Take it from someone who knows. You might have everyone upfront at the start of the game. You might have everyone agree not to be triggered or if they are, they're allowed a few minutes to cool down the spice, but Jeremy, there are times that you simply do not know you're in a place that is not safe until you are up to your neck in it. Regardless if you're a player or a DM. Hindsight is always 20-20.


This will only end up in tears, and bloodshed. I know it. Especially in this current year. I know my own mother--a retired nurse--will flat out refuse. She's got Trump Derangement Syndrome bad, I mean really really bad. Do you really think that the government is going to tell her to suit up? At the point of a gun? She will not do it. She won't be able to. Her conscience and beliefs will not allow her to go. Not because she's old. But because Orange Man Bad. She'll look at the people trying to impeach Trump now and see nothing but heroic patriots.
How many people would have their mindset? How many people will refuse this mandate because they hate their own president so much? People who would rather let people die than have someone they don't like save them?
And why do I get the feeling that the people who are going to impeach this president today are the very ones who would go this mandate route?
(Personally, I'm just waiting for the real moment that America becomes a real Fascist and Totalitarian regime. When the men knock on my door, see one look at me, and just shoot me without a second thought. Partially because I'm deemed a useless eater, but because Fuck David Foxfire We Don't' Need No Reason.)


Look at that guy in the thumbnail. You look up "Trump Derangement Syndrome" in the dictionary, you'll see this asshole's face.
It's like I said. They're like that scorpion in the story. They can't help themselves. They know the consequences. They know what will happen to America when they do it. They know what would happen to themselves if they do it. You can even get them to admit and accept what would happen to them if they do it.
.....and they do it anyway. They'd do it knowing that they will die...along with all of us.
But they can't help it. They're the scorpions. They see Trump's face, they're compelled to sting, they must sting. They can't think of any other proper action but stinging. They're incapable of controlling themselves.
We look at the left and think they're fools. Or at best, misguided. The My Pillow Guy is calling them Evil. Why am I finding myself agreeing with the My Pillow Guy? Maybe I hope for a discount for one of his pillows.


Twitter as they look at this version of American Gomez: "Where the fuck are her organs?!"
Me as I look at this version fo American Gomez: "All those organs are in the proper place if you ask me."

She looks fine. Even heroic. Only someone with blue hair and a blue checkmark would complain about her. They shouldn't be your audience, though. They wouldn't buy your shit no matter how much you bend the knee. Toxic as fuck too, they make incels look good.


I am convinced by now that the Left simply cannot help themselves. It's like that scorpion in that fairy tale.

The Left knows what would happen if they keep railing against Trump. They know what the consequences are. They know what will happen to them personally if they do it. They were even made to verbally repeat what would happen and they swore that they understand what the consequences are. They know something bad would happen if they go after Trump at this point.

But the instant...the Very. Fucking. Instant...they see Trump approach within their range...they sting. They Fucking Sting. Fully knowing what would happen if they sting, they sting. Even though it means that they will perish along with him if they sting, they sting. Even if there was a gun to their head, and they know that the person holding it will blow their brains out if they sting, they Fucking Sting. They simply cannot help themselves. They cannot do anything else than go Orange Man Bad. It's ingrained into their brain at this point. If there was something that would save their lives and their souls, and ensure that they will not need for anything, but they see that the person handing it to him was Trump, they will just refuse it outfight. They simply cannot accept it even when they know it would keep them from dying. They would rather die damned and destitute, not being saved, then live for one more second knowing that it was Trump that saved them.

They might just stand before them after he did the deed and an hero themselves. Right in front fo him. Out of despair over the whole thing.

It's....madness at this point....utter madness....and you know what really scares the shit out of me? I'm saying this fully. Fucking. Knowing. That if Hillary would have won....I would be doing the exact same thing.

I fucking. Hate. Politics.


I knew the person-like-organism ragging Echo was a Femoid long before I saw that picture, Jeremy.

As I said before, I use 'Femoid' to describe a woman who's only valuable quality is being female. No desirable personality, no attractiveness, no marketable skills, nothing going for them save for having a vagina. Echo is more of a real woman than this person, and she's a robotic character in a video game.


Is it going to feel like a nut slap from God when you get arrested for breaking that 'Stay At Home' order because you've been evicted from that home because you lost your job...because of the "Stay At Home" order?

Why is my inner Alex Jones saying that there are some people in congress who actually want the public to end up in one big prison?


Take a look at that image in the thumbnail. Check out those eyes, there's no soul in them. No truer visage of someone who can't feel any pleasure unless she's tearing someone down. The femoid probably has such an inept artstyle that I can make a better Marvel comic than her! If she didn't have a vagina, she wouldn't be employable.


"...I think we should extend it one more week..."

That's what I'll suggest. I'd say set it at a hard April 25. That will give things a little more time to ensure that things pass over, while still providing a light at the end of the tunnel which isn't the headlamp of an oncoming train. People will deal with this if they knew that it would end. Because if it doesn't.....


I said it before and I'll say it here, there is no more telling sign as to what kind of an asshole you are than hoping the death of and cheering the death of, someone else.

Celebrating the death of somebody you disagreed with pretty much makes you a dick. -- Cracked.com Reference: https://tinyurl.com/spo82zl