Jeremy Davis (pictured) from Wolverhampton said he had spearheaded two 'missions' off the coast of Dover since setting up the Little Boats website.

If the government refuse to protect our borders, British citizens will have to do the job themselves.

We need more and more of this.


Harvey Murphy's life changed when he was wrongly accused of stealing and later served time in jail for drug offences.

The BBC presents this as a terrible miscarriage of justice, a poor down-trodden man desperately trying to do the right thing but beaten by the system.


He's another black man who chose to deal in drugs and violence and got caught.

The tagline they use is "fighting for better justice", but the truth is he wants softer treatment for criminals like himself.

Fuck him and the millions just like him.


It will be illegal to assemble in groups of seven or more anywhere in England, whether indoors or out, from next week, but for a few exceptions.

What this article headline should ACTUALLY say:

"Police told to crack down on White British breaking the 6-person gathering rule. Ethnics and immigrants not to be touched in case they get offended or aggressive."


Italian designer Stella Jean says more needs to be done to tackle racism in the industry.

It's beginning to look like the racists were right all along.


Birmingham is infested and overrun with immigrants and their offspring. Much of it now resembles a filthy, third world shithole.

The rest of the UK is heading the same way.


Cardi B took to Instagram on Sunday evening after her sister Hennessy Carolina, 24, was allegedly harassed by a group of 'racist [MAGA] supporters' over a parking space.

She's a nasty, self entitled bitch who's been called out on her obnoxious and selfish parking on a public beach, so she tries to play the race card. She's a savage animal who has no business living amongst civilised people.

Black. Again.


Jessica Krug, an African history associate professor at George Washington University, revealed on Thursday that she has falsely claimed to be black throughout her career.

Black people are SO oppressed in the USA, that white people are pretending to be black in order to advance their career, status and earnings.


Comfort Konadu (pictured), 52, from Manchester, admitted theft and was sentenced to 15 months in prison, suspended for two years at the city's crown court.

Why is this thieving African in the UK?

Attempting to steal tens of thousands of pounds from a charity for disabled people is utterly despicable. Deport this dishonest parasite.


Zahid Younis, 36, has been found guilty of murdering Henriett Szucs, 34, and Mihrican 'Jan' Mustafa, 38, whose bodies were found inside a freezer in his flat in Canning Town, East London.

Yet another murderous, rapist, muslim savage living in England, inflicting his horrific crimes on our society.


Work to tackle migrants crossing the Channel in small boats "is delivering results", MPs are told.

Lying French cunts. They are deliberately escorting these worthless parasites into our waters.

This is going to have to change, and we might all need to get our hands dirty.