumably.


The Avengers and Game of Thrones star is remembered as a "luminous" talent and a "wonderful actress".

What a terrible shame. A wonderful actress.

RIP Diana