Members of Labour's ruling body loyal to ex-leader protest over his exclusion from parliamentary party.

Laba apparatchik walk out from a Zoom meetings. LOL. End of days. How can the country possibly continue?

I also thought the electorate had had the good sense to dump Laura Pidcock back in December at the election. What is she doing hanging around like a bad smell


The comedian says many viewers don't believe the features on his Big Show are genuine.

More garbage from the BBC


The UK's inflation rate, which tracks the prices of goods and services, increases to 0.7% in October.

Imagine being a poor elderly pensioner forced to pay the BBC tax on top.


Greg Clarke resigns as FA chairman following the language he used when talking to MPs about diversity.

Say one 'wrong' word and they will come for you

You can see where this is heading. Orwellian!


The actress says she "did not connect limb difference" with her Grand High Witch character.

It's supposed to be a fantasy story, make believe.

So the next villain that comes along with ginger hair is going to offend gingers, or has long haired, or is shorter than average. Honestly, get as grip. Where will it stop?

Nothing will get made now because someone will find something to have a grievance about.

Did anyone give it a second thought before Alex 'look at me' Brooker felt he needed a bit of attention and jumped on the grievance bandwagon.


People aged 16-25 were more than twice as likely as older workers to have lost their job



The writers have failed to grasp the essence of Roald Dahl, as a master craftsman of the English language.

Why bother remaking it.

Nicolas Roeg's 1990's version is a charming movie for children of all ages.


The mobile-focused streaming service says it failed to attract subscribers during the pandemic.

Who is right mind would want to pay to watch Nish Kumar on Quibi - Kryptonite for any channel unless you're forced to pay for it on Aljbeeba

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2020-17-Th 02:17:08 pm

Who is right mind would want to pay to watch Nish Kumar - Kryptonite for any channel unless you're forced to pay for it on Aljbeeba


The surge is being driven by fears over the coronavirus, and it could affect the way results play out.

So another whole page of Pro Biden stories and relentless negative stories about Trump.

Standard BBC bias. You should be ashamed of yourselves with this pretence of neutrality.


Down in the polls, but far from out - five reasons why the US president can pull off another surprise.

BBC keeping carrying on as if Trump winning would be a bad thing. Bad for them

Good for the rest of the world